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Monday, February 14, 2011 @ 10:02 PM
posted by MFG

At My Favorite Guitars, we love being able to offer world-famous C.F. Martin and Co. guitars and we’re glad  that you like to share your stories and photos with us! Here’s what you’ve been saying.

Customer Letters

Steve Denny plays his new My Favorite Guitars Custom Martin 00-28V!
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Anthony Pisciotta shares pics of his new MFG Custom 12-String!

anthony pisciotta copyanthony_back copy

Jon & Sharon,
The CEO-7 I ordered arrived within 3-working days. And I ‘m in London! How do you do that? The Adi-top on this 00 gives it a wonderful `sweet/sour’ tone and it’s so comfortable and easy to play. Another winner from Martin.

In decades of playing, I ‘ve purchased guitars from numerous dealerships on both sides of The Pond. When it comes to MFG, like the song says, `Nobody does it better’. Thanx for making this, and every, purchase such an enjoyable experience.

Don Hurley London

Hi Jon,

many appreciations for looking after me with the Martin 000-28vs. Very easy and enjoyable to play, the setup was fine for me.

The 12-fret fingerboard felt more natural as I played more classical guitar in my teens (many seasons ago)

Might chat to you in the future about a small body guitar, a Custom Martin based on the 0-28vs……..

Thank you again to you and Sharon.

Best Regards,


Now that I’ve played the OM42 you sent me for a couple of weeks, I am able to understand the appeal of 40s series Martins. The guitar is, of course, beautiful, but the even, complex, sparkling tone makes it hard to stop playing! Thank you for patiently answering all of my questions and guiding me to “my favorite guitar”.  Paul

Hi Sharon,

The Martin has arrived safely. Many thanks to you and pass on my appreciations to Jon for looking after me again with a fantastic guitar.

Best regards,
Ed Tay.

Hi Jon,

I know that dealing in retail, you constantly have to put out fires and deal with issues. Even the best of shops have their unavoidable BS to deal with. People are quick to say how they’re dissatisfied, but often forget to stop and thank the appropriate folks for the POSITIVE experiences. Well, I just wanted to take a moment and thank you and Sharon for all of your help with acquiring my latest MFG purchase. It was an unconventional process, but it all worked out, and I couldn’t be happier. It’s an amazing guitar. JUST what I was hoping for. Even better, actually. Thank you both for all that you did to make it happen. I’m grateful each time I pick it up.

Thanks again,


This guitar is perfect!!!!!!!  The top is the most beautiful I’ve ever seen, and it even has just a touch of bearclaw!!!!  The rosewood is dark just  the way I like it!!  It is like whoever picked the woods read my mind!  I tuned it to pitch and strummed it…….oh my! Then I took my mirror and looked inside….after looking at those perfectly shaped braces, I see where that tone comes from!!!  Thank you for all your help.  I know this is the “honeymoon period”, but this thing is my idea of the perfect guitar.  I love it, and I appreciate you and you wife for your excellent service!  Have a great weekend……I think I’m going to!!!!;-)


Jon and Sharon,

I received the 000-15M this morning and want to drop you a line to tell you how happy I am with it!
It sounds like I thought it would and the top is beautiful, perfectly quarter-sawn with a lot of wavy horizontal streaks close to a rippled affect. Just beautiful, with none of that muddiness in the stain, like I’ve seen on some of the 15 series.

Thanks so much for selling me this one. I’ll be buying from you again for sure. The two of you know your stuff!
Maybe one of your Ambertones is next in line…..We’ll see. I’m going to enjoy this one for now.

Sincerely yours,
Gary Swiech


I recevied the guitar today and it is in the same condition as was described.  I love the guitar.  If I had special ordered the guitar from Martin myself, I would not have changed a thing about it.  I love the sound and the resonance produced by this guitar.  It is phenomenal.  Thanks for a good recommend on this beast.  You and I apparently have the same tastes.

I am a lifetime customer.


Don Bartlett

I just wanted to say thanks to Jon and Sharon for all that they do.  They are so friendly, so easy to work with, and best of all…they are so focused on delivering the very best customer satisfaction possible.  They truly go above and beyond for their customers!

That is why I go back to them every time I am in the market for a new guitar.  I am looking forward to enjoying my new Martin OM-18 Authentic and all of the future guitars yet to come my way.

You guys are simply the best!

-Mike Orzechowski
Charlotte, NC
Proud UMGF Member since 2008

Hi Jon,

Just to let you know that my new HD-28 Martin arrived safely in Brisbane on Tuesday, after placing my order on the Thursday, prior.

The HD-28 is a magnificent instrument and an absolute joy to play.

Thank you very much for the great service by My Favorite Guitars.

Mark Mitchell

Hi Sharon,

My new HD-28 arrived today in Brisbane and I am absolutely delighted with my new Martin. (What a magnificent instrument !)

The guitar arrived in pristine order and it is hard to believe that I am now happily playing my HD-28 here in Brisbane on Tuesday when I only ordered it from you in Florida last Thursday !

Thanks very much again to you and Jon for the excellent service that you provide.


Mark Mitchell

Hi Jon,

I’ve now had my CEO 7 for 5 months & while it was great right of the box, I can honestly  say that after countless hours playing time it has become my favorite guitar. The Adi top is so responsive (was from the beginning!), the mids are warm & woody & it`s so perfectly balanced across the fretboard. Love the burst on this model too!
Thanks to both you & Sharon for guiding me through my first online guitar acquisition.

Best Regards,

Dear Jon,

Guitar arrive peacefully.

Great condition! Perfect looking! no scratch AT ALL!

Thank you of the SUPREME FAST shipping service! I never had an order arrive this fast before! I`m very appreciate this!

Nice dealing with you and hoping to deal with you a Custom Martin anytime in future!

Have a great day!



Just a note to say thank you for your help, and for shipping my guitar so soon!  Your service is unbeatable!!  I can’t wait
to see how it turned out, and enjoy the tone!  I envy you! You already saw it!:-)



I got my new custom 000-18 in the mail today.  I took it out, tuned it up and played it for about 10 minutes.  It looks stunning and sounds fantastic!  I can’t wait to get home and give it a real workout.  Thanks for your great product and great service!

Ian Webb
River City Cycling

Sharon and Jon -

I received my 000-17SM yesterday in perfect condition. It looks great, sounds great, plays great.

Thanks once again for your terrific service.

Dale Dorschel

Jon, hi, guitar arrived safely yesterday, after waiting the 24 hr acclimation period, had a chance to open it today……wow, just wow!

If someone had asked me, “what’s your dream guitar??” I would have said “Martin OM-18 Authentic 1933”. Ironically, as it turns out, it seems I just got my dream guitar. An instrument I know I’ll treasure for a long time. Thanks so much for helping me acquire it. Just a footnote, there wasn’t the polish kit included,  I don’t mind, I’ve a lot of Godin Luthier Polish on hand,  but if you ever have one of your company logo T-shirts in large you want to send my way, I’d love it!

Kindest regards, much success,  Jim Knipple

Dear Jon and Sharon,
I received the guitare. Everything is ok. The guitare is AMAZING….just all i wanted. Thank You for all You have done.
Best regards,
Farah :)

My guitar arrived this afternoon!!!!!! and what a great guitar !
The authentic series are very good instruments and the ambertone is beautifull. It will be wonderful to have a D-28 authentic ………….. :-)

Thank you for all, it’s always a pleasure to deal with you !

Big, big thanks !!!!!


Hello Sharon and Jon,

My D28 arrived safe and sound on Saturday.  Thank you so much — I’ve wanted a D28 for some time now, and this one looks and sounds wonderful.

Also, thank you for posting pictures of your in stock guitars on your website.  I was looking for a D28 with minimal figuring on the top and your
pics are what sold this guitar.

David Neece

Dear Jon and Sharon,

I have spent the last week getting to know the J-45 TV that you recently shipped. It’s perfect! Another wonderful instrument provided by you. I can always count on you guys to provide the highest quality guitars with customer care to match. Thanks for being there for us.


Well Jon, another successful transaction. The guitar was received well and in good condition. Thank you.

This is why I will keep returning to MFG! ; Great quality, good price & fantastic service.
Best Regards,
(have to go bakers dozen on Martin)

Dear Jon and Sharon,

Just a short note to thank you both so much for my wonderful new OM 42!!
I was anxious to say the least about buying unseen, having it shipped undamaged all the way over here to Australia and dealing with the paperwork/payment etc….
But you both made it extremely easy and trouble-free. The guitar turned up untouched and even more unbelievably better than I could possible have wished for.
I will recommend you to anyone and certainly when I buy my next Martin (as no doubt I will sometime soon) I will of course be in touch again!

Kind regards,
Andy Wills

Love the guitar – I can’t put it down it sounds absolutely amazing and looks fantastic. Thanks so much for somehow motivating Fedex and for the shipping refund. Already thinking of another custom sometime this year.


Hi Sharon and Jon,

My new guitar arrived yesterday (in 3 days!) in perfect condition.

Thank you for your great customer service,something we’re not that familiar with over here :) , and a really great deal on the guitar.

I’ve never bought a model of guitar before without playing one, but with so many options for research available these days I was fairly certain this would be what I was looking for. It’s all that and more, a truly versatile little guitar.

I’m pretty sure I’ve got what I need guitar wise for now, I know we all say that, but if the need arises I will certainly be buying from your good selves and recommending you to my guitar playing friends.

Thanks again,
Neil Barraclough

Jon and Sharon,

You have done it again!  My Gibson JS-100 finally arrived after much anticipation.  As you promised, it is a great guitar, with very low string action and very accurate intonation.  It is perfect to meet my needs for an acoustic to tune to Open G and play rhythm on Everly Brothers tunes and the like.

If it were not for you, I never would have ordered this guitar.  I purchased a pair of brand new J-160Es in 2002 or 2003 and was very disappointed in the Gibson brand at that time.  The action was very high and the neck prone to fret buzz.  Even after having them professionally setup, both the action and the intonation are disappointing.  I swore I would never buy another Gibson.

When you became a Gibson 5 Star dealer and vouched for their current quality, I became open to the possibility of a future purchase.  You have always sold me very high quality guitars and products and your advice has always been absolutely accurate, so I take your endorsements as truth.  When you offered me a great price on the Gibson JS-100 and vouched for its quality, I decided to take a chance.  I am certainly glad I did.  This is an absolutely wonderful guitar!  It even makes me consider the purchase of a J-200, something I thought I would never say.

Thank you for your advice, your quality products, and your pricing.  You have again shown why I always check with My Favorite Guitars when considering the purchase of any product related to acoustic guitars.

All the best,

Edmund Bloom

Jon hi,

Just wanted to update that I received the guitar and it is perfect!

It was pure joy to do business with you and I am sure that you will be my first choice when I will buy the next guitar.

Please confer my thanks to Sharon as well!

I will surly recommend you to everyone I know.

All the best,


Hi just received the guitar.

Let me say thank you!

I can confirm all I’ve heard of you is right, you’re an absolutely amazing store and flawless to deal with you.

I thank you very much,

PILI Mickael

My dear Jon and Sharron,

I have been a Martin player for many years. During this time I have also collected Martin guitars and each guitar has its own voice and characteristics. My latest acquisition from MFG is a fantastic HD28 MP. This particular guitar plays like a dream and sings to me like an orchestra. I cannot thank you both enough for the instrument and your business acumen is first class.

Diolch yn fawr,

Raymond Dony

Jon & Sharon,

Received both the National and Gibson yesterday, both beautiful, flawless and sound fantastic!

Thank you so much!!!

Mark Kesner

Dear Sharon, Jon,

I’ve just picked the guitar from customs this afternoon. No problems on its way here. The guitar is just magnificent – as are all my guitars from MFG!

Haven’t tried it plugged in yet, but I can see a lot of valued time together waits for us …

Thank you a lot!



Dutifully waited the 24 hours before opening – beautiful, simply beautiful!

Thank you,
Wally Bloomfield


I hope this finds you well. I wanted to let you know just how much I am enjoying the 00-28V. It is a wonderful guitar. The tone seems to get better and better the more it is played, and the build quality is excellent.

Thanks again.


The 000-28H arrived in excellent condition, no damages. The guitar exceeds my expectations.

No defects noted; fine mahogany neck and a dark rosewood set (my preference). Also, lots of
silking on the sitka top. As usual, a great guitar from MFG.
May you all have a safe and happy holiday.
Best regards,
Joe McKloski

Hi Sharon and Jon,

Got the uke today .. lovely ….. sat here playing a few christmassy numbers .. It was well worth the wait :-)
Once again Thank you both so much for your great service…
I’ll be back ….ha ha .. Merry Christmas and a very happy and healthy NEW YEAR !!

Kindest Regards

Dear Jon & Sharon,

Thank you so much for making my dream come true. I’ve wanted a Martin D45 for a longtime. My Martin D45E Retro was worth the wait, I can’t seem to put it down. If I ever need another guitar I will definitely call you. You have been great to deal with. Have a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.

Best Regards
Kase Urban

Hi, just to say hello and thank you. The guitar is gorgeous, front looks more beautiful than I imagined. Back is as I was expecting from the picture, spectacular. And most of it the sound is exactly what I was looking for and perfectly matches the audio sample I had listened so many times on your website. I am very happy with this and could not imagine the guitar would be in my home so fast.
Kind Regards and best wishes
Daniel Guerin

Got the guitar today. Its in great condition. Thanks so much for the great customer care and delivery. Now for the fun part, playing my new Martin OM-21 Ambertone.

Doug Boudinot

Hi Sharon & Jon,

Just FYI I arrived back home in Santa Cruz yesterday and enjoyed opening the new guitar. It arrived with no problem, and I really love it! It is beautiful and the Adirondack/Mahogany combo sounds amazing! Looking forward to enjoying this guitar for many years. Thanks again for your great customer service! I hope you both have a wonderful Christmas!



Just a note to thank you for another seamless transaction on my new Martin 000-15M. What an excellent guitar for the price! I’ve already recommended you to someone who was looking for the 000-15M on Facebook and will continue to recommend you without reservation to anyone looking for a new Martin guitar. I’ve still got my eye on the D-18 and the D-28, so I’ll be back for more!

Terry Horton

Hi Jon & Sharon,

Just a quick note to say thanks for helping to get my new Martin HD-28 to New Zealand safe and sound. The guitar sounds as beautiful as I had hoped and heard it would and has me rushing home from work everyday to play it!

Thanks once again.

OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! This is the prettiest guitar I’ve ever seen! The pics on your website didn’t do it justice, this thing is exquisite!

Jay Wagner


You’ve shipped me another winner! At first I wasn’t sure but after I changed the stock strings to D’Addario PB .13’s (EJ-17) this guitar sings! And as I was hoping, it’s not quite so stiff for fingerstyle and the string spacing is perfect. I can’t imagine how good this will sound a few years down the road? Anyway, thanks again to you and Sharon for having what I need and selling at a great price with customer service second to none! You guys keep raising the bar and gliding over it…



la foto

Thank you very much, i get the guitar yesterday and i’m really happy .. Hope to see you one day..

Best regard,


Hi Jon,

Just a note to say I spent the wknd in Montana & picked up my guitar. Visually, I find it stunningly beautiful but more importantly, it has such wonderful tone. I played it for an hour or so right out of the case & the tone,warmth & sustain on some chord melody arrangements were gorgeous & lush..Who knows what it will sound like a year from now?

Thanks to you & Sharon for your great service, ie, answering my “zillion” questions along the way.

Sharon & Jon:

Thank you very much for the wonderful Martin CEO-7 which arrived this week. It came in great condition and we are thrilled with the guitar.

As a birth year guitar for our son Michael this guitar has extra significance and not only did you make sure that we got a 2013 serial but we were both shocked and elated to see that it was #13 in the series! I was thrilled when I saw the 13 as its my favorite number but it took about a second for my wife note the 2013/13 connection which is so amazing given we will always have this guitar in the family.

I always go out of my way to recommend your business and send people to your site whenever we talk Martin guitars (now Gibson) and these are the reasons why.

Thank you again.

Jason & Lori Pallen

Jon and Sharon:

Received the 000-28H yesterday, and am thrilled with it! Excellent call on the dark rosewood, love that.

I haven’t had more than 30 minutes to play it, but in that short time I am certain it’s a perfect fit for my ears. Plenty of bass for such a small guitar, great balanced tone. Its look certainly resembles my HD-28, but I like the ivoroid binding better than the HD-28′s white binding.

The short scale was optional to me, but it certainly adds another element of playing pleasure. I think that feature will be greatly appreciated by my aging hands as time goes on. And the neck profile feels perfect. Not sure if it’s different from the HD-28, as I haven’t compared them yet, but the neck on this new one feels awesome.

All in all, a terrific guitar! I can’t wait to spend more time with it! Thanks for your pleasant and efficient help in getting it!


Hi Jon & Sharon,

Just FYI..the HD28E Retro arrived safely this past Monday, and all is well. Perfect guitar, great Geib case, plays great, sounds amazing! What a cannon!
Gonna take me awhile to learn my way around the Fishman F1 Aura + system in “performance” mode….lot’s of options!
(Staying with “easy” mode for now )

You guys are the best Martin dealer anywhere, thanks again for your awesome service and great Martin Products!

All the best,
Mike Griffith

Dear Jon and Sharon,

Got the CEO-7 on Friday and played it all weekend. I love this guitar. As I wrote up on the UMGF, the CEO-7 has everything I was looking for: small
body, great projection, warmth, chime, and a solid bottom end. It’s also gorgeous!

I just had a friend over who is extremely knowledgeable about guitar tech stuff and he gave it a once over. Aside from slightly high action (typical
factory setting) he said it was impeccable. Looks like this is a keeper.

Thanks to you both for all your help and utterly reliable service. For someone buying an instrument on the internet for the very first time (and an
unplayed model like the CEO-7 to boot) you guys made me feel safe and secure. Thank you. When it comes time for the next one, you’ll definitely
be hearing from me.

– mick

P.S. I noticed that the photos of the CEO-7 you now have up on your website are of my exact guitar. I think that’s cool.

Sharon & Jon,
You folks rock and MFG is now my favorite and only store. God Bless and Good Health – keep pickin!


Hey Jon & Sharon,

Just wanted to thank you for the safe delivery of my Martin DRS2 – arrived in Sydney only 4 or 5 days after shipping I think. Amazing! Sorry I haven’t had the chance to reply earlier.

Guitar was in perfect shape (and in tune!), delivered to my front door and plays beautifully thanks so much.

Would definitely use you guys again in the future thanks,

Neil Richards
Sydney, Australia

Another fine custom build. I hope you had a chance to look at this beauty!! Thank you for your suggestions and your efforts with my order to Martin.
It takes time to get a custom build but it is worth it. My guitar playing coworkers were salivating over it today. I told them who to contact if they want one..
Again many thanks for all our transactions that we have had through the last few years. I probably will take a break from buying for the rest of the year. I will be back next year.
To you & yours have a happy but safe holiday season.

Best Regards,
Greg Kostick

Good evening!
Today, I finally got my applegate guitar! my applegate guitar is more beautiful than i expected! Now, i’m really happy! and enjoy playing
guitar! i really appreciate My favorite Guitars!! Thank you very much from japan!

Kind regards,
Tatsuya Miyazaki

Jon and Sharon,

My new Martin HD28-V arrived today and it is absolutely beautiful in sound and appearance.

Thank you for such a great purchasing experience!

Mike Gardner

Dear Mrs and Mr Garon,

Just to tell you I’ve just picked up the guitar. Everything is perfect, the guitar is really wonderful, perfect settings, and the Martin sound I love
… It’s worth it to wait I would like to tell the Martin guys they did a really great job.

Thank you

Jon and Sharon,

I’ve been playing my Martin D-18 Ambertone every day for over 6 months now, and it’s been everything I expected and more. Your customer service is excellent and so are the guitars you sell. I wouldn’t buy a new Martin from anyone but MFG!

Russ C. (MA)

Hi Jon and Sharon:

My 000C Nylon landed safely today and have already put an hours worth of playing time on it. I must say that it is everything and more than I
hoped for. Kudos to C.F. Martin who consistently builds beautiful sounding instruments. And….many thanks to you two for such great
service. If anybody deserves to succeed in this business it has to be My Favorite Guitars!

Take care,
Chuck Lamb

Hey Jon and Sharon,

Just wanted to take a moment and say thank you for the seamless transaction. I absolutely love my new OM-21 In Ambertone. I really liked that you informed me when the color didn’t seem quite right to you, and gave my the option. Your company has high praise on many forums, and I now know from experience that they are well deserved. Keep up the great work.


Hi Jon – I haven’t had a chance to write until now, but I received my lefty HD-28V this past Monday. Please consider me to be one extremely happy customer. You and Sharon run a top-notch operation and I couldn’t be any more pleased with the level of service and quality that you deliver.

Kevin Bailey

Jon and Sharon, just wanted you to know my recent purchase of a 00018ge was a great decision. It is without a doubt the finest acoustic I own. The fit , finish, sound and playability are outstanding!!! Thank you both, and i hope to deal with you at MFG again!!

Best regards, Jeff Carnot


I am so happy with the set up on my new D28 Marquis. No buzzes at any fret and so comfortable to play that I didn’t realize that I had gone up a string gauge to 13-56. That’s the sign of a great guitar combined with a great set up, done by professionals who not only know what they are doing but have an obvious love of the guitar.
Greg F.

Thank you all,

Martin has done it again, what a stunner and boy She can sing!
Excellent, speedy service. Great stuff guys :)



Just took delivery of the OM-35…Wow…what a great little guitar! It’s exactly what I was looking for tonally in a sitka/rosewood OM from Martin. I tried the OM-21 (2012) a while back and was so disappointed but this Custom 35 is so right in every way. Many thanks to you for continuing to custom order these little beauties. And as always…thanks to you and Sharon for great customer service…you guys wrote the book!

All the best,

Dear Sharon & Jon,

I received the Martin D-41 – 12 string guitar this morning, and are now celebrating this midsummer “Christmas eve” :-) It is a beautiful guitar that sounds very very good. I am very satisfied.

Thank you very much for being so helpful and service minded :-) Your service, microphone service and quick shipping was so fast and well done. Even shipping inside Norway can take longer time then all the way from Florida!

So thank you again. :-)

Vidar in Norway

Hi Jon and Sharon,

My new guitar arrived about an hour ago. It is very hot here in Riverside right now and the guitar was very hot inside the box and case, so I let it adjust for an hour before I tuned it up. I had to go to lunch because the anticipation was KILLING ME!

I AM NOT HAPPY…….I am ecstatic!!! Oh my gosh. And this is the worst this will ever sound! It’s bold, very loud, rings like a bell, balanced across all the strings and fret positions.

Great job on the action. All that sound and it plays like butter. I’m going to be a better player instantly!

This thing is a Taylor killer for sure, and a lot of my friends play Taylors. Once I put that LR Baggs Lyric inside (going in tonight), it will amaze many through many PA systems here in SoCal. I have a solo worship gig this Sunday morning at a local church, and I’m going with this guitar. It’s going to sound amazing. I have a gig with a band on Thursday, and this might be too much guitar for the sound man to try to mix in a band! We’ll see.

Jon, thanks for helping me stick with an un-blinged look. It is understated in its basic beauty, and then she sings and all will fall in love!

It’s been a pleasure working with you guys. We have some big Martin dealers out here (Buffalo Brothers, The Guitar Shop, and others in LA), but you made it so easy to place my trust in you and feel like one customer means something to a thriving business. Hmmmm……I guess that is why you have a thriving business! I’m sure all your customers get that treatment and feel the same way.

When I save a bit more money and get vision for another guitar, I’ll call you guys right away.



Hey Jon,

I just wanted to let you know that the 000-12 fret arrived today safely and soundly. Man, this one turned out very nicely. It’s a really nice looking guitar, and it plays great. I am extremely happy with how this one turned out. Thank you very much! As always, dealing with you and Sharon has been a pleasure. Have a great night.



I just wanted to let you know that my new Custom D-18 SS guitar was well worth the wait. It plays great and sounds wonderful. The ambertone finish looks great too. The sound is as good or better than my D-45. The short scale is not that much different, but I can tell the fingering and playing on the two guitars are slightly different. I guess the slightly different nut widths makes a little difference. The mahogany is really lighter than the rosewood. I am really pleased with the customer service at My Favorite Guitars too. I would like to thank you and Sharon for your help. I might be ready to order another guitar before long, if I can talk Susie into it. I will have to lay low for a while and not push my luck though.

Thanks again,

Terry J. Cline

Hi Sharon & Jon – I can’t tell you how pleased I am with my custom Martin 000-18! The ambertone finish is stunning. I had an OMG moment when I first opened the case. It has a wonderful sound and the setup is great. Thanks for commissioning such a beautiful instrument. It was a pleasure doing business with you.

Best regards, Bob Pelland

I got this safe and sound Sharon — thank you again for another wonderful guitar. I am over the moon!

Thanks to Jon too.


Our friend Tom Starks at Denali National Park!!!

tom starks copy














Hi Jon,

My OM-35 got here today just fine and is everything I was hoping for! I’m a happy camper!

Thank you very much, Tom

I am so happy with the set up on my new D28 Marquis. No buzzes at any fret and so comfortable to play that I didn’t realise that I had gone up a string gauge to 13-56. That’s the sign of a great guitar combined with a great set up, done by professionals who not only know what they are doing but have an obvious love of the guitar.


Jon and Sharon,

Today I received the Martin OM-35 that I bought from you. Buying a fairly pricey guitar sight-unseen on the internet from across the country can induce some anxiety. But as soon as I took it out of the box it played beautifully. Really, really nice. Powerful, sweet, warm, articulate, balanced. If it’s this nice right out of the box, I can only wonder what it will sound like when it’s fully opened up. I’ve been trying to find an OM like this for quite a while– I appreciate that you make this model available. Please put me down on your happy customers list!

Have a great weekend.

Peter Walker

Eugene, Oregon

Jon and Sharon,

I just wanted to thank you for all your time and patience with the guitar purchase. It was such a professional service. I am looking forward to doing business again sometime. Many thanks.


Thank you, Sharon.

The OM-35 is a really nice guitar & just the sound I was looking for. I’ve had a love for mahogany guitars for a few years now & needed a RW body OM. This guitar fits me perfectly, for sound, playability & comfort.

Again, thank you for the update. And also for making my purchase so easy. MFG has an “A+” rating from all that purchase from you. As soon as I’m done with my “mods” & have played it in a little more, I’ll do a review on UMGF. And mention that you can get them from you. Only a 5 year production on these guitars & are sought after by many that appreciate a great RW OM.

Please say hi to Jon & my best to both of you!


Jon & Sharon,

Just a brief note to say how incredibly happy I am with your Custom 00-28V. In addition to your great service and willingness to work with me to get the deal right, the guitar you sent turns out to be just about the finest new custom Martin I’ve had (and I’ve had a few, as your records along will show)
This amazing guitar is head and shoulders above most of the guitars my friends and I have A/Bd against it. You’ve got a real winner here and I consider myself fortunate to now own one.

It’s a Keeper!

My best,
Jim M.

Jon and Sharon,

Well done again. I got my 000-17M in great time and condition. I am looking forward to many hours of playing.
Thank you for everything. I look forward to my next purchase with you.


Good morning,
I wanted to let you know I received my new uke yesterday and it is beautiful. Thank you for your help and it was a pleasure doing business with you.


Jon & Sharon;

Here is Tom with his new OMPCA4 rosewood. He loves it- he loves his Martins & even more so since he got all THREE of them from the BEST Martin family dealer ever- MY Favorite Guitars.. Thank you for assisting me in picking out the perfect cut away with performance neck and for great Communication during the process. Guitar arrived VERY quickly and in perfect condition— You guys are the best!!!!











Jon & Sharon -

My OM-42 arrived yesterday, what a beautiful guitar!! The tone and sustain are fantastic (especially knowing that it will get even better with time). The action is perfect for me.

Working with both of you was also fantastic! What a great customer experience. I call you on Friday afternoon and Monday evening I’m playing the guitar! It arrived in perfect condition. This guitar is an early retirement gift to myself. I now can spend my retirement perfecting my finger style blues and have a guitar that can be handed down though the family as a legacy.

Thanks again,

Dale Dorschel

Hi Sharon and Jon,

I just received the Martin OM-35 I ordered last Friday and it plays and looks like a dream. Thanks for your great service!

Best regards

/Krister from Sweden

Dear Sharon and Jon

The Martin Martin D35 arrived today. I am so happy with it.

I wish to thank you both for the care and the “up to the minute” updates you gave me when I purchased the guitar.

Your service is second to none and your attention to detail just completed the picture.

I wish to pass onto others contemplating using your business that they will encounter one of the most pleasant and relaxed purchasing experiences in their lives.

I wish to pass onto both of you every success in your business and again thanks to you both for making me feel like a VIP customer.

Cheers and best wishes,

Crist Constanti

Hi Sharon and Jon,

I just like to say thank you, it was my pleasure to work with you.

Now is a week how I am playing my Martin M-30 Jorma Kaukonen and I love everything about it, specially a true Martin sound.

I have nothing to add to Jorma’s spec, it is perfect for my finger picking.



Jon, The guitar its as I expected soundwise which is darned good, but the setup is even better……low action, no buzzes…….perfect…you guys are fantastic this is the 3rd one ive purchased from you guys and its been three wonderful purchases and guitars.

Tim Davis

Hi Jon & Sharon,

Just wanted you to know my new 000-17SM arrived Friday afternoon. This is a really nice guitar and I’m impressed with it. I’ve really been enjoying it so far. I think Martin has got a winner with this one, for the money it’s a superb guitar. As always, thanks for the advice and excellent service.

Mike Fisher

Dear Sharon and Jon,

Your service and communication is second to none.

The attention to detail is something that is rare these days.

eg your comment regarding the end pin.

May health love and happiness be bestowed upon the two of you for eternity.

You are both what typifies “good old fashioned service”.

Till we communicate again

Yours Sincerely,

Crist Constanti

Jon, I am absolutely amazed at the sound and quality of this guitar. I received it 18 Feb. and have hardly put it down. The upcharge from sitka to Adi was totally worth every dime. It is almost impossible to overdrive this D-18 and the resonance and single note clarity is beyond excellent. For Travis style, fingerstyle or flatpicking, it excels. It is superior to the D-21 Special I purchased from you, previously. Never thought I would say that. But it’s good to have a rosewood and a mahogany dread. As the word on this new model D-18 gets out, Martin will need extra shifts to keep up! I know there are more expensive mahogany D’s out there, but this one far exceeds my playing ability. Thanks for a pleasant buying experience and a life time keeper guitar.

Best regards,

Joe McKloski

Last week I received my engagement gift from my fiancee and I just wanted to say thank you for the great guitar and great customer service leading up to the purchase. I am loving my 000-18GE. The finish is beautiful.

Sounds great and plays really nicely right out of the box, can’t wait to hear how the adirondack opens up over time. I was a bit hesitant on an expensive purchase without playing first, but the guitar is absolutely tip top.

Thanks again for all the help, will definitely be recommending you to friends who are interested in buying Martins in the future.


Hi Sharon, just wanted to let you know I received the guitar yesterday and could not be happier. It is a beautiful instrument and am looking forward to playing it for a long time. Thank you so much for both yours and Jon’s help over the past month it’s been greatly appreciated. I will also be recommending you to all my family and friends in the future! Cheers from Australia and hope you keep well!

Thanks again!

Aaron Hackett.

Hi Sharon,

the guitar came to me!

I think that it is the most versatile one for everything.

the sound is wonderful and looks is so beauty by amber tone.

thanks for your help

see you again if we have next time.

from saikaku

Hi Sharon,

The guitar arrived in perfect condition yesterday. I have not purchase a new Martin since the late 70′s, and that guitar was fairly bland. This guitar is a pleasant surprise, with a full voice that will likely improve over time. The construction quality is exemplary. I’m pleased that Martin is making, at least in this example, guitars worthy of their heritage.

It was a great idea to have Martin make a run of 000-18s that have the new D18′s construction features. This is the guitar I wish Martin would have made as the standard 000-18. I hope they will be inspired.

Thank you for putting me together with this wonderful fingerpicker.

Very truly yours,

Seth Yellen

Dear Paula,

I am writing to you at Martin as you helped me with an inquiry some time last year regarding my 00015. Anyhow since then I’ve added to my Martin collection of guitars by purchasing a D18GE and just recently an HD28v from Jon Garon at My Favorite Guitars (who I’m sure you are aware of).

Well, I’m writing now to let you know and for you to hopefully pass on my amazement with the HD28v. It was a very big outlay for me and I was quite nervous about buying such an expensive guitar without having played one. But having read various reviews, I was pressed to find out what all those good comments were about. At the time of making my commitment to purchase, I had it in mind that possibly the 00015 or the D18GE would have to go – but I needed to see the HD28v first before I could make a decision.

On receiving my new guitar, I took one strum and suddenly realized that this was the guitar I had been looking for. It was like I had found the holy grail. Everything about it…sight, sound, feel and even the Martin smell filled my senses. There were comments about the V neck being a problem to some, but for me it is extremely comfortable and I have normal size hands and love the neck on this guitar. But I have a problem now. I have gone back to my 00015 and D18GE and understanding that all three guitars have different qualities cannot bring my self to sell either one. Yes, the HD28v is my favorite but Martin has succeeded in making 3 amazing instruments I have in my possession and definitely in building my number 1 favorite guitar ever.

So, I’d like to say thank you to all at Martin for building such quality instruments that are really second to none and for your assistance in the past and to also make you aware that Jon and Sharon at My Favorite Guitars are fantastic people to deal with and deserve being recognized as one of your authorized dealers.

Best Regards

Andrew Phylactou

London, England


Just wanted to let you know that my new D 18 is awesome!!

I love this guitar! It amazes me how much the sound has opened up in just a week or so! Interesting process to me!

That neck is so easy for me to play on. Thanks a million!!

C. Ward

Jon and Sharon,

Thank you for once again delivering to me an exquisite Martin custom guitar. My custom all mahogany OM with the gloss finish is a work of art to see and to hear. I was concerned that the gloss finish might rob the guitar of some of its clarity and sustain, but you were right — this instrument sounds at least as good as my old satin finished OM Hog did. The ridiculously fast turnaround of this special order further convinces me that you folks have some mighty influential “friends at the factory.”

Thank you again. The OM joins my custom Martin D-41, Martin D-35-CS11 and Taylor GA-12 Koa in the stable of MY Favorite Guitars!!

– Bill

Sharon and Jon:

Just a quick note to let you know how much I am enjoying the new guitar and how much I appreciate the way you do business. You made the purchase very easy and enjoyable. It is nice to deal with true professionals.


Hi Sharon,

I received my guitar today. It is very nice and I am very pleased with it. Thanks to you and Jon for all your help.




Just a quick note to let you know the OM28V arrived safe and sound. I am very happy with my experience with MFG and look forward to the next opportunity to work together.



Dear Jon & Sharon,

Just to let you know that I received the guitar today and collected from the parcel depot this evening. I was amazed at how quickly you managed to ship the guitar over and I must say WHAT A GUITAR! Top marks on this. I was a little nervous buying this one blind … but I am so pleased with the sound/set up and quality of the instrument and it’s like nothing else I’ve played.

In the meantime, if you have any idea what strings are on the guitar I would be most grateful to know as the whole sound is just amazing. Almost ringing like a grand piano.

Finally (and possibly for the time being) I must thank you for the level of service provided from start to finish and your patience in allowing me some time to get my funds organized to pay for the guitar. I will be keen to get onto a forum in the near future to write something about my thoughts on the guitar and without question I will mention yourselves and MFG for an excellent level of service. I am sure such comments offer others (particularly international clients) some confidence and knowledge that they will be safe and looked after when dealing with you.

I look forward to hearing from you and trust that if ever I am in the market for another guitar in future that I can come back to you as a customer and friend.

Wishing you both the very best.

Kind Regards

Andrew Phylactou (London UK)

Hi Jon,

Hi Sharon,

I received the guitar this morning and I just wanted you to know that it is… PERFECT ! It is EXACTLY like I wanted it to be.

Thank you so much for your help. I’ll recommend your name to every person interested in buying a Martin custom shop.

Have a good day !


Hi Jon and Sharon,

The OM-21 SB arrived today and I was stunned by its beauty when I opened the case. The photos just don’t do the finish justice, it is amazing, so when I finally got over staring at it and actually tuned it up and began to play, tears of joy welled up in my eyes. It is all I had hoped for and more. The neck, although slightly wider than the 00-15M I bought from you is very comfortable for fingerpicking which is what I mainly do. It is such awesome value, I don’t want to be negative about other brands but I recently bought a “G” word guitar and the quality and finish was just not there, it was much less than a year old when neck problems appeared but the manufacturer could care less about helping me out. I am a devout Martin man now and will be replacing my mistake with a 000-16 12 fret from your selection as soon as I can.

Thank you for your great service and attention to detail.


Michael Meissner

Hi Sharon and Jon,

This is to thank you and let you know the guitar safely arrived today at last… I left it get used to the temperature in the office a few hours before opening it at noon, and it was some kind of torture… When I opened it, the color was just perfect. the smell and the case made me a lot think of the one with my 5K ukulele, although it is not the same wood, I guess it its something in the case that creates that smell… Tuned the guitar and played it back home before lunch, then after lunch. I was a bit late in the office, then… Made A/B comparison with the D42, and was positively surprised. I heard some say it sounds like OM-42 and I suppose it is true (but I do not have one to compare). It seems to me that it is terribly good value for the money. And it is only the beginning…

Kind regards.


Good Day Mrs Sharon, and Mr. John. I got my Martin D-35 off the UPS truck Yesterday afternoon. It arrived in Perfect Condition, and It sounds as good as it looks. It’s the sound I have been looking for for years. And the Price was unmatchable. Thanks for Everything I will Recommend you to everyone I come in contact with. Phillip K. Daigle 1-8-2013

Hey Sharon, just wanted to send a quick note. The OM arrived and it is a beauty! Couldn’t be happier! Looking forward to doing business again. Thanks so much for a wonderful experience and an amazing guitar.


Hi Jon & Sharon,

Just a quick note to thank you for a speedy delivery of my National O resonator guitar which arrived safely on Friday 11th January. I am delighted with the purchase – great sound and a quality instrument. Thanks again for a smooth transaction, and a pleasure doing business with you over such a distance!

Kind regards to you both,


Jon: the guitar arrived yesterday, I gave it a day to acclimatize, tuned it up and it is really a wonderful sounding guitar – a surprisingly full sound from a new guitar. And the sunburst is really gorgeous! I think you have a great ‘niche’ in having sunbursts and ambertones ready to go – rather than having to wait several months and perhaps making a different choice – great customer service on your part. Like most others, I think the improvements/upgrades Martin has made to the D-18 are spot on! The sunburst top goes great with the other ‘vintage’ appointments – I did also like the look of the ambertone in the photos, but the sunburst is definitely ‘it’ for me. Thanks again for everything – Greg from Canada

Hi Sharon

the Guitar is absolutely awesome !!!!

Really supergreat job!!!

If not a Martin I would never buy a guitar unseen but this instrument is stunning.


Michael :)

To Jon and Sharon,

It was a very pleasant experience dealing with My Favorite Guitars. Thank You for everything. The Guitar is like no other Martin I have ever played. I go to Nazareth every year for the Martin Fest and I get to play a lot of Martins and this one from the Martin Custom Shop is a real experience every time to play every time I Pick it up. Also it is incredible in its looks and setup is perfect.

Thank You Very Much.

David Smith

Manassas, VA

Hi Sharon,

The guitar and amp came today. Thank you so much! What a gorgeous instrument!! My fingers are so sore, but I just can’t put it down. I knew you guys wouldn’t steer me wrong!!! This is the best birthday present ever!

Thanks again,


Jon and Sharon,

Just want to wish you and your Family and Staff Happy Holidays!

The Neck on the OM-18 Custom is just what I was looking for. A cross between a Taylor 714 and my D-16R.

Thanks Again, Ron

Hi Jon and Sharon,

I received the 000-28H Ambertone today and it is a beauty ! It looks and sounds awesome ! Thanks so much for the great price and the wonderful instrument. I’ll be enjoying this one for many years to come !

Larry Allen

Dear Sharon & Jon,

The guitar arrived today. All I can say is that it sounds and looks more beautiful than I remembered. Thank you once again for the exceptional service, attention to detail and cordial reception your provided when we visited your shop. We will plan a trek across the state to visit with the two of you in coming months. Perhaps once I learn to sing, I can quit my day job and send you free concert tickets. :) Warmest regards and thanks again. Michael

Hi Jon -

As a follow-up to our conversation today, I am buying the Martin OM-28V. Today, I returned the Martin 000-28H and the Martin 00-28VS. I used the return labels you provided. If you could recommend a tech in the Dallas area to install the K&K pick-up, I would appreciate it.

Also, thank you very much for allowing me to try all three guitars for a few days. It not only made the process easier but gives me confidence that I am making the right decision. Your helpfulness, recommendations and simple mail order process made for a great guitar buying experience!


Kevin McDonald

Hello Jon,

Hope this note finds you well. I wanted to let you know that I received the Martin D41 Special late last week. WOW….what a beautiful instrument. The classic Martin sound and smell of this guitar is unmistakable, simply intoxicating! It is truly a wonderful instrument and is everything and more than what I was expecting from a high end Martin. Everything checked out perfectly on the guitar with absolutely no issues that I could find. I have not been able to put her down ever since she arrived. It is certainly a wonderful addition to the family!

I wanted to thank you and your wife Sharon again for how you conducted business with me on this purchase. Your customer service was exceptional and I have every intention of doing business with you again in the future. I hope that you and your family have a wonderful holiday season and a safe and happy new year. I wish you all the best in the coming year and I will be in touch when I am in the market for another family member.

Take care and all the best!


Carsten Goff

This is an absolutely beautiful guitar, Sharon. Phenomenal workmanship and magnificent finish work. The playability and TONE are just really amazing, and it is light as a feather.

Please thank Jon again for helping me acquire this fine instrument. Your communication and follow-though has been first class all the way!



Dear Sharon:

I received the guitar yesterday as you suggested. I must say I am very pleased with it’s condition and sound…a very fine instrument indeed. It was a pleasure to do business with you and your husband and I thank you for your business integrity and reliability.

Please do have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Yours sincerely,

Ken Bowles

Jon…thanks so much for your personal attention on my order. The guitar is beautiful and plays/sounds fantastic. I had reservations about ordering online, but not any longer! Thanks again.


Hi guys, my guitar arrived today nice and undamaged..very impressed by the quick delivery and response to my questions..very professional, you guys are my favorite guitar shop…Thank you …Andy

Thanks Jon and Sharon,

The guitar is really beautiful. Just perfect. It sounds amazing too. Very happy with. The shipping worked out perfectly. UPS delivered at around 1pm.

Thanks again,

Dean Leavitt


The guitar arrived at 8am this morning. Can’t believe it got here from FL in two days. Will certainly be using your store to buy a parlor guitar in a few months time.

Many thanks


Hi Sharon and Jon,

I got the guitar and I love it! Thanks for helping me with my custom order, I’d recommend you guys to anyone getting a Martin.




The little Taylor Koa 312ce is everything I had hoped for.

It is a delight — yummy tone, perfect volume and it fits me really well.

Great size and nicely optimized action.

Perhaps I should have you and Jon select all my purchases for me from now on!

I’m going to Macy’s this Saturday to get some black dress shoes. I’ll Skype in and let you choose my next loafers. But they HAVE to feel as good as this little Taylor.

Thanks a zillion,

Bob Kidd

Jon…thanks so much for your personal attention on my order. The guitar is beautiful and plays/sounds fantastic. I had reservations about ordering online, but not any longer! Thanks again.

Hi Sharon,

Thanks so much for your prompt reply. I gave Jon a call earlier and expressed my appreciation for how both you and Jon handled this transaction from start to finish. Not only did I get an incredible guitar at a great price, but both you and Jon were very responsive to all my inquiries and just a pleasure to work with thought this entire transaction. The next time I’m in the market for a new guitar, my favorite guitars will be at the top of my list of folks that I will turn to for my next instrument.

Thank you again Sharon for your efforts throughout this transaction. I’m very much so looking forward to receiving this guitar next week.


Carsten Goff

Hi Jon and Sharon,

The new D-45 arrived in perfect shape. It exceeds my expectations in every respect! I’ve had some great guitars over the years, including customs from kevin Ryan, charlie Hoffman, and a colllings adi/ Honduran rosewood. There is something about this D-45 that seems to have some of the best of these other guitars, all in one instrument. I’m certainly lucky you had this Martin on order, when I called. I’d like to say hello when we come to Naples, this winter.



Dear Jon & Sharon at My Favorite Guitars,

You really have a wonderful business! I received my 2nd Martin from you yesterday, a beautifully made Grand J12-40E Special. The delivery was perfect. My wife and daughter thought the inlay work is really nice too. This 12-string is very special and will compliment my 2008 Martin 00-18V as a fine finger style instrument.

Ordering an acoustic guitar from My Favorite Guitars is fun because both Jon and Sharon are so great to talk with. It’s super to know that I have good friends in Naples.

The best,


Jon and Sharon,

My HD-28 arrived safe and sound yesterday and it absolutely beautiful and sounds outstanding. Thank you so much for your GREAT service.


Hi Jon and Sharon,

Over the past few years I’ve heard players talk about My Favorite Guitars as one of the best places to purchase a new Taylor or Martin guitar. Well, I finally got around to taking that advice, and I very pleased with the results. My new Custom 914CE turned out great. Thanks for helping me get my order just right. Your expertise, customer service, and prices are the best. And now I can chime in on that advice about the best place to purchase a new guitar. I’ve found there are a lot of dealers out there, but from my firsthand experience MFG you are number one!




Hello Sharon,

I wanted to let you know I received my new Martin 00028H yesterday from UPS and it was in perfect condition. What a beautiful and great sounding guitar this is. I was not so sure about the Ivoroid tuner buttons when I ordered this but they are a wonderful touch. Thanks to you and Jon for the great service!

Scott Derby

Hi Jon and Sharon,

I recieved my 000-28h in perfect condition and I love it. Thanks again for answering all of my questions during many phone calls and especially for the great service and willingness to help. I really appreciate doing business with a company that remembers my name.

Scott Sampels

Bend OR

Hi Jon and Sharon,

Just a note to say how happy I am with my new Martin 000-28H! I recently had it set-up by the Martin repair rep here, and after a little adjustment, it plays and sounds great. The case is a beauty too!

Thanks for making this transaction so easy and worry free. Your personalized service has made dealing with you a pleasure! You can bet I’ll be telling all my guitar playing friends about My Favorite Guitars!


Mike Chow


I received my guitar which I picked up Saturday. I am very pleased and wanted to say thank you for a flawless transaction. You were wonderful to work with and I am sure I will enjoy it for many years to come. Have a blessed day:)

Sharon & Jon:

The Martin 000-16SRGT arrived yesterday, a full month early, and it is spectacular! Looks beautiful, plays great and I can just tell that with a little “age” it’s going have that wonderful Martin tone. It was a pleasure doing business with you. I’ve already pased your name along to my musician friends.

Thanks again,

Doug Doyle

Hi Sharon,

Just wanted to let you know that my Martin D-35 MM #24 arrived yesterday. I waited until today to open it up and must tell you how pleased I am with this beautiful guitar. It is in perfect condition and sounds wonderful. The workmanship is beyond compare. I look forward to hearing it open up with considerate playing.

One happy camper here!………………Clarion Reece

Hi Jon,

I thought I would let you know my D-18GE arrived safely. I am taking a break from playing it to write this. I’m loving it. I also have one of your 00-28V’s that I got last year and I play that a lot as well.

Keep putting up those interesting customs on your website!

Thanks again for your service.

David Ingleton


South Australia

Hi Jon and Sharon,

Just a note to tell you how thrilled I am with my new Martin OM-35 Custom! I fell in love with it the moment I opened the case! Once I played it, I knew I had made the right choice. The neck/ fretboard is perfect for my finger style playing. Each note rings pure and clear, and the action is spot on with the Martin custom light gauge strings I’m using. I”m looking forward to a lifetime of enjoyment with this beauty.


Michael Chow

Last comment on the 00-18V – What a magic place to live and work if all product manufacturers attained the quality level of CF Martin. In addition, my association with MFG is at the same level. I remain, your faithful customer.

Best regards,

Joe McKloski

Jon & Sharon, The custom was received this morning in great shape, as usual. It’s beautiful and plays like a dream. As always, I appreciate the quality service and the fantastic price.

Thanks again. Ron

Sharon & Jon, I just wanted to let you know that the Martin 000-15SM that I ordered from MFG arrived today in perfect condition. This is the first Martin I’ve owned…think I’m gonna like it. Thanks for the prompt service (again, my first purchase from you)…maybe some day there will be another! Best regards, Steve Scott

Thank you Sharon.

Service from Jon and yourself was top notch.

The reports I read about you guys was spot on.

Dear Jon,

My name is Mark Moore and my father, Tom Moore recently purchased a Martin D-35 from you for my college graduation present. I wanted to thank you and My Favorite Guitars for the D-35. It is a beautiful guitar and the sound that comes out of it is just amazing. I know my Martin D-35 is a guitar I will always cherish and when I am going to get my next guitar I will definitely be looking at My Favorite Guitars. I can’t thank you enough for it, but Thank you Jon and My Favorite Guitars.


Mark T. Moore


Just a quick note to let you know that I received the Martin 00028 EC today.

It is absolutely perfect, wonderful tone and extremely comfortable to play.

Thank you both for your help and wonderful customer service.

Best regards,

Jeff Brassard

Hello Sharon, hello Jon,

wow, 2 days from Florida to Germany … and what a guitar :-)

Another great Martin Guitar from MFG,

thanks a lot


Hi Jon and Sharon, just to let you know I received the D-18GE and it’s beautiful, Wow!!!sounds amazing! The only thing I’ve yet to do is plug in with the installed pickup, will do this weekend and let you know it’s working fine! Thank you for the great service!

All the best,

Thomas Bliven

Hi Sharon,

Thanks for shipping the guitar. Everything worked fine and it is a splendid instrument; don’t know why I went without one for so long. All aspects of your service; knowledge, speed, courtesy, price etc were first class and you both deserve every business success.

Kind regards, Ed

Hi Sharon,

I couple of months ago I took delivery of the custom OM that you guys ordered for me.

I just want to let you know that after the settling in period, I am very impressed with the results of the build and want to thank you very much again.

It always seems to take me a bit of time to bond with a new guitar. With some, I never do. That makes it difficult to buy new ones, and I was a bit apprehensive that it could happen with this OM, my first foray into custom country. No problems with that, for sure. I love it, play it every day, and am starting to feel guilty I’m not spending time with any of my others.

Thanks again for a great guitar, great service, and a great over-all experience.

Dr. Mike Buckingham

Hi Jon and Sharon,

Just a quick note to say that I received the rosewood GS Mini this morning! It sounds amazing! Can’t believe what a rich sound it makes for such a small thing.

Thank you for your great customer service – for your quick responses to my emails and keeping me informed.



Sharon and Jon,

I got in the OM28V late friday.

It came in perfect shape.

I really like it!

I just wanted to say;




A Happy Customer

Sharon and Jon,

I just picked up the guitar, well not “just” I had to play her for a bit ;^) The guitar arrived safely and I’m having lots of fun!

Thanks so much, you are awesome to deal with!


Hi Jon,

I told a buddy of mine about you and recently he bought an HD28V w/K&K installed from you (Phil Willis, Fremont, CA). I’ve got the guitar over at my house this week, at his request to do some A/B recording with my custom. He thought some folks on the forum would enjoy hearing two brand new HD28V models, but each in different woods. He is happier than can be with the guitar you sent him and I don’t blame him a bit. Those guitars are some of the most consistently kick-ass sounding new Martins around! And the one you sent him is incredibly light! It is the lightest new Martin D28 variation I’ve picked up in a while. I think it’s about 4lb 7oz. The sound, of course, is fantastic. And this is the worse it’ll ever sound… LOL!

Anyway, just passing on more positive input for you, Sharon & the store. Another more than satisfied customer!

Happy Springtime!


Thanks to both of you Sharon and Jon -

The OM-28 Marquis arrived today in perfect condition – while I’m stuck and work and can’t get into too much playing, I did tune it up, and did a lil’ picking – sounds incredible.

I’ll be sure to follow up once I get a chance to put it through the paces, but am very happy with my purchase from My Favorite Guitars – wonderful service.


Daniel Petrzelka

Seattle WA

Jon and Sharon,

The Martin Custom D-41 just arrived.

What an amazingly beautiful instrument. I thought nothing could outdo the CS-35-11, but the grain on the adi top and the figuring on the back…AND on the neck!!!!!!

Then I played it…and eh….typical Martin magnificence. Who could want more?

These three recent purchases from My Favorite Guitars have produced an unparalleled collection of world class instruments. They ARE My Favorite Guitars.

Thank you both so much.

– Bill

Jon and Sharon,

I purchased the last one you had a couple of months ago, and have not gotten around to letting you know that it arrived in perfect condition. Please thank whoever set it up at a perfect 3 and 2, with perfect relief, no buzz even when I miss the fret. I can’t believe it came set up this way from the factory unless it was a fluke. This guitar is going to be missed from the Martin lineup, several people I know have one and all are happy owners.

Thanks, John Henry

To Jon and Sharon,

First let me say thank you for your excellent service, knowledge and support with the purchase of my new Martin D-28 Marquis. What a beautiful guitar. Dealing with both of you has been a real pleasure. Fair pricing, fast shipping, and friendly manner really made me enjoy this important transaction. Candace and I look forward to doing it again, and will surely recommend you to everyone who wants the best.

Our warmest regards,

Robert and Candace O’Neill

Thanks for an outstanding D-18V. It is better then expected and I’m glad I got one before they’re all gone. The D-18V is a great combination of sound and excellent materials. While simple, not ornamental, it is one of a kind – I can’t put it down.

Best regards.

Joe McKloski

Hi Sharon.

Just picked up the lovely guitar.

Just a couple of pics to prove “all good”.

Thank you so much.


Hans’ son – Leon – with his dad’s new guitar and an MFG T-Shirt!

Jon and Sharon,

Thank you for your patience with my inquiries regarding the CS21-11 and wondering where it was. I did not realize how excited I was. It arrived in perfect condition today and I am thrilled beyond words. It is perfect, and it sounds amazing.

Since I own a Portrait and Commercial photography studio, I just had to take some photos before I took this home for the weekend.

Here is a link to a Jpeg composite (too large to email) photo. I hope you enjoy the photographs as much as I will enjoy playing this guitar.

Thanks again and I am so happy.

Musically yours,


Jon & Sharon,

The OM-35 guitar arrived safe and sound. It is a beautiful instrument. Thanks for your advice, service and for having this custom run by Martin. Now if I can just get my son to let me have the guitar back I am going to go and play.

Thanks again.

Ed Schauber

Hi Sharon,

Just wanted to let you know that my OM-35 arrived yesterday. It’s a real beauty, and sounds great. I never thought I’d be able to get a guitar from Martin’s Custom Shop, but your pricing made it possible. I also appreciate your ordering me the black ebony I wanted for the fingerboard and bridge at no extra cost. Compared to my OM-18V, it gives me greater volume with much less playing effort, which is exactly what I was looking for. This is my third Martin, and probably my last, and we’re going to be spending a lot of time together.

I’m really glad I found your website, and will recommend you to anybody who’s in the market for a Martin. Say hello to Jon for me!

Best regards,

Jim Toomey


It is indeed perfect and the vibe, Wow!!

Thanks for a seamless transaction.

Just a beautiful instrument.


Sharon and Jon,

Received my HD-28 in good order Friday and it is simply wonderful. It’s very well balanced, fits nicely in between my D-35 and custom 12 fret OO, and Is beautiful on top of it all. Thanks again for everything.


Jon and Sharon,

I received my guitar yesterday and waited 24 hours before opening. I love it! Thanks for your help and patience. I wish I had remembered to have you install a strap pin on top, but I can probably handle that myself. Thanks again for all your help. The guitar is beautiful and sounds amazing, only to get better with age.

David J

Dear Jon,

The OM-21 Special arrived yesterday and I haven’t put it down since. The tone is richer than I could have imagined, and I searched as hard as I could to find a physical flaw but couldn’t, down to the tightness and uniformity of the grain. Thanks for putting it on hold for me; I’m sure you could’ve sold it much sooner to another very willing customer, but I wanted to let you know that I sincerely appreciate it and I will most definitely be purchasing from you again in the future.



Dear Sharon & Jon,

I cannot believe that I didn’t send you this message earlier. I’ve been busy unfortunately so please accept my apologies. I am glad you ship your guitars quicker than I respond to let you know that I received my Mamas & Papas D-28M. It arrived quickly and in great condition. After a 24 hour acclimatization period, I opened the box. She is a thing of beauty. I was a little hesitant in ordering a Carpathian top since I have no experience with that tonewood. But I must say that from the first strum it exhibited a certain maturity. I cannot explain it except it sounds like older wood, not tight at all. The Madagascar is gorgeous as well. I recommend this guitar highly to anyone looking for a reasonably priced Madi Dread. It is an absolute winner. Thank you once again for your spectacular service, it is greatly appreciated. I recommend your shop to all my friends in Canada. Take care. Ed K P.S. I also received the 2 Geib cases I ordered.

Howdy Jon and Sharon,

I bought a D18 P recently from MFG. It was not as expensive as most of the guitars you sell. You treated me graciously and the guitar is beautiful. It is the second guitar I bought from you and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. As a musician Jon makes the hands on buy very nice. Best wishes to you Jon, and Sharon for doing such a fine job. I look forward to my next purchase.

Sincerely, Phil Dorvel Davidson NC

Tom Starks in Kauai, Hawaii wearing his MFG T-shirt!


I just wanted to thank you for a great guitar buying experience. My guitar arrived two days ago, and I can’t put it down. You and Sharon really went above and beyond, taking care of me after hours and processing the order quickly. An unbeatable price, and you had the guitar in stock for quick shipping. It was a truly painless buying experience.

Thanks again,


Hello Sharon and Jon,

I received my Taylor 756ce last week and it is beautiful. It took a little while to get all the strings in tune but after that heaven. And they have stayed in tuned! I was playing it tonight in the TV room with my wife and Baby bird, and my wife even turned the TV down to here me play, something that does not happen very often. She thought it was glorious and asked me to keep playing. This is the 4th guitar I have bought from you and there will be more.

You have been so nice to me for all of the guitars I have bought and your service is so great, thank you. Your company is the best I have ever dealt with and I wish I could play as well as Jon. And Thank you Bob Taylor.


Hi Jon and Sharon,

Just wanted to let you know that the UMGF 00-18VS Ambertone I ordered arrived yesterday with no problems. I’m sure you’ve heard this many times before but “this is a VERY NICE guitar!!” The only problem is that now I’m not likely to get much done around the farm this weekend. You folk were very pleasant to work with and provided excellent service.



Just wanted to send an e-mail that I received the guitar in excellent condition. Plugged it into the PA and sounds great. Looks spectacular!. Thanks for all and have a great day.

Scott Berenson

Jon and Sharon:

I just got my beautiful Martin D-45V today. The deep, full sound it generates is unlike any other guitar I’ve played.

It’s a wonderful complement to my Applegate SJ-1 that shines in the midrange territory with great clarity. Thank you for your outstanding service and advice. I will certainly visit My Favorite Guitars again.

Best regards,

Luis Alfaro

Jon and Sharon – got my Martin and it’s all that I expected I wanted to thank you all for the great service and price

I received my guitar a couple of days ago, Taylor 616ce, and would like to say it was a great purchase but more importantly a professional commercial experience. My first Taylor purchase was a nightmare with another Taylor dealer in New York, a four month ordeal, so thank you for your timely delivery and courteous service. I have recommended your business to two people, a teacher’s husband and a student at Sachse High School that are planning Taylor purchases in the near future, a 500 and 900 series respectively. Again thank you for doing business the way you do.

Regards, Bob Clare

Hi Sharon and Jon,

Just wanted to confirm that my new guitar arrived without incident yesterday afternoon, and it’s a real beauty. The serial number is correct, and if I’m reading the serial number right, it’s almost a New Year’s child, just short one day.

Well thank you very much for your efforts to get this shipped as fast as you did.

It’s my first Taylor guitar – I have an HD-28 but wanted something with a more even balance, better for fingerstyle playing, and a little more reserved. the 414 fills the bill and BTW, the graining on this 414ce is particularly beautiful.

So thanks again, and much success in the new year. Maybe after a year of playing I’ll be back!

John Merryman

Reston, VA.

Hi Sharon and Jon,

Received the Custom HD-35 …. Martin really got it right, the sound is Magnificient !! A friend of mine zoomed over and played it for over 2 hours, he could not believe how fantastic it is.

Thank You for all your help !!!



Hi folks,

Just a note of thanks for your great service in getting my new guitar to me. It arrived yesterday, and it was a sore trial to wait 24 hours to open it. But now that I have, it’s everything I could ask; it’s even better than your photos, and it sounds great. The action is perfect also.

Wishing you all a Happy Holiday Season, and Thanks Again,

Joseph Parisi

Hello Jon,

I finally got a chance to pick up the guitar from my local UPS Store.

I cannot put into words how magnificent this guitar is. We all know there is no such thing as a perfect guitar, but this one must surely be as close as it gets. (as you told me)

The grain on the wood is fantastic.

I know I couldn’t have you go to Nazareth and pick one for me, but if I could.. This would be it!

The sound is like a piano and I love the wide chunky neck and easy playability. Perfect for an electric guy like me who likes to flatpick and fingerpick and has some annoying arthritis in the fingertip joint of my right index finger on my picking hand. (Any suggestions for a player?)

I bought this without ever playing one and went on my gut feeling that this model and THIS guitar, in particular, (thank you for the great pics) was MY guitar and I was right.

Anyway.. Just plain “thank you” for making buying my first Martin a less stressful one.

Any player I know who is interested in a great acoustic of any of the mfrs. you carry, I will tell.. “Just call or email Jon.. He’ll take care of you, I promise.”

Thanks ever so much, again and may I wish you, Sharon and the family a very healthy and happy holiday and New Year!!!

Mike Weitzman

Hello Jon & Sharon;

Your setup was perfect for my finger style and alternate tuning playing. It plays better than the one I played at the factory.

It arrived in perfect shape. Your attention to detail, caring for the customer, and great prices make you the only dealer I’ll ever need.


Hello Mr. Taylor,

I just received my Koa GSce-LTD last week from My Favorite Guitars in Naples, FL. This guitar is gorgeous and the sound is wonderful. Thank you for making my holidays great. My singing Amazon Parrot loves it (and my 414 CE also)!

Tom Wahl

P.S. My Favorite Guitars is a spectacular vendor. Every guitar I have ordered was in my hands in less than 24 hours. Jon and Sharon are the best, the finest company that I have ever dealt with.

Hello Jon and Sharon,

I received the Taylor Koa GS LTD last week. It is so beautiful and sounds so good. Thank you for taking care of me and my guitar dreams. And this one is great and sounds so good. Your company is the best, I’ve never dealt with a better one. And thank you for all your great help. It’s only Tom but I love you guys and girls. Thank you so much Jon and Sharon. You guys, girls are the greatest.

Your best fan,


Dear Sharon

Hello, I’m Makoto. Yesterday I received the guitar and any accesorries. I really want to tell you ‘ ^^thank you very much’ for this time. I feel so pleased to see some nice pre-amp and Taylor K4, especially Taylor GA Koa fall limited. it makes much better sound and really comfortable to grip than I expected. I would like to play it for solo guitar, recording and any concert.

Thank you very much

Makoto Nakasaka

from my best regards

Dear Sharon and Jon,

Yesterday I have finally received the guitar from customs, there were no problems and you’ve helped me a lot with optimizing the procedure – much appreciated.

Guitar is absolutely amazing, I have had couple of high-end Martins and Guilds, but this is probably the best acoustic I had the opportunity to play, ever. People sometime complain about Martin’s modified V necks but I have quite a big hands and neck just sits comfortably in my palm. I cannot fully express how happy I am with this purchase.

Thank you very much indeed!


Marian Klas


I’ve just received the guitar, it’s wonderful !

I really thank you very much for your work,

I’ll contact you for my next dream…

Best regards,

Laurent Marchante

Jon and Sharon,

Just a quick note to say thanks for your help and patience with me on the purchase of the Martin D12-28. I had never bought a guitar unheard or unplayed before… kind of my own rule. You folks assured me that buying unseen would be okay, and it turned out great.

And I have to say that I played a lot of 12 strings after I sold the one I had, and this Martin is by far the best I’d tried (and yes, I had tried another new D12-28 locally) I’m very happy with it!


Dave Clutter

Jon and Sharon:

I wanted to touch base about my recent purchase from My Favorite Guitars – the Taylor Fall Ltd., Koa 12-Fret Grand Concert.

It’s FANTASTIC! This is one of the most beautiful guitars I’ve ever seen, and it plays great. It probably would play a lot better if someone else owned it, but that won’t happen! I plan on hanging onto this guitar for a long, long time.

I’m still counting my lucky stars for finding your website several weeks ago. This particular guitar is quite scarce and I was afraid that it had slipped through my hands. Then, when Jon answered the phone and confirmed the Koa GC was in stock, I was quite excited and more than quite relieved!!

You certainly have earned my business down the road. THANKS for making me a happy and satisfied customer!!!

Charlie Fiss

Fort Worth, Texas

Jon and Sharon,

Yesterday I received (one day EARLY! ) by 2011 Fall Limited Koa Grand Concert guitar. Wow. What a great guitar!

Thank you for the great price, wonderful shipping and the look, feel and sound is truly amazing.

Thank you again!

-Scott Green

Hi Sharon (and Jon),

Thought you would like to know that the GPCPA1 arrived safe and sound in Vermont yesterday around noon.

I waited until today to open it up, in an excess of caution perhaps, but I wanted it to have a full opportunity to acclimate after a presumably cool plane trip.

All seems well. I am actually far more pleased with the unplugged sound than I expected to be. And of course the Aura system is pretty doggone cool on the electronics side. I’ll need a while to settle into preferred settings for mic and blend, etc.

Thanks a whole bunch for making the buying process so smooth and friendly and enjoyable. It was a real pleasure. Hope to talk with you again sometime in the not too distant future.

Kind regards,


The D-18P arrived on Wednesday. Nice guitar – just what I was looking for. Thanks for the great and speedy service.


Hello Sharon and Jon,

The D18 GE custom arrived safely today. I’ve been playing all evening.

The ambertone finish is gorgeous–well worth the brief wait. The instrument’s sound is wonderful: Martin does a good job with that hog/adi combination.

Thank you for prompt shipment, good customer relations, and great guitar. I will certainly recommend you to my bluegrass friends here in Statesboro.



Hi guys! Just a quick note to let you know my new Martin arrived in pristine condition. After letting it acclimate to the house for a few hours, my wife and I opened the case. That ambertone is truly breathtaking sitting there in that cabernet case lining. No pictures I’ve seen can do it justice! I looked it over well and found it flawless. Of course, it immediately got tuned and played, and the sound is just heavenly.

Thank you so much for the wonderful experience we had purchasing this gem.

Know you have two more “My Favorite Guitar” evangelists in your number of many.

Warmest regards,


Dear Jon and Sharon,

Less than a week after ordering my Taylor 416CE it arrived in Glasgow Scotland at 1600 local time this afternoon. I was like a kid waiting on Santa Claus and he turned up in a brown UPS uniform rather than the traditional red. Suffice to say there is a new object of affection in the Welsh household and my wife Elisabeth is less than pleased with the attention I give her rival

To both of you thanks and it was a pleasure doing business with you once again. As Arnie says….I’ll be back

Thanks once again folks

Kind Regards


Hi Sharon and Jon,

Just a quick line to say that the guitar arrived safe and on time. Thank you for the excellent service that you provided, it is much appreciated. It is quite a sweat wondering if every thing is going to go OK when such a distance is involved.

The Ambertone finish is absolutley wonderful, better than the images i have seen on your webite and on various forums. It is perfect with the Mahogany. It is a guitar to cherish and you are wonderful people to do business with, i will have no hesitation reccomending you to any potential customer. So thanks once again, wishing you good health.


To Jon and Sharon,

I want to start by saying thanks very very much for the great service you provided and allowing me to purchase my Martin HD28V-L. The shipment from the USA to London, UK was efficient and the guitar arrived on time and in perfect condition. I would highly recommend MFG to anyone looking to purchase a guitar in the future and I shall certainly be shopping with them again.

With regards to the guitar, I upgraded from a D28 to the HD28V. Wow, what a difference! I work as a guitar teacher and solo acoustic artist in London and I can’t wait to start gigging with this amazing Martin. With 20 years of playing, I have never played a better guitar!!

Kind Regards,

Scott Dean


Dear Jon and Sharon,

The Martin 000-18A box arrived yesterday, delivered by UPS safe and sound. Immediately I was pleased because you had packed it extremely well. Too often these days things arrive rattling around, not packed well, or packed poorly with not enough tape to seal the box. But My Favorite Guitars did it exactly correct. Perfect.

Upon opening the guitar’s case, I was delighted because the instrument was in flawless condition. There wasn’t one thing I could find wrong. In fact, not a fingerprint could be found. I appreciated that, for when I buy a new instrument I want it to be in flawless condition. Excellent.

But the true joy came when I began playing the 000-18A. First of all, it is wonderful to hold, for its smaller body (smaller than the D-18A) fit right into my arms like it was a part of me. The big D-18A is a powerhouse of an instrument, almost too big to hold comfortably when seated. The 000-18A, however, feels just right.

The sound that rings out from the 000-18A is beautiful and melodious, almost Spanish guitar sounding, though still retaining the “punch” of a steel-string guitar. And, putting a capo on actually improved the sound, rather than merely make it higher or “pinched” sounding, as with the D-18A. The D-18A will always be a great instrument because it’s loud and dynamic instrument, but the 000-18A is a true instrumentalist’s guitar, as it is well-suited to intimate playing, and yet can be loud enough to convey deep emotion.

I believe now that if I could only have one guitar in my studio, it would be the 000-18A. That’s saying a lot, because I’ve been playing since fourteen years old (I’m middle-age) and have owned many guitars and been disappointed often. The 000-18A , though, is heaven on earth. Martin is wrong to discontinue it, though it’s probably guitarists who are the foolish ones, not recognizing its greatness and not buying enough of the model to warrant production any longer.

Thank you, Jon and Sharon. My favorite Guitars truly came though for me. How can I thank you enough for providing this kind of beauty and quality, and bringing true joy and satisfaction to my life?

In the weeks ahead I will send photographs of me playing the 000-18A as I record the new material I’ve recently written. Until then, please accept my most sincere thanks.

Best regards,

Mark G. Leonard


Sharon & Jon:

Just wanted to drop you a belated note to let you know how happy I am with the custom Martin. As you may recall, this is the OOO-28 in Koa with a cutaway and slot head. As is to be expected with Koa it has taken time to start to fill in but is now turning into an absolutely stunning guitar. It is exactly what I was after. Cosmetically it is just a beautiful instrument.

I also have to say that the build quality is an obvious step up from my stock OOO-28. All in all, a very good experience.

Thanks for your help


Dear Sharon…

The eagle has landed !!! …. in 100 % perfect condition.

And what a beauty, it is… exactly as I wished.

When I look at the guitar, and play it, I know for sure, that it “contains” some songs, that I will “find” and write !

I want to thank My Favorite Guitars, you and Jon for your great professionalism, and for making it all so easy for me.

I have never before tried to buy a guitar on the Internet.

For me, it was beyond the limit… so of cause it create a lot of questions.

You have listen to all my questions… and answered them all, on the most friendly and patient way, so I – all the way – felt in “good hands”… and… with good reason.

I will be happy to recommend you, to whom I know.

So again – thank you for helping me, my guitar-dream came through.

I O U…

With my best regards

Yours sincerely LEIF BERGSTEDT, Denmark

Hi Sharon and Jon,

I just wanted to let you know that I received the guitar today in good order. It’s one sweet little guitar. Thank you for you for the excellent sales experience.

I think I’m going to go play some Woody Guthrie songs (seems appropriate for this guitar)!

Best Regards,


Hello Jon and Sharon.

The guitar is arrived 8 hours ago and it’s really great. Everything is allright. Thank You for all. You’re “my favourite sellers”. You’re the best.

So long and thanks for all once again.

Friendly yours.


Hello, Jon and Sharon,

My guitar arrived yesterday, after a few anxious days using the tracking number you provided, following its progress through the mail systems of two countries. It arrived safe and sound.

Speaking of sound-it’s wonderful. I’ve played a Norman 12 string for 25 years, and it has been (and still is) a beautiful guitar to play, and hear. But the Martin has a way of making me feel it was made for my fingers.

Hey – I’m writing to thank you for your service, not for a guitar review. All I can say is that you’re prompt, polite, professional and personable–a hit in the key of P. The standards you set would be a real eye-opener to most music stores in Ontario.

Thanks again

- John A.

Hi Jon & Sharon,

Just a note to say I received the 000-18 12-fret last Friday.

It’s great! A magical sound, and beautiful to behold!

Thanks a bunch!

Yours truly,

Rick Stratton

Hi Jon / Sharon,

Thanks for the excellent service and support. The guitar has been received today in perfect setup condition. It is a fabulous sounding guitar. Best price best service from your side.

Thanks a lot. I will definitely look forward and refer friends for more business in future.

Kind regards

Rashid iqbal

Sent from my iPad

Hi Jon,

I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know I received the 000-28EC in perfect condition last Wednesday. It is a wonderful guitar, and plays wonderfully! Thank you so much for the advice and great service.



Hi Jon and Sharon,

I just wanted to let you know that my 000-28H Ambertone arrived safely in the Channel Islands almost 2 weeks ago. I have been playing it every day since it arrived, which is why it has taken so long to send this email!

The ambertone finish is absolutely stunning and works very well with the rosewood. The size is perfect for playing at home and the tone is amazing. I certainly made the right choice with this guitar and buying from you with your great service and price.

Next time I visit Disney I will have to negotiate a few hours at your store into our schedule…

Thanks and best regards!


Jon & Sharon,

Just a note to thank you for sending me such a beautiful guitar (000-28H). I couldn’t be more pleased. After 35 years playing dreads and learning to research purchases my new guitar is exactly what I’ve been looking for and in my case fulfilled a lifelong dream.

Working with the both of you on the phone and internet made this one of the most pleasant shopping experiences I have ever had, so Thank You again.

I will not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone. Once again let me say that I’m thrilled beyond expectations and couldn’t be happier.

Best wishes, Jack McCurry

Dear Jon and Sharon,

I recieved my guitar last friday. What a beauty! The ambertone finish on the adi top is gorgeous. The sound is absolutely amazing! The bass and the treble are so fine. It’s a guitarist’s dream.

Thanks a lot for your time and professionalism. It was a real pleasure to make a deal with you.

Merci pour tout et à bientôt.


Dear Jon and Sharon,

I received my CS21-11 yesterday (Thur.) about 3 PM as promised. It arrived ok and I am in love with it. It is simply gorgeous. It plays and sounds great right out of the box. I’m sure I will get years of enjoyment out of it. Thank you so much and it is a pleasure doing business with you.


Doug Johnson

Michael Scott received his new Martin Custom guitar in time to take it on a cruise!

I’m happy to say this is one of the happiest days of my life! I’ve been playing my new guitar the last few hours and I’m completely blown away! This is from “”, and I’d like to thank Jon very much. I would never have had the vision to commission this build…. She’s a beauty! This is my 6th Martin, and is by far and away the best! I’ve never owned an Adi top guitar before, it’s a little brighter than I was expecting (not in a bad way, tons of shimmer), has some ball crunching pop on the low end, & the mids are punchy!

I had never played a “Modified V” neck, and I did a few “Guitar Center” test drives to see how I’d like it. The 1st time I touched a GC floor model the neck felt a little bulky, almost surfboard like. However, I must have been looking for something to trip on at GC because the neck on this guitar from MFG fit my hand like a glove. I can’t put her down! I like the modified V neck! MFG was great! Jon is a pro & he answered all my questions directly, and Sharon handled the admin end superbly.

I’ll hopefully get to deal with them again! Here’s some pics. My pics were so so, so I included the MFG stock photo:

Jon and Sharon: the cedar/walnut Taylor GC arrived today, and I must say it is beautiful and sounds lovely. Thanks for all the help. Please pass my thanks on to the team at Taylor as well.


Hello again,

Just received the 00-15M custom from your good selves and I am bowled over!

This little guitar is fantastic…it looks great, I love the dark rich appearance, the build is perfect and the sound is amazing for such a small instrument. It really is the guitar I’ve been looking for a long time..

Thank you very much…

Ian H (UK)


You asked for a photo of my with my new Martin HD-28. I had to include my 2008 Harley Davidson Firefighter Special Ultra Classic with my Martin HD-28. Two out of Three subjects are good looking. LOL

God Bless,

Lou Condon


I just wanted to say the guitar arrived in perfect conditions today. Thanks for such a smooth transaction. My only concern at this point is that my other guitars probably won’t see the light of day for a while….the 000-18GE is fabulous!


Sharon and Jon,

I recieved my new Ambertone OM 35 Martin this week. The custom order was well worth the wait. The guitar is beautiful and sounds spectacular. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you both for being honest, knowledgeable and great communicators. We have had several guitar trades, out right purchases, and several of my friends have also bought guitars at MFG. The service is great and you both are great to deal with. You make buying online so easy.

Thanks Bill N

Hi Jon and Sharon,

A short note of gratitude to you folks at myfavoriteguitars. I received my guitar 2 days ago. All arrived here Down-Under, no fuss, 100% no problems!! This guitar has now become “MY FAVORITE GUITAR”.

Being a first time customer, I appreciate how you responded promptly and professionally to my enquiries. Many thanks for the outstanding service you provided.

Thanks and Regards,



Paul Hanley | Agfa Graphics


























Hi Jon,

This is a long overdue note to you. My patience sure paid off waiting for the Martin Bellzza Nera. It is just fantastic. And to think this is what I am learning on. I added a ebony strap button and had Terry from action straps make a silly sweet leather strap for it. At 52 I am finally learning to play and enjoying it immensely. I can’t thank you enough for all your consideration in getting the guitar all set for me from Martin. This guitar will be with me for my duration!

Please extend my gratitude to Sharon as well for me. I have attached a photo.

Sincerely, Tom Harberg

Jon & Sharon,

I just wanted to say what a pleasure it was buying my Martin HD-28 from you. Jon went way beyond what he had to do in selling me a guitar. I already knew I wanted a Martin and Jon helped me fine tune my search, no high pressure sales pitch here. LOL

After much playing different models I finally decided on the HD-28. Great sounding guitar and a very nice looking one also. All I can say is if you want an acoustic guitar please call Jon & Sharon at MFG. You will not be sorry.

God Bless,

Lou Condon

Dothan, Al.

Hi Sharon,

I received my guitar (HD-28V L) on Tuesday and wanted to thank you and Jon for such wonderful service. The guitar is everything I imagined it to be and more.

You guys do a great job with your customer service and would recommend MFG in a heartbeat.

Thanks again,

Wayne Khan

Hi Jon and Sharon.

Just wanted to let you know that I picked up my new guitar yesterday and I absolutely love it!! It is beautiful and plays wonderfully right out of the case! Thank you for all you did from the quick response on the emails I sent and for the quick turn-around on shipping it out the next day. I always appreciate your great customer service, and I am sure I will be ordering more guitars from you in the future. Maybe a Martin next time… :)

Thanks again!!! mo

Dear Jon and Sharon,

I picked up my guitar today. It got stuck for a bit in quarantine, and I couldn’t wait for UPS to deliver it tomorrow! It’s beautiful. The fret inlays are more exquisite than I had imagined, yet so understated.

The mahogany is darker than on my Martin 000 15. I love it like that! In fact, the 000 15SM makes my poor 000 15 look like a lump of wood! I’ve accidentally stumbled on a guitar that’s just right for me. It feels so natural in my arms and actually feels smaller and lighter than the 000 15. The wider string spacing makes me look less of a clumsy fingers!

Thanks so much for a great purchase. I’m in love!


Thanh Pham





Hi Sharon and Jon,

My D-18 arrived safely about an hour ago and I have just come up for air… :)

so thought I would let you know it is here and so far ….. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much! Its a pretty awesome say the least.

I’ll write more after I’ve had a little more time with the guitar – just wanted to let you know it arrived safely.

Thanks again

Cindy Howe


Just to let you know guitar arrived in perfect condition here in Doha, Qatar.

It’s a relief to have a guitar again after my 3 year old snapped the neck (how??) on my 15 year old cheapy. Thanks, though, to her because I finally bit the bullet and bought the Martin I’d been promising myself for years.

And what a difference. Playing the instrument has opened up a new musical world that up to now was closed off. Although I’m usually a country rock fingerpicking type, I chugged some blues last night and my wife and I thought we were in a smoke filled bar in Louisiana!


Thanks again for the great service. I’ll recommend you to anyone.


Hi Jon and Sharon,

As you are well aware, UPS delivered my 000-28H this past Wednesday evening. I have to say that when I opened the case, I was not prepared for what I saw. This is one immaculate guitar.

The pictures you have on the website do not do it justice. The ambertone finish is really a work of art. The problem now is that I do not know whether to look at it or play it. Playability wise, this thing is a dream.

As Sharon had mentioned to me earlier, the action very low. I do get fret buzzing with my slowly developing heavy thumb, but that is on purpose. The guitar is so balanced and deep. It truly is a joy to play.

You and Martin really came up with a wonderful instrument and now I see that the 4 months of waiting was worth it. Thank you both so much for all your help and with your Martin selection, I will be back for another….but hopefully not too soon.

-Jonathan Arambula

Dear Jon,

Thanks for my fantastic D18 1955 CFM IV! It is one exceptionally good sounding guitar.

I promise that I do what I can to make her comfortable here in Germany.

And as you can see she’s in good company.

Hope to see you soon!


Hi Jon/Sharon:

I’ve been playing my new guitar since arrival and I find I can’t put it down!

Due to lack of prior experience with Martin myself, I didn’t expect high on this one as I have no idea how it’d sound beforehand. So I tried to be scrutinized to look for any potential disatisfaction it may cause. However to my surprise, I find nothing I could criticize, either for the tone or its aesthetics. Martin has done a great job on this one! They didn’t let me disappoint!

Thanks for your assistance of realizing my adventure!

Regards, Jene


Jon and Sharon,

The 000 18 GE custom arrived.

I am obviously out of touch with Martin in 2011. The build quality is immaculate, the guitar is super light and out of box set up is perfect.

Adi top looks great.

It sounds very good and I am sure it will improve with some hours of play and the trebles bloom.

Thank you.

Ross McLaren



My new Martin OOO-28H Ambertone arrived last week, just 2 days after you shipped it. This guitar is everything you said it would be and more. Words cannot adequately describe how beautfiul it is, especially the Ambertone finish. The tone just blew me away; full, warm, rich with incredible punch, sustain and balance. Randy Green, my best friend and true guitar aficionado, said it best: “This Guitar is Magical.” I couldn’t agree more!

Thank you Jon and Sharon for your excellent service and helping me locate that truly magical OOO-28 I been trying to find.

My Best Regards,

Jerry Williamson

Richmond, VA.

Jon and Sharon,

It arrived today, and it’s stellar! Another great transaction. It would be great if every company was as attentive to customer service as you and Sharon. No hassles, everything done in short order and a great Martin! Thanks again. And Jon, hope the surgery mending is coming along fine. Take care my friends.


Hi Sharon & Jon,

My new Martin HD-28v has arrived and I’m over the moon, it’s a beautiful guitar, both to look at and play.

Thank you both so much once again, you’re a credit to C.F. Martin and a credit to all your customers, superb happy service that is completely flawless!

Thank you!


Pete Houghton


Thanks for showing me some of MFG’s fine guitars on my visit last month.

You thought my style is more suited for Martins than Taylors, and being a Martin guy for almost 40 years, I think you got that right!

I enjoyed listening to your music samples as we have similiar styles. Good stuff…let me know when your CD is available.

Feel free to check out my website link below…


RSGuitar <>

Sharon, Jon,

I just received the martin C. Hillman today after 3 weeks…

I would like to send a big THANK YOU for the deal !!! the guitar is amazing, the sound, the design, the smell…. really a wonderful guitar !!

All the best from France ! I hope we’ll do another business in the future.

Laurent Milliat

Bonjour Sharon,

Just to thank Jon and you for your work . That is the last concert in Paris, last week.

Merci again.


Jon and Sharon,

Thank you for your time. You have all the correct information. When I arrived home I checked and ups tracking said it was delivered. I walked right past it on the porch. Haha. I was so excited to walk out and see it there. I have performed two times with it already and it is the best live sounding guitar I have used yet. I am a Taylor player for life now. My whole band is so excited. We are a better band now just because of this one purchase.

Hi Sharon and Jon,

Just to confirm that I have now released the M36 from it’s temporary

imprisonment and that it is in the best of health. Seriously thanks so

much once again. The action is lovely and I personally think that this

is a very striking looking instrument. Played it a few times already

and loving it. Very comfortable and easy to play.

Been a pleasure buying from MFG once again.

My very best wishes to you both.


Jon and Sharon,

The guitar arrived yesterday, thank you very much for everything. Its absolutely beautiful. Looking forward to getting more guitars from you in the future. Thanks again for the speedy shipping and replies.

All the best.


Sharon and Jon,

Just to let you know that I did receive the guitar and it is perfect. It is

a bit darker than I expected, but that is fine. It plays beautifully, the

action is perfect and the sound is amazing for a brand new guitar. It is

perfect for the finger style guitar I usually play.

Thank you. Larry Miller

Hi Jon and Sharon,

My Martin guitar arrived today beautifully packed and what a fantastic guitar, I’m over the moon.

What a pleasure it has been with this purchase. Having limited overseas purchase experience, you have made very easy and given me confidence to do it again.

I will be recommending your company to my friends and you will be hearing from me again soon.

Thanks again Peter Robinson

Hi Jon and Sharon,

A happy paddys day to both of you and your staff.

I am reminded today that it was St. Patricks day last year when I made the leap and ordered my first ever Martin guitar from you after many years of coveting one. A D28. It was with a lot of nervousness I awaited it and a certain amount of disappointment when I first played it. It has been suggested to me that I was suffering from “buyers remorse” and this must be right because a year of playing it later I can say it really has been a dream come true. It is everything I had hoped it would be. Beautiful to look at and a surge of joy every single time I play it. I have had several compliments over the year on the sound of it, and it is very easy to play.

Thought I’d drop you a line today and thank you both for the guitar and the pleasure it was to do business with you.


A happy and appreciative customer


Hi Jon and Sharon

Just a quick note to let you guys know that I received our HD 28 2 days ago and opened it up yesterday after it’s warm up to acclimatize . I must say, it is everything we expected it to be – and more. Beautiful tone –Loud , Rich, Punchy and yet crystal clear. A testament to Martins 178 years of guitar building excellence. I would also like to thank you guys for your great service and patience while taking all the pictures of the guitars you had in stock so we could choose the one we liked the best. I will not hesitate to recommend “My Favorite Guitars” to anybody that will listen. Also a Thank you for the T – Shirt and Delmar pick-guard you enclosed.

Cheers to you guys and Happy Pickin’ in Paradise …….


Jon, my D18GE ambertone arrived yesterday. I was pretty concerned with the weather here (10 degrees yesterday), and let the guitar acclimate for a day before opening it up today. My concerns were immediately put to rest. The guitar is beautiful! The harsh weather didn’t seem to affect it at all, as the finish still looks perfect. The ambertone truly is gorgeous. The only thing better than the way this thing looks is the way it plays and sounds. I even love the setup, which I am usually pretty picky about. I can’t thank you guys (and girls) enough. Thanks for the wonderful service and guitar of my dreams!


Dear Jon and Sharon, My new Martin Custom 00-18VS Ambertone arrived this week. What a spectacular instrument! This is my second purchase from my favorite guitars, and I could not be happier. If anyone out there is hesitant about buying guitars from an out of state site, I can only say that my experience, living in California, and dealing with your store in Florida has been terrific. The guitar arrived on schedule, in perfect condition, and with flawless action setup. This guitar really suits my style of playing. The body may be small but the sound is brilliant and big. Many Thanks, George

Dear Jon & Sharon, Thank you for all your help and going the extra mile in helping me purchase what is a fantastic guitar. Your customer sales and service is of a standard other dealers can only dream about, nothing is too much trouble for you, Jon and Sharon you go out of your way and make the customer feel very special. My Favorite Guitars ticks all the boxes and you can be sure that I (and my friends) will be back. My Favorite Guitars is without doubt, My Favorite Guitars. Kind Regards, Brian (UK)

Hello Jon/Sharon;

I have just gotten enough time to write you and thank you for helping me obtain my custom order Martin HD-28V 35’ Sunburst. Its everything I’d hope it would be, and was pleasantly surprised and very pleased to get it so soon. Buying a guitar unplayed can be a risky proposition, but this marks the third extremely successful time you have come through for me. You’ve been way to generous to me….

Thanks again to you both, your professionalism, care and respect for customers is why you have a customer for life in me.

I just pray you don’t get into the luxury car or boat business


Jon and Sharon,

I received my guitar this afternoon. It is gorgeous and beautifully voiced…beyond all expectation! Thank you both so much for making the process effortless and pleasant. I have recommended you to many of my friends.

Allen Dunn

Dear Jon & Sharon,

I wanted to let you know that the OM-28V arrived on my doorstep this afternoon in Sydney – only 3 days after leaving your shop!

The guitar and everything about it is beautiful. The first thing that hit me as I opened the case was the wonderful aroma of the tonewoods – and it just got better from there. The sound is balanced and responds to the lightest touch or a flatpick. Although it’s smaller than my dreadnought it threatens to overpower the much larger guitar in the bass department. Even the K&K pickup you installed for me is fantastic – you’d hardly know it was there but the sound when plugged in is a delight to hear.

Thank you so much for your fantastic service – I’ve already started recommending you to my friends here in Sydney and will continue to do so.

Best Regards,

- Esmond

Hi Jon and Sharon,

UPS delivered my new Taylor 814ce this morning. I let it acclimate to my indoor temperature, and just now opened it! It’s beautiful! Sounds awesome!

Thank you so much for your great service and friendly assistance in choosing the color, etc. You guys are the best!!!


The OM-21 bound for Little Rock has arrived in perfect condition. I

am very pleased with it, even though I have only had a lunch hour to

spend with it. It’s a fine guitar, and I couldn’t ask for a better


Thanks for a great transaction. I’ll recommend y’all to anybody in

the market for the lines you carry.


Mark Hammons

Another beauty arrives safe and sound.

What would we do in UK without MFG and the wonders of the internet?

Thanks again…


Jon, once again, I received a fine guitar from you guys and absolutely love the sound! What a beautiful piece of rosewood as well on the back and sides! Thanks again for all your attention in providing great customer service! Now… what is my next

Take care,

Anthony Asprelli

Jon & Sharon,

thank you so much for possibly the smoothest transaction I ever had purchasing over the internet. Not only did you keep me reminded of what was going on and staying in touch, the guitar is absolutely wonderful; what a sound out of this little guy!

Thank you so much again and I think I am going to see what else I could buy from

Anthony Asprelli

Hello Sharon and Jon!

This is an great evening for me. First, I received my Martin 000-28ec. 5 days! UPS works very fast!

Second, Diane Ponzio was here in a musicstore in my hometown. She tells us the story of Martin Guitars and playing a few songs. With a great smile I see a “Clapton” hanging on the wall and I can’t wait to come home.

Now I’m back and I’m playing my little baby. I love all my guitars. Everyone of them has a unique tone.

I know the player makes the music but a good tone inspires you to play. This is another amazing guitar. The tone of this guitar is heavenly. Very balanced, great bass for an 000size, marvelous midrange and rings like a bell. The neck and short scale makes it very easy to play and the fishman matrix infinity works great. I love all my guitar’s but

this one is a keeper.

Thank you again for your great service. Buy American and buy at My Favorite Guitars!

regards from Vienna


Dear Sharon and Jon

My Favorite Guitars

I received my Martin 00028H Ambertone guitar yesterday. It is gorgeous. The setup is set just right. Martin makes a beautiful guitar. The sound and beauty are unmatched.

I like Martin guitars very much but I have to say, I would only

purchase from your dealership. You have done everything to

make this purchase easy and affordable. You have sold me a

beautiful Custom Martin guitar at an affordable price. You have

set up the guitar to my specifications and have always been on the

other end of the phone to answer my questions, no matter what

they were. You have done everything and then, even more, to

make this deal work.

Thank You So Much

Robert Black

Rockaway NJ

Dear Jon and Sharon,

I know a guitar is meant to be played, but my Martin 000-18GE amber is so beautiful that I all I want to do is admire and behold it¹s understated grace. But then the player in me takes over and I can not put my Martin down because it sounds better than it looks.

I’ve waited for over thirty years to buy my first Martin. That was nearly six years ago and I had my share of dreadnoughts, OMs, and parlors. I¹ve loved them all, but it took me those six years to figure out my style of playing was more conducive to a smaller body ( including the parlor, which was too small ). I sold them all to make this purchase.

( actually I have some money left over, but don¹t tell my wife ). I could not be happier.

Serendipitous may be the key word here. I¹ve been looking for a Martin 000-18GE with a sunburst finish for a while, but the finishes I¹ve been seeing were just too drastic for my taste. So what did I do? I hit the Google key. Amber tone popped up at My Favorite Guitars webpage and my journey was over.

Thank you for a pleasant and satisfying Martin experience. When I see Chris next summer, I will definitely put in a good word for you, not that you need it.


Richard Reed, the Martin owner, and not that other Richard Reid

Hi Sharon,Jon

I’d received D41 special SB yesterday.

It’s very fast compare with USPS.

I’m so happy with the guitar and action setup.

Never disappoint to buy guitar from you.

Hope to buy from you again and again.

Best regards,



Thanks for your help in getting this deal completed while I was at the Martin factory. It was the very top of the heap moment of my 2 week vacation to tour their factory and play every single guitar hanging in the pickin’ parlor (except the left handed models). I kept coming back to the D Mahogany .. loved the deep base and the bright mid and high notes, it was awesome to play.

It was an unexpected experience to go into the factory expecting to kill an hour or so on a tour and museum visit and then walk out with that incredible guitar. The folks in Nazareth were great, I spend about 3 hours playing, then while they were polishing the guitar for me (it had been scuffed a bit in the pickin’ parlor) they opened the museum just for my wife and I to tour. I missed doing the museum tour while it was open because I spent too much time playing.

Rich Sheehan …

A Happy “myfavoriteguitars” customer

Jon, the Tricone has arrived (two days before the scheduled date) safely and is now in my hands! What a piece of art … Thank you so much for the extra set of Elixir, as you can imagine strings for resonator are very very difficult to find here.

Shopping with you was a pleasure.


Jon and Sharon:

I recently received my Martin OOO-16GT from MFG. I love it! It sounds and plays better than anything I had imagined. It’s like an angel whispering sweet nothings in my ear – only better! I just wanted to thank you and your company for providing such great service. It got here quickly and was set-up beautifully. Thanks again!


Vincent Labarca

Jon and Sharon,

This is the best of the best sounding Martin guitar! Last week I was over at Adam Grangers having a lesson and he has been baby sitting the late Bill Hinkley and Judy Larsons old Martin guitar and he gave me the opportunity to play it. He played my new one and I played the old one, they both sounded so much the same. The Martin is pre-war and mahogany.

The quality and sound of my new guitar is great and I love the size too.

Thanks again for the great customer service.

Weather is changing and getting cooler, the leaves are falling.

See you at MSP!


Dear Sharon,

I received my Martin OM 28 MM yesterday in perfect condition. I just want to thank you for your kind assistance.

I played almost the whole night, it is my dream instrument!

I sound, in quality and in playability due to the increased nut width.

Thanks for all!

Thomas Eck

Hey Jon,

Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the D-18GE Ambertone and 000-16SRGT guitars you sent me last week. The GE is amazing! Love the tone, love the adi

top, and love, love, love the ambertone finish. I was especially surprised with how much I liked the 000-16SRGT. I knew it would be a nice fingerpicker, but I’m pleasantly surprised at how well it holds up to a flatpick! Since I’m basically a “burst” fanatic, I’m going to have to warm up to the natural finish…but I like the guitar so much, I’m thinking about ordering an ambertone one from you ( I couldn’t be that crazy…or could I?). I’m happy to see that you were able to sell the Gibson AJ so quickly. Thank you for the refund check on the AJ sale, I wasn’t really expecting that…you are surely a class act! The next time I’m looking to buy a Martin or Taylor guitar (been thinking about that new GS Mini), I know who I’m going to call…Jon Garon at MY FAVORITE GUITARS!!!

Thanks again,

Ken Butler

Hi Jon,

Just wanted to let you know i received my guitar today.

It is perfect, i have not really played it yet, but from the small pick i had with it, it seems to be exactly what i was after.

I would like to take this time to thank you for your wonderful service, i don’t think i waited more than 5 mins for a response to all emails and questions i put to you. The guitar is perfect as described and delivery fast and on time.

I will highly recommend your company and if you have people who are unsure i would have no trouble if you forward my email address as a reference.

My next guitar purchase will be so easy, i will send an email and 5 days later it will be in my lounge room.

All the best


Chris Mason

Hi Sharon and Jon,

I received my Martin D-28 today, I absolutely love it, I have been playing John Prine songs on it all night, so i’m over the moon. I just wanted to say thanks again for a great service and to let you know I will always recommend “Myfavoriteguitars” to everyone.

Thanks a Million

Rory Wheeler

Sharon & Jon,

I just want to say THANK YOU so much for the incredible service. Barb and I had been camping out on Lake George over the weekend and returned home yesterday. I knew my new Martin 000-28EC was going to be delivered Tuesday (today). After unpacking the boat I figured I’d check in with UPS and find out where my guitar was. What a surprise—it was on the truck and scheduled for delivery 1 day early!!!!! The 3 hour wait yesterday afternoon seemed like an eternity but then it arrived. When I opened the case the rosewood smell was just overwhelming and the guitar itself is just one of the best looking Claptons I’ve ever seen. The sound is INCREDIBLE and it plays like a dream!


Brad Peria

My Dear Jon and Sharon, I have at last retired, after spending many years as a slave to Mammon and the oil industry. To celebrate this great event I have purchased from MFG what is in my opinion the ultimate in the guitar makers art. The Martin D28 custom Marquis Madagascar guitar. From the moment I opened the case the build quality impressed. Soundwise the guitar rings with massive volume and sustain and it has a deep sonorous tone. Thanks to you both for a wonderful guitar, my forth from MFG. One of our traditional welsh songs says “We will keep a welcome in the hillside” and that is what we, the Celtic people, will do when you both come back to Wales and of course we extend that welcome to Jack Lawrence also.

diolch Yn Fawr. Best wishes Raymond Dony


It arrived, in perfect condition, and even though it’s like a 2 week old guitar, it sounds amazing tuned up and out of the box. I am stunned by how easy this process was, the quality of the guitar, and your efficiency of getting it into my hands.

You have my deep thanks and have made a customer for life. If I ever do make it down to Martinfest, is it ok if I hug the both of you or will there be jail time involved? It may be worth it :)

The ambertone is stunning and may I suggest you should update the pictures you have on the site? They don’t do the real deal justice, in my opinion.

Again, my heartfelt thanks – be well!

Hi Sharon and Jon, the UPS man just dropped off my new Martin guitar.

It is beautiful and in good shape after shipping. It sounds awesome.

I’m going to have a great time playing it.

Thanks for all your help on getting it ordered from Martin and in my hands. I’ll definitely buy from you guys again if I ever need another guitar, and will recommend you to anyone who may ask where to get a great deal on a great guitar.

-Bill Woods

Hi Sharon and Jon ,

I would like to let you know that i received my new Taylor 814ce yesterday! Everything went really well , i didn’t face any trouble at all . The guitar arrived in excellent packaging , beyond perfect condition , smells freshness all over the place. I can’t say much about this glorious work of art ..! It’s a dream to play and hear this amazing TONE.

Additionally , I got by far the best price possible. Taylor should be proud of you!

Above all that , what makes me proud of my purchase is that i came in touch with both of you. The most kind , trusty and honest people that i could have ever deal with.

From the very first time that i contacted Jon , i felt like i’m talking to a friend that really cares about me and my purchase. Then, Sharon made me feel like family.

Thank you for letting me be a part of MFG family and have the pleasure to cooperate with you, wonderful people!

Thanks for all!

Alexandros Boltsis .

So here I am, sitting in my office diligently getting my work done and minding my own business when the man in the big brown truck shows up with a box. Unfortunately I made the fatal mistake of opening the box only to find the most incredibly beautiful Koa T5 I have ever seen.

Pretty soon, several employee’s were gathered around my office to take a look at my new prized possession. I then heard the presses in the pressroom stop printing. Next the folder stopped folding and soon the production people were in my office as well all ooooing and ahhhhing over such lovely instrument. Needless to say, Friday afternoon production around my shop suddenly came to a grinding halt. And you know something? I can’t think of a better way to bring the weeks production to a close. Once again, thanks to both of you for the outstanding customer service. You truly go above and beyond the call of duty to satisfy your customers.

Warmest regards,


Dear Jon and Sharon

I duly picked up my new Martin guitar from the UPS depot. I have only tonight had a proper opportunity to play it and I am extremely pleased with the sound and action; it is also a lovely-looking guitar and really feels like a piece of true workmanship. Despite being so well made it feels more delicate than any other guitar I have owned: perhaps a bit like the comparison between an off-the-peg suit from Sears and one made to measure in Jermyn Street, London!

Whilst the above is really an appreciation of C F Martin quality the real intention of this e-mail is to thank you both for your excellent service throughout my contact with you. It has been a really pleasurable experience to deal with you both and I am grateful to you for: 1. Excellent pricing 2. Flexibility in delivery and arranging to put in the electrics at very short notice 3. Quickness of your response to any queries and also 4. Professionalism from start to finish! You are also a great team if you don’t mind me saying so! If I ever get the opportunity to do so I shall recommend you to anyone looking for a quality guitar at an extremely competitive price.

Anyway many thanks indeed to you both for your kind help and assistance.

With best regards and wishing you (continuing) success at My Favorite Guitars.


my dear Sharon and Jon,

Hello again from welsh Pembroke Dock.

My Martin D15m has arrived, my third Martin from MFG. This guitar has a build quality second to none. It has volume and tone comparable to more expensive guitars. I would advise guitarists not to treat this instrument as a budget priced guitar, it deserves the highest respect. My thanks to you both for your advice and product knowledge. It is a pleasure to do business with MFG. Best wishes Raymond Dony.

Jon and Sharon,

The 000-15SM arrived last Friday. Thanks for, once again, providing such great customer service and a wonderful guitar. Jon – your recommendation to go with the 000-15SM was spot on. I am glad you are carrying these guitars as customs – I played it side by side with my OM-21 special over the weekend and am very happy with the guitar – they are a very good value. Thanks again.

Scott C. Wuitschick, P.E.


I received the Martin 00018GE last night by UPS. It is a beautiful guitar. I really wasn’t sure whether the ambertone would be a look I would love but it really suits the guitar well and is a very vintage look to me. The pick guard really finishes the appearance wonderfully.

What is most amazing is the playability, action, and sound of the little Martin. I have been playing a very long time (56 now and started as a 10 year old) and have never played a guitar I have felt so at home with. It only took 46 years. Thank you both for arranging for me to get it.

Again, your reputation is so good and your service is second to none. I feel very fortunate to have discovered you. I just wish I would have started 20 years ago!


Fred Mays

Dear Sharon & Jon,

I just wanted to let you know that I received my Martin 000-28H Custom in Ambertone finish and it arrived in perfect condition. Delivery was exceptionally fast. I tuned her up and gave her a decent workout this evening. Absolutely wonderful tone. Nice setup as well. I was not sure as to whether I would like the ambertone finish or not, but I have to admit when I opened that Geib case it was love at first sight. It is simply drop dead gorgeous! Both of you have been so exceptionally kind and helpful to me throughout my dealings with MFG and I want to extend my sincere gratitude for your professional service and friendship. This is the second Custom Martin that I have purchased from you and I can assure that I will be back and certainly recommend your services to all my friends. It is a good feeling to be able to deal with honest people thousands of miles away who I know I can count on to get me the best price and service possible. You are simply the best. Thank you. Your friend in the Great White North. Ed

Hi Jon and Sharon! I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for all you did in the purchase of my new guitar! Everything so far is great with it and I absolutely LOVE IT! :) It arrived in great condition…..I did pick it up at the UPS depot right down the street, so thanks for providing the information that I could do that. The only reason I say “so far” is because right after I got it, I broke part of my left hand playing softball……so needless to say I have not been able to play it as much as I would have liked yet! But my hand is almost better and I have been playing 10 minutes here and there. This guitar is by far the favorite one I have ever owned…..I already want another one! :)

So thank you again for everything! As I mentioned to Jon after I bought my Big Baby from MFG, customer service (and prices) are very important to me, and you guys are awesome. Not sure when I will be in Naples next, but when I am I hope to stop by!

Hope you both have a great weekend!

Mo Drabicki

Hello Leslie, ( Custom Service Rep at Martin)

Thank you for your reply to my message. I bought a new Martin D-35 from My Favorite Guitars (“MFG”) and registered it this past June 4. It was made in 2010 per the card enclosed. What a neat idea. It has the black ebony fingerboard and bridge that I like so much.

I wanted a Martin dreadnought since I first held one in 1965 but circumstances always made me defer my purchase. I played lesser instruments but promised myself a Martin, “someday.” Confused about scale lengths and playability, I almost ruled out a dreadnought. A kindly guitar technician at a local Martin dealer had me hold up my hand opposite his. Our hands were the same size. He plays a guitar and suggested that I look at a D-28 or a D-35. I always loved the three piece back and the fingerboard binding of the D-35, in addition to its robust volume and unique tone. No local stores had any D-35′s but I remember having played one and it really was quite manageable. So, I began searching for a new instrument on the internet from an authorized Martin dealer.

Two names kept appearing among customer reviews, one of which was My Favorite Guitars (MFG). I called. Jon Garon, the owner himself, answered the phone. I was amazed. We talked about “finger style” guitars vs. dreadnoughts. He dispelled several myths about both. He explained about different neck shapes and sizes. As a performing musician and a Martin Marquis dealer, he assured me that Martin guitars are very consistent when new provided that they have fresh strings and have been properly humidified and stored within the recommended temperature range, which he proceeded to explain. I was impressed but did not buy right away. Longing for something more about the D-35, I read everything I could find on the internet, including your excellent website, which again advised about care.

Then, I discovered some old video of John Fahey on YouTube, recorded at a concert in Hamburg, Germany in 1978. There before my eyes, in his capable hands, was a Martin D-35 which he had open tuned and finger picked! My decision was made. The next day I called back Jon Garon and ordered my guitar from MFG. He essentially knew what I myself was unsure of, i.e., what guitar I really wanted. He offered his preference for the D-35 compared to some similar models which effectively gave me permission from an expert to buy what I most wanted. Great selling technique!

Jon again explained all about caring for my new guitar, especially temperature and humidity, storage and shipping and how to correctly insert the bridge pins. When his wife, Sharon, sent confirmation of my order, she included a link directly to your website to remind how best to care for my new D-35 and took the time to help me understand how to carefully insert the end pin. Your literature enclosed with my new guitar emphasized these points as does your customer survey. I get it. You and MFG are most serious about instrument care. That’s good! I will hold up my end.

You can give MFG a 100 score on this to include their gracious, knowledgeable service. They are true ambassadors for Martin and themselves. Jon even offered to select my instrument for me from the six or so he strives to keep in inventory. What I received was quite a beautiful example of this wonderful guitar. The center wedge contrasts nicely with its other two pieces which in turn matches the sides. The top has a shimmering pattern to the grain, with no distractions. It was shipped to arrive in perfect condition. The action was spot on. The SP 4200 strings really ring.

Each day I wake up to realize that just in the other room there is the guitar that I wanted for 45 years. C. F. Martin & Co., Inc. is a national treasure whose employees allow others to create musical memories unlike any others and rely on outstanding people like Jon and Sharon Garon of MFG, together with their staff to sell its products.

My sincerest thanks to Martin, its artisans, crafts people, managers, shippers, sales, business office personnel, et al and owner for their storied achievements. I imagine that you cannot practically circulate this message to everyone there in Nazareth. But, when you are walking to your desk, if you happen to pass someone who is not smiling brightly, perhaps you might mention that you received an e-mail from a customer who went over the top with praise for what they do and tell them, “great job!”

I appreciate the care with which you select your dealers and wanted you to know how well Jon and Sharon Garon at MFG served me.

Most of all, thank you for building my dream. I consider myself the steward of a legendary guitar that I will pass down to my son-in-law who already owns another Martin guitar. With proper care, I am certain that my

D-35 will become a family heirloom for generations yet to come.

Neither you nor the Garons need reply to his message. The heritage of your companies, your service and amazing products speak volumes.

Thank you.

Most sincerely,

Michael A. Slate

Serial #1416059


Hi Sharon & Jon,

I am writing you to let you know that I received my Martin HD16RLSH on Wednesday. I love it and the sound is amazing! Thank you for keeping me informed throughout the guitars journey and for helping me make the decision to go with this particular make. I will highly recommend you to any friends.



Jon and Sharon,

I got my 000-42 1935 sunburst and besides being beautiful it sounds great.

Thanks for the help in picking it out and getting it to me in a timely manner. This is the second guitar I have bought from you and I recommend you to all my friends for their guitar needs.

Joe McNamee

Dear Jon and Sharon,

I just want to say thank you for all your attention you have given me on purchasing this guitar. I love it and it is just what I wanted. The size is great as well as the sound. You already know just what a fine job Martin does on their instruments, they cannot be beat.

You both must be very proud of “My Favorite Guitars” you do the best job in the industry, both in customer service and are Just Plain Nice to Know people. Your web site is great too!

I will see you when you pass by Checkpoint 10 at MSP.

Best to both of you and your staff for the fine work you all did on shipping my new guitar.

Best regards,


My manners need polishing! I’ve been so busy playing my

new guitar, I haven’t taken the time to let you know I got my Kenny Sultan 000-18

just in time to rush off to my lesson with Kenny. Tuned it

up at the lesson and it was good to go! I’ve seen a few of these and

this one is exceptionally fine. Kenny loves seeing all his “babies”.

And to think it will get even better with time and playing. It’s so

fine now.

Thank you for the great deal and opportunity to own this guitar.

Wendy Guyer

Jon, the 61 D28 turned up this morning exceeding my expectations in almost every department.

The oh-so-bright Florida sunshine made every mark look way worse in the photography than it does ‘in the wood’.

It looks great, it plays great, but most importantly (from a quick 10 minute strum) it sounds great. Easily boots my 64 into the weeds and that’s before I get my preferred 80/20s on there (assume they’re phosphor at the mo?)

On top of that, the speed of delivery was superb, and the icing on the cake was the quality of your service. Not sure how you found the time to deal with all my picky e-mails so swiftly.

Fantastic guitar at a seriously fantastic price and a truly delighted punter.

Thank you Jon and Sharon.


Jon and Sharon,

Thanks a lot for a great transaction. My HJ-38 arrived today in fine shape. What a beauty! The box was a little worse for wear, but the guitar and case made it without a problem.

I’d recommend My Favorite Guitars to anyone asking about where to purchase a guitar, particularly a Martin.

Thanks again.


Hi Jon and Sharon,

Received my D-18A yesterday. It’s immaculate, set up perfectly, and soundslike a dream. I couldn’t have hoped for a better experience.

Thanks you guys, you made it so easy!

Mike Vallandigham

Hello, Jon, and Sharon

I just wanted to express my sincere appreciation for making my first Martin guitar purchase begin on such a pleasant note.

I can’t begin to explain how happy I am with the Martin HD-28. Although my fingers are so sore I can barely type.

Your company’s business model coupled with your product knowledge, and passion for the guitar market is very refreshing, and didn’t go unnoticed.

I look forward to recommending “My Favorite Guitars” to my friends, and family.

Please use me as a reference whenever you can.


Edwyn Pyron


I can count the number of day I haven’t played my Martin D-28 since its arrival one hand. It has become my favorite guitar. Thank you again for the excellent service. I have let many of the guitar players here at Yokota AB, Japan play my guitar and bragged on your service. Today the new O-6 (Colonel’s) promotion list came out. One of my friends to whom I have loaned my guitar was selected for promotion. As a celebration present, he is going to call you and order, I think, a new D-28. He will talk to you, but he would like a guitar very similar to mine. Thanks again for your wonderful service. I will continue to spread your good name to all I meet in the guitar world.

All the best,

Ed Bloom

Hello Jon and Sharon;

Thanks once again for helping me to get an Ambertone D-18GE……I have spent a lot of time last night and this morning playing it, it’s everything I have been looking for.

I want to thank for your for very generous trade-in credit and patience as I changed my mind a few times.

Thank you also for the “Clay Hess” DVD, I have gotten a few pointers already.


Hello Jon,my guitar arrived yesterday on time,I just got done unpacking her and taking her for a test run.The guitar is beautiful! an instant bond.I could have searched all of Alaska for many moons and not have found this guitar.My wife was thoroughly impressed as well.Thanks to you and your wife for being true to your word. Sincerely Jeff Lee WOW!

Hello, Jon & Sharon,

‘Vanessa’, I mean, the Taylor 454ce, (pardon me, I’m kinda’ silly that way, (hey, B. B. King named his axe), My Taylor, Viper Blue Solidbody is ‘Beverly’, and the 310ce is .. ahem .. ‘Taylor’ … real, original, huh), jus’, arrived, and as you can read, I am a bit, giddy.

I looked her over, snapped a few pics to send to a few interested friends and then, tuned her up, and … well, I bet you can guess the rest … I love her, so!

I ain’t plugged her in yet, but I plan to in a bit. I bet I won’t have a complaint ’bout that either.

Than you so, much.

Mike Grieff

Dear Jon and Sharon

I just picked up my Martin OM-28V.

My God! It is everything I ever wanted in a guitar.

It sounds beautiful and Jon you were right about the action.

Feels great! Worth every penny!

Thank You sooooooooooo much!


Robert Garces

Hello Sharon and Jon,

I just received the Taylor GT-8. This guitar is beautiful and sounds awesome! Going to serenade the neighbors tonight. I have a C414CE and an older 12 string but this one is great. Thank you for your excellent service, received it within 24 hours of the order. I was not aware of your company before but I do now and you are wonderful. We will do more business in the future. Happy valentines days to you and this is my birthday present (tomorrow). Very happy , Tom

Hi Jon !

First of all I love the Martin´s OM-body..very comfortable…huge sound..with a lot of sustain… This is my second Martin OM..First one was a Martin OM-21 Special..Fantastic guitar with Vintage appointments. I have tried and own tons of High End Guitars…Taylor 914CE..Taylor GACE-LTD Cocobolos and EIR…. Then I tried a Martin

OM-21 Special..It was love at first sight..I transform from a Taylorguy to a Martinguy… I just fell in love with that sound that from Martinguitars.. I am still in love with my Martin OM-21 Special…the huge sound and sustain, and with all classical appointments. I order this Martin OMCPA without have a chanse to play it before purchase…a kind of russian roullete… Before I order it, I listen to a couple of soundclips from NAMM, and looked at some videos…. After I order it, I got a bit nervous, I don´t like to order guitars that I don´t have a chanCe to play before.. But when she showed up today…I was stunned..Gorgeous guitar with a lot of sustain….and a real beauty.. I must admit, that I have only played it unplugged yet..and have to say, it is a real Swiss Army Knife…..

She handles Flatpicking…Fingerpicking..and Strumming as a real Queen… I look forward to testdrive her amped…with Fishmans new electronics…. I think I took a real chance with this purchase, but I ended up as a winner… To all of you that is interested in Martin´s New Performing Artist Serie..I recommended you to play this ROOKIE. At least, I think I have a perfect line up..With Vintage History and with this Future Fishman Electronics.. She is a real CAT…with very nice details overall..and with nice Ovankol Bindings… Please give her a shot…and My Favorite Guitar too…..

Best Regards from a very satisfied customer….




Sharon & Jon,

The Martin arrived on time with no problems. What a sweet guitar, I think I have a new favorite already.

Thanks for the great service and price. The next time I get an uncontrollable urge to buy a guitar I’ll think of you guys first.


Neil Herring

I just received my Martin Jimmy Buffett LX model from you. While this isn’t the most expensive guitar purchase I have made, it was certainly one of the best experiences. I am really happy with it and thank you both for the personal attention given to me and my order, despite it not being one of the thousand dollar models. But, the next time I do make a higher end purchase, I will certainly look to you first and will refer my friends and family to you for their future guitar needs.

Thanks again!


Aloha Sharon & Jon

It’s Thursday morning, trying to get out the door to get to work but I wanted to get back to you to let you know that it arrived yesterday at 9 o’clock in the morning.

Less than 2 days. You were right, it looks really great. Both the front and back are bookmatched really well. But the sound is what it’s all about. Beautiful! And it will only get sweeter. Anyway, thanks for the great service and I would not hesitate to work with you guys again.

Mahalo (thanks) Ken

Hi Jon and Sharon,

My 2009 Taylor Limited – Maple guitar arrived on January 25th as scheduled by UPS. It was a cold minus 20 degrees in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I let it acclimate for 24 hours as you suggested. (It was a long 24 hours)

Well, it was worth the wait. The guitar is a sight to behold. The quilted maple and koa binding/accents are beautiful. Even the sound hole is bound in koa.

I gave my guitar a thorough inspection and it was in perfect shape. The neck is straight as an arrow. The action is perfect. There was not a scratch to be found.

When I played the guitar I found myself appreciating the unique sound of maple. Along with the GS shape – my Maple Fall LTD brings a clarity of sound and projection that lends itself well to my light attack and finger style playing. What a joy!!

Thank you, Jon and Sharon, for your excellent communication and support. I was uncertain of ordering a fine guitar such as this on-line and sight unseen. Your words, customer support and your superb web-site engendered a sense of trust. I found the sound clip of the guitar being played to be very helpful in making my decision. You said. “we will take care of everything”, and you did. As well. your price was the best and I have done my homework in this area. Thank for a wonderful deal. The best testament I can give you is that I would buy from you again. I look forward to showing off my new Taylor guitar in all its quilted maple glory and sharing the wonderful experience purchasing from Jon and Sharon at My Favorite Guitars in Naples Florida.


Hi Sharon and Jon,

I opened my new Martin LR 00-42 this morning and she is truly a sight to behold. Not only is she tastefully exquisite-looking with just enough bling to make her majestic, but the warm-mellow tone is that of an angel. She’s just a little squirt, yet her remarkable sustain holds the tones long into the night, and her resonance and playability is not even of this world!!! This is by far the most amazing guitar I have ever owned. I will cherish her forever. I think I will name her “Calamity Jane”…

Thank you again for your friendly and fast service.


Sharon and Jon,

Thanks for everything. I actually waited the full 24 hours prior to opening the box because I didn’t want to risk any damage in this cold weather we’ve been having. It is exactly what I wanted. I’ve already registered her and gave you guys a glowing review. Thanks for all your help and patients. If I ever need (want) another guitar, I will most assuredly come calling on you again. You two are a great team. Once again, THANKS!!!

Warmest Regards from Frozen Vermont,

Tim Talbot

Hi Jon and Sharon!

After all the crazy UPS antics, I finally opened my new Martin guitar this morning!

For a “used” guitar, she is just like new!

I let her acclimate to my apt overnight, and this morning I unpacked her. At first I played her and she was a little bit stiff, but after awhile she opened up to that booming mellow Martin sound that I was hoping for!

Thank you so much for your quick service and for answering all my questions, and putting up with my indecisions… I will recommend your store to everyone I come across! Your prices AND services are the best. I love the fact that you have little sound clips of each guitar you sell on your website. I think that really helps a person decide what they want when you can’t be there in person to play the guitar.

Thanks so much,



Hi Jon.

I got my uke Saturday January 2nd, and I really like it. Sounds so much better than my Mahalo which was old, cheap and plastic.

Also, I have to say that you know what service is. You took the time to answer my questions and even though I was a little skeptical, you convinced me and now, when I look back, I can reassure anyone that you’re thrustworthy. And now I’ve read the testamonials(I didn’t even know what it was before you mentioned it), I should never been skeptical.

If I ever turn pro, or rich, I’ll buy another uke from you(maybe the Martin 5K), or if any of my friends have to buy a new instrument, I will mention AND recommend you.

Thank you so much.


Simon Enrique Morales


Big thank you for good deal.

I’m very happy

This guitar is perfect WAOUUU!!!

I think I buy you other Martin’s guitar next year.


Thank you


Clément Bisson

Hi Jon and Sharon,

I got my package today. Wow, I am so impressed! First off, thank you so much for the tee-shirt and strings! That is so generous of you, I’m wearing the tee-shirt right now, in fact. I’ve told a number of people previously, of how good you are to deal with and how secure they can feel with online shopping with you. Now, I can wear my shirt proudly and won’t have to even speak, lol. Love it.

Next, the 00-15 is my new pride and joy. I am amazed just how much sound it puts out for such a small box. The sound is very much to my liking, warm and resonant, and I do feel that these 15 series are an extremely good deal for anyone to partake of. Great sound, and they don’t break the bank. Had I a few more dollars to spend, I would have gone to a higher model but this one, I can tell, is going to be more than perfect for what I want to do with it. I am so happy to get this one, now my “herd” is complete. Yah, right, you say.

Like you said, these little guys are lightweight, and with a gig bag, I can tote it to a jam down the road, no problem.

Okay, guess I’ll quit waxing poetical, but you can tell I’m smiling all over my face!

Thanks again, for your very prompt service, helpful advice, and perfect completion of a sale. Okay, I’m off to play the little guy, and that’s after jamming for 3 hours already today!

Sincerely, Jan (sweets pal) Hiebert


Was doing some Travis Picking on the Martin that I bought from you guys back in September and thought I should drop you a note to say how pleased I am with the guitar and above-all to thank you for the level of service you provided. I’m not much for internet shopping and know that I asked a lot of questions before I bought but you were quick to respond and very patient. Good customer service is getting harder to find these days but you guys can certainly rely on it as a differentiator. I’ve recommended you to a couple of friends and will continue to do so.

You seem to run a very efficient operation and if I ever need anything guitar related in the future you can be sure that I’ll be contacting you.

Have a nice week.

Cliff Meinhardt

Hello Sharon and Jon

This, you will no doubt be pleased to know is an email from a very happy customer. The guitar survived its hazardous and somewhat delayed journey completely intact. She is an absolute beaut. i tuned her up and had my first little session and felt real comfortable with her from the word go.This IS the ONE! I will treasure this instrument, I really will. So hats off to Martin guitar cases and the good folks of My Favorite Guitars because with a little help from USPS you have provided me with all the guitar I will ever need. Thanks again to you both for the courteous and professional manner with which you handled my custom and may I wish you continued success with the business.

Best wishes


Hi Garon Family! I just got the guitar and I am grateful for you kindness and your professionalism. I love the guitar. It looks like Brazilian Rosewood. I am ashamed in admitting that I didn’t know it had a pickup in it I was so awed by its beauty. Thanks again. There is nothing like a Martin guitar. They are the best and so are you.

Your friend,

Jim Burns

what a beautiful guitar arrived on Monday morning, just three days after ordering! Wow! This is not my first martin but the first, which is completely ready to play (comfortable saddle and bridge setup).

I love the wooden Adirondack top combined with the ambertone. And what an action. Thank you and Mr. Martin for this nice guitar!!

The bluegrass music will be played on this lovely piece of wood.

Andreas from Germany

Jon and Sharon:

Received my Taylor 416ce Spring Limited today. I couldn’t be more pleased. Your expertise and courtesies were extraordinary. You were prompt in responding to my many questions and you guided me to the right guitar. I’ve been blessed to do business with you and I look forward to doing a lot more.

Thanks for a great experience.



Jon & Sharon,

000-18GE 12 fret Custom arrived today.

This guitar is going to do Oldtime & a whole lot more!

You really spec’d out a great little guitar with this one.

-and no one else sells them, – so thank you for helping me find the sound that I’ve been looking for.

Thanks also for tee shirt, cap & strings – now I’ll have something to wear when I go ‘up town’ (if the sun comes out).

Best regards,


Cornwall, UK

Dear Jon & Sharon,

As you know I received my HD-28 yesterday afternoon. It arrived quickly and in perfect condition. I just got a chance to tune it up and play it for a couple of hours this evening. It is definitely a tone giant. A very rich, full deep sound. I can’t imagine how well it will play once the top opens up. It should be amazing. The action is perfect, I do not need to do a thing to it. By the way, it is one of the nicest ’35 bursts I have ever seen from Martin. The photo in your advertisement does not do justice to the beauty of this guitar. I want to thank both of you personally for all of your help in acquiring this guitar. You certainly have me as a customer for life. Thank you. Ed

So…. it left the store in Naples, Florida at 16.58 on Friday…. spent over 24 hours in Philadelphia Saturday/Sunday … and arrived here in England at my door at 08.19 this morning Monday.

That’s the difference that UPS International Express shipping makes.

My goodness! The HOMC-16RE guitar presses all the right buttons! Both in looks and sound. Well done Martin!

It has a lovely balanced acoustic sound right out of the box. Exactly what I like to hear from an OM. Pure sweet trebles all the way up the neck, and a bass that isn’t too boomy but is all there, and when played with a thumb pick it is really controllable from mellow to “bite” depending on the attack. I played it for about 45 minutes just acoustic, because I was enjoying it so much. Then I plugged it in to my Bose L1 system and played with the settings on the Fishman Aura Pro. To my ears the best sound was with full Aura (without the UST blended in), and on image 1 or 2. I didn’t care too much for images 3 and 4 as they were too bright and twangy, but I can play at tweaking those manually on the Aura Pro, or even download different images. There’s no written notes on what the images actually are supplied with the HOMC-16RE, just a note “contact the guitar manufacturer” in the Fishman book of words. It doesn’t really matter. I just know which ones I like best already. And I like them a lot!

I am really surprised that we have seen virtually no mention of this new model guitar on the UMGF forum. (Its a summer NAMM model), and it appears that only two of us have one? As I said earlier, it just presses all the right buttons with the sound and its appointments and looks. Apart from the cutaway, it has the looks of one of the “Vintage” series Martins with its fine herringbone, ivoroid bindings, long pattern diamonds and squares in the fingerboard, and full gloss, and so this is exactly the guitar for those who don’t want to stray too far from the vintage traditional Martin look. And all packed into a 16 series reasonably priced model!

Yup…. this one blows my skirt up



Jon and Sharon

Thanks for the very great service. I think this is my fourth guitar purchased from My Favorite Guitar. Your honesty and professional expertise sure helps when a buyer like myself needs some help and advice. Again thanks to both of you and I look forward to recieving the new Martin 21 Special.

Sincerely Bill Nipper


Just a quick note to tell you I am LOVING my new D-35 Custom!

This was a scary thing for me to buy, in a way, because it’s only the second time I’ve ever bought a guitar without playing it first and knowing there was no return policy.

Happily, the gamble paid off in spades!

It has really taken beautifully to the Highlander iP-2 pup I had installed. I just finished a 3 hr solo gig with it tonight and it performed flawlessly.

Cheers and thanks again.

Bill Wardwell

San Mateo, CA

Hi Jon & Sharon,

Just to let you know that my new Martin HD-28V arrived yesterday and it’s absolutely amazing!

Thank you so much for your 1st class service, I would definitely recommend you to friends and will be back again once I can afford to by another…

Thank you & best wishes,


Bristol, England UK

Hi Jon and Sharon

You’re both Champions!!!

Just received my Martin ooo16 RGTE Aura and it is wonderful!!! Almost in tune right out of the box, how’s that after travelling from the other side of the world.

I am so impressed by your service it is an absolute credit to you both. My guitar fraternity will be contacting you both in the future for your great pricing and old fashion customer service, I am quite sure that.

Cheers from the Sunshine State in AUSTRALIA.


Dear Jon & Sharon.

Only six days after talking to Jon on the phone, ordering my MFG Martin Custom 000-16SRGT, the guitar arrived in perfect condition in Norway. I was able to track it every step on the way right to my front door way across the Atlantic. This beautiful instrument is my first Martin, and it really is everything that you would expect from a custom Martin. Flawless, and with the great smell of spruce and rosewood, this guitar sounds as great as it looks. I’m so thankful that MFG has gotten their very own custom 000-16SRGT made, since the original version is no longer in production from C. F. Martin in Pennsylvania. The combination of the 000-body with a 12-fret neck and slotted headstock produces a great, warm midtone, still with a well balanced bass. It is simply perfect for fingerpicking. Last but not least: the service I got from MFG all the way has been awesome. Thank you so much!


Markus Bjørnseth

Jon and Sharon,

Thank you so much for the custom UMGF 00 I received today. I have the luxury of living only about 30 miles from your showroom, so I was able to pick my guitar up there. Your prices and customer service are industry leading and I can’t imagine why anyone would buy a Martin anywhere else. The guitar came in as promised with no surprises or problems. All I can say is that I am VERY pleased with my purchase, and rest assured, my next one will come from MFG!

Thanks again,

Jim Cannon.

dear Jon & Sharon

i received my new Martin in perfect condition. i was in holidays the

last two weeks, but now i’m back and i want to say thank you for this

perfect transaction. This is my second Martin but my first 12-fret guitar and this “lovely thing” sounds fantastic. good action setup.perfect for fingerpicking but in my opinion a good strumming guitar too. very good sustain and “oh” that smell, and the slotted headstock, and…looks and plays great. Thank you for your excellent service and i hope we can do business again.

have nice days

best wishes from Vienna


(CF Martin forwarded this to us)

Hi all at Martin Guitars,

I wanted to thank all the people at Martin Guitars for The work they did on my new custom D-28 . It is only a few weeks old now and i have never had a Martin that sounded as good as this one. You should all be congratulated on the excellent craftsmanship that went into the building of my guitar. I believe that your company is building guitars better then ever before. I also wanted to let you know that Jon and Sharon of My Favorite Guitars are two of the most wonderful dealers that you have.

Thanks, Robert Weiss, Fort Lauderdale Fl

Good morning Sharon and Jon: Hope all is well. Just wanted to let you know that El Trovador made it safely to Italy and was delivered this Saturday as scheduled. Thank you very much for all of your help and support in this. It was a real pleasure working with you guys. My friend sent me a short video and I wanted to share it with you too for you were the most important party in getting this guitar to him. On a different note I am seriously considering buying a Martin electro-acoustic for me so you may see me again soon..

thanks again and best regards. Here is the link:


Jon, I wanted to thank you for helping me find the right guitar. My wife Venita and I stopped by last week right at your closing time while we were vacationing in Naples. You were nice enough to stay open and show me some different guitars and even some pointers on how to improve my blues fingerpicking while I was playing the different models. I love the Martin 00016GT that I bought that day and I can’t put it down. I had never played a Martin guitar before and the fullness of the sound is excellent, especially for a small body guitar. Thanks again for your assistance. Jay Ackerman

I just wanted to take a minute and express how pleased I was with the entire experience in buying a wonderful guitar from Jon and Sharon at My Favorite Guitars. I actually first called about this specific model guitar (Jimmy Buffett Pollywog) right at closing time for the store. Jon simply stopped what he was doing and talked to me and answered every question I had about the guitar and My Favorite Guitars since I had never had any information good or bad from anyone about the store. He was extremely knowledgeable and quiet friendly on the phone. Not selling simply answering questions I am an investigator by trade, I ask a lot of questions. I finished the conversation and immediately went to checking out My Favorite Guitars. I found positive reviews everywhere I looked and saw positive ratings on all the sites I checked. These things along with the conversation convinced me that I was doing a good thing by dealing with Jon. Being somewhat impatient and very excited at the thought of finally getting the (Jimmy Buffett Pollywog) I called Jon back. It was obvious from the background noise that he was driving in a vehicle. He was (Off Work.) He took the time to talk with me and eventually handed the phone to Sharon and she took my order went home took the guitar off line and delivered an email early the next morning with my invoice. The guitar arrived today on time, in perfect condition and very well packed to protect it during shipping. The entire experience was outstanding. I can not think of anything that could have been done any better on their behalf. You guys have a customer for life as my family is a (Martin Family). I look forward to doing a lot of business with you guys in the future. John Weeks

dear Jon and Sharon,

Hello from welsh Pembroke Dock. I recieved my OM 40 on Friday 8/31/09. I am delighted with the guitar. Though being 15 years old it is in brand new condition and perfectly set up.

My thanks to you both for the way the sale was conducted and the bag of goodies was well appreciated.

Best wishes, Raymond Dony

Jon and Sharon,

Just wanted to drop you a note and thank you guys for your hospitality when Sylvia and I visited your store last week.

We returned to Ft. Lauderdale and boarded the Carnival Freedom on Sunday and had an absolutely wonderful vacation.

When we got home the new Martin was waiting for me in perfect condition at my neighbor’s as planned.

Spent most of yesterday playing it and getting used to the wider string spacing which was much easier than I imagined.

I made the right choice with your help and am very pleased. Great instrument, great price and great service!!

All and all this was probably the most pleasurable guitar purchasing experiences I’ve ever had.

Thanks againRegards,

Frank D. MillerJon and Sharon,

Just wanted to drop you a note and thank you guys for your hospitality when Sylvia and I visited your store last week.

We returned to Ft. Lauderdale and boarded the Carnival Freedom on Sunday and had an absolutely wonderful vacation.

When we got home the new Martin was waiting for me in perfect condition at my neighbor’s as planned.

Spent most of yesterday playing it and getting used to the wider string spacing which was much easier than I imagined.

I made the right choice with your help and am very pleased. Great instrument, great price and great service!!

All and all this was probably the most pleasurable guitar purchasing experiences I’ve ever had.

Thanks again!


Frank D. Miller

Jon & Sharon, When my new HD-28V arrived from you (my 2nd MFG purchase), I was immediately tempted to write a raving review. I held back because I know the buzz of a new instrument can sometimes effect the tone that the guitar actually produces. After 3 weeks, I HAVE to thank you again for another stellar guitar. As I said, this is the 2nd Martin I’ve purchased from you, the other being a drop-dead 000-28VS (the prettiest top I have ever seen). As with the that instrument, I could not have asked for more in tone, quality, and price. Both tops are stunning, the backs and sides better than I could have even hoped for. Nothing that I could find locally. Believe me, there are many other on-line Martin dealers out there. Few have stock, some will offer something available, and others are flat-out rude. Buying a Martin SHOULD be one of the most enjoyable experiences of life. MFG makes that experience so. You are the best and I thank you! David Coleman Westford, MA

Hi Jon and Sharon

Just a note to let you know that the HD-28 arrived today. It is, as is usual for you, an immaculate instrument, perfectly set up. I remain astounded, really, by the trust you’ve had in me with every aspect of the trade/transaction. It’s my fortune to not only be your customer but also to know you good folks, if only by phone and email.

Guitar-buying doesn’t get any easier or more enjoyable than this, and I’ve been buying guitars for over 30 years. You have positively and absolutely gained at least one customer for life (my 11-year-old daughter is showing interest…).

Once again, thank you very much!

Tom Fowler

Dear Jon and Sharon,

I received my new Eric Clapton 000-28 Madagascar Rosewood last week. I love it. The guitar arrived in perfect condition, with ideal action-setup. I never sounded so good. I own 2 other Martins and 2 Goodalls, all of which I purchased from a local dealer in the San Diego area. I was reluctant to buy over the internet. But you guys are great. Not only did you get me the guitar I wanted (which my local dealer couldn’t), but you gave me a terrific price. Every step of the way, from initial contact with your company, to updates on arrival, to the product itself, your service exceeded my expectations. I can feel terrific about referring all my guitar carzy friends to you guys. Thanks so much, George Murrell

My new Martin guitar arrived today on time and in perfect condition. The action is exactly right for Bluegrass flatpicking and the intonation is dead on for all strings (open string tone = 12th fret tone). Jon, I am so glad I listened to your recommendation for the Adirondack top version of this guitar, even thought it was a few hundred dollars more than the Sitka top version. I don’t know where Martin got the perfect Adirondack Spruce for this guitar as I know that high quality Adirondack is getting very hard to find. Doing business with you was a pleasure, and I will certainly recommend MFG to anyone I know who is thinking about a new guitar.

Jack Harrison

Hello from Kentucky Jon and Sharon,

I wanted to thank you both for the caring and smooth transaction in

purchasing my husband’s Martin guitar for his fathers day

present….I never thought it was possible to have everything taken

care of so quickly and smooth. I also never thought I would be able

to have the money to purchase a d28. You made it possible for my

husband to have his dream guitar….Thanks and God bless….also

thanks for the “extra’s you threw in”…..I know where to come from

now on….My husband is in the bluegrass band THUNDERRIDGE, I am

sure the other members will be checking out your web site…….


Thank you very much for the service you have provided- exemplary, I must say. Just to let you know the guitar arrived save and sound yesterday afternoon and it is absolutely stunning in both looks and sound. I have a new best friend.

Many regards


Hi Sharon,

The Style 1 arrived yesterday after a short rest in customs. There were no problems in transit and it arrived in perfect condition. The guitar is beautiful; looks and plays great, and sounds terrific – a bit mellower than the style O but with a great bluesy edge. Having a guitar that’s one from 100 is pretty neat. I’m very pleased. Thanks again for the prompt delivery and follow up service. I’d definitely use your business again – a D28 Marquis would complete my collection, but I have to start saving again.



That’s great…Thanks Sharon. I have never dealt with anyone as good as you and Jon. You both have genuine concern for your customers and it makes me feel like somebody important. That’s why I come back to you for Martin guitars, the price and the personal care just can’t be beat.


Hello Jon en Sharon,

I am very exited. My D12-28 arrived last Friday. This guitar is really great.

It is much more than I expected. Such a rich sound.

The pickup is also great. You even included a new set of strings.

It is more than I could ask for.

Now I’ve got two beautiful guitars from you. A D42 and this one.

Two masterpieces.

I wanna thank you again and I hope we can do business again in the future.

Best regards, Henk Kuyper (Holland)

Hi Sharon and Jon,

Just wanted to say thanks for your excellent service, a great guitar at a great price! My wife was completely satisfied with your choice. I would, unhesitatingly, recommend your store .

All the best,


My 19 year old son has purchased 2 guitars from Jon and Sharon at My Favorite Guitars. First purchase—I personally was a bit leery about spending over $1000 on a guitar, please understand I have no music background and do not have a clue about any instruments. Needless, to say I was a little skeptical when he initially told me he wanted to buy this expensive (to me and him) Martin guitar. I called a good friend of mine who is in the music business, he knows I’m lost when it comes to this but he did tell me that he thought the price was good and that he would be getting a good guitar. I then placed a call to Jon and he was most helpful, a pleasure to deal with and in the conversation giving me the confidence in My Favorite Guitars as a reputable, completely honest business. I even called back with another question, and again he gave me as much time as I needed, answered every question and bottom line he had built a level of trust from me through our conversation. We went ahead with the purchase, the Martin was shipped immediately, arrived quickly and was packaged well for the 1000 plus mile trip to get to us in Oklahoma. A happy customer and a happy dad! A month or so later, he wanted to buy a 12 string Taylor. My thoughts, come on a guitar is a guitar and you want to spend what? Anyway, we proceeded with the purchase knowing that the best folks to work with were our friends at my Favorite Guitars in Florida. Questions were again answered with kindness and I felt a genuine sense of caring for us as a customer. The Taylor was not in stock and had to come from California to Florida then Jon and Sharon would turn around and send it to us in Oklahoma. We placed the order, Sharon confirmed everything plus even emailed back to let us know Taylor was offering a promotion with the purchase. She followed up on this with us to the letter to be sure that we understood, wanted us to be sure and take advantage of the offer. She spent extra time to be sure we clearly understood. MFG communicated with us, let us know the Taylor had left California should arrive in Florida at this time and we should receive it at this time. Again, the guitar arrived in great shape and our son was pretty fired up. My Favorite Guitars has a couple of fans in Oklahoma and were a pleasure to work with. Thanks Jon & Sharon! You folks are great to work with, the price and service were excellent. No reason for us to go elsewhere. If I can provide a positive word via email or the phone about MFG I would be glad too. Have an awesome week!

Steve H.

I have purchased 2 guitars from My Favorite Guitars now, a Martin D-28 and a Taylor 410-CE LTD and have had wonderful experiences purchasing both guitars. The first guitar (D28), Jon took my call while he was boarding an airplane and assured me the order would still be in the same day, it was! They performed a setup & added a strap button on this guitar for no charge. They also used a piece of felt on the strap button when they installed it which I thought was a nice touch. My Taylor comes with a factory strap button, but no piece of felt! (sometimes its the little things). The crew at My Favorite Guitars is first class all the way and they care about your business. Oh yea, I almost forgot… I’m an extreme bargain hunter too, and so far i’ve had two UNREAL bargains! If you are reading this, you need to stop reading and call Jon & Sharon, I will guarantee you the best price AND service on the entire internet.

Mike H.

The Garons

My Martin ‘Custom’ (000-18GE) Ambertone arrived today in perfect condition. There was a hole in the outside box, so the nice UPS driver insisted I open it so she could assure herself the case and guitar were undamaged. I had the pleasure of opening this beauty with a witness…we both fully appreciated the sight of the undamaged instrument…I because it was fantastic to look upon and she because it came through whatever caused the hole in the box without a scratch.

It is truly a knockout! And I thank you for going to the trouble to get one with the 175 year inscription! It fits right in with my 000-28 VS and HD-28 of the same year.

Like the Greven pick guard. The guitar is pretty tight right out of the box, but balance and intonation are perfect and I am eagerly anticipating playing this one into it’s ‘voice’ !

Thanks for your excellent service. Consider me a regular customer.

Patrick Tovatt

Medford OR

Hello Jon: My man, i can’t thank you enough for the great buying experience that i just went through with you. I am happy to say that the D-18 showed up yesterday without a mark or a blem…you are a man of your word & that is sometimes a rareity in the guitar business these days. From when we first talked & the super quick responses to my emails, i could tell that you have a passion for guitars as your customers do & it was a great & pleasureable experience for me & i thank you! Feel free to send me up some more of your business cards & i’d also like some cool MY Favorite Guitar stickers for my new D-18 case to if possible? I will make sure that all of my guitar guru friends will know where i purchased this guitar & will be spreading the MFG’s website to everyone i can.

Thanks again Jon & Sharon

All the Best…..

John MacDonald

Nova Scotia,


Jon & Sharon,

I wanted to take a moment to express my thanks for a wonderful buying experience. Purchasing anything on line, no less something as personal as an acoustic guitar, can be a trying situation but thanks to your prompt answers and detailed web site, this became an easy and very enjoyable purchase. Jon did a great job in helping to steer me towards the right guitar and the best part was when it arrived, it was exactly as he described it. I have always been a fan of Martin guitars, but this is the first time I have dealt with a store that I thought was equal to the quality of the merchandise they sell. You are a credit not only to Martin Guitars but also to the retail music business in general. I look forward to many more happy purchases from you in the future, and will tell everyone I can about your store. Let’s see, great prices, awesome service (the guitar even arrived a day early!) and a quality of people you rarely find anymore, how could you not want to do business with My Favorite Guitars.

All My Best

Norm W

Jon and Sharon,

I can’t begin to tell you how much I’m enjoying the 00. I typically play an alternate tuning – which is why I couldn’t do much with the guitars at your store (I also have to have music in front of me to play)

and this guitar is exceptional for that style of playing. Most guitars

peter out which you tune down but not this one. This little guys has

such BIG sound and round tone. It’s amazing.

Anyway, I just wanted to thank you again for being such great people.

I appreciate your help in selecting an instrument and steering me in the right direction.


Hi Jon and Sharon

My guitar arrived yesterday. Just as you promised it would. It’s beautiful, and sounds wonderful. It looks even better in person that it does on the web site( and it looks fantastic there).

I only had a few minutes last night to play it, but in those few minutes I was totally impressed with its playability right out of the box. All I did was tune it up, and away I went.

I’d also like to Thank You both for the excellent customer service you provided during my purchase. I barely had time to “send” my question via e-mail and you were already calling me to answer all my questions.

Thanks for a great buying experience!


Jon, my Martin D-21 Special came yesterday.Wow,what a great guitar!! I played it about an hour ago , and I think I still hear it ringing !!! I want to thank you for a great buying experience.You responded to my e-mails almost as fast as I could write them, answered my questions with no hard sell,and I got a great deal on a super guitar.I realize that this is probably business as usual for you in regard to the treatment I received as your customer, but I wanted to let you know how truly appreciated it is.Count me among the ranks of your many satisfied customers.Thanks again,Bob .

Hi Jon,

The guitar arrived yesterday and it’s amazing! I had to pry myself away from this thing just to write the email. I just wanted to write and say thank you for a fantastic buying experience from start to finish. The response time on emails from you guys is practically faster than the time it takes to get an associate at Guitar Center. The response time, overall friendliness, and the overall ease of the transaction made this a great purchase. This is how customer service SHOULD be.

Whilst I go off to college next year and won’t be buying any guitars during that period, MFG is certainly the very first place I’ll be looking for when I’m out and looking to buy. As promised, I will certainly be putting up a rave review about your company over at AGF. I just have to pry myself away from the guitar again!

Thank you again and take care,

Kyle Mau


I received my Martin M-36 yesterday and just wanted to thank you for a totally professional, seamless transaction.

The shipping time from Florida to Hawaii set a new UPS record, in my experience. A flat 48 hours from my order to the guitar arriving. Yeah!

The M-36 is really a beautifully-crafted instrument and, thanks to the extensive library of high-quality sound files on your totally hip website, I was able to select the particular “Martin tone” I was seeking. There is not another website from any Martin dealer that I could find that even approached yours for ease of navigation and informative value.

Coupled with being able to speak with you and ask questions — and your low prices – this made the purchase of my guitar a thoroughly pleasant, glitch-free experience. I will definitely recommend you to everyone I know and would not hesitate to purchase another guitar from you.

You guys rock!

Aloha from Hawaii,

Terry Horton

Once again; I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your service & friendship! Word don’t express how awesome you are!!!, sincerely; Marty


Here are a few pictures I took of my new HD35. The guitar is absolutely beautiful & plays like a charm. I have an 80 year old friend & he plays as good as anyone I’ve ever heard. He had nothing but praise for the HD35 I bought from you fine folk’s. I’m as happy as a “pig in the mud” with my purchase. If I find anyone that is planning to buy an instrument I will certainly recommend you folk’s.

It was a great experience doing business with you folk’s, ya’ll are a “CLASS ACT”


Bobby Joyner

Jon and Sharon; I want both of you to know that having played the big baby taylor I think it’s a great little guitar with exceptional sound and “feel”; much more than I expected. It doesn’t have all the frills/ bells and whistles of a much more expensive “box”, but fullfills all of my needs at this time. I would recommend it to any level guitarist. It’s nice to have a great sounding guitar that you can tote to anywhere without all the fears of losing it on a plane trip or scratching it on a camping trip!

Peace—-Dr. Jeff H.

Jon & Sharon

Thanks again for a fantastic guitar and world class customer service. It’s rare these days to find such awesome help in purchasing a product.

The guitar made it all the way to Western North Dakota in perfect condition. I’ve been playing my Martin every day since it got here!

I’m determined to learn Thumb picking. Thanks again for a great long distance transaction. A+++++++++++++

David Langford

Hi Jon,

I received the Martin 000-18 GE 12 Fret and I must say it looks

wonderful and sounds wonderful. It is a great guitar to add to my

newly started Martin collection which has been only through MFG.

Great choice and beautiful wood-grain and what a sound!

Thanks for giving the TLC, it is a reason to buy from you.

Remember so far a D-28 now a 000-18 GE 12 fret, what is next?

Keep showing the great selections!


Fred Towns

Sharon and Jon -

Just wanted to let you know that I received my D 35 yesterday despite the ice storm we had here in Dallas. It arrived in perfect condition and Jon you did a fine job on the “pick of the litter”. Kudos also on the setup…it is perfect for my style of playing. I did change the strings and put on some Martin SP+ extended life.

As always it was a pleasure to do business with both you, Sharon and My Favorite Guitars. I look forward to doing more business with My Favorite Guitars in the future.

Best Regards,

Charlie Harrell

Dallas, TX

I just want to let you know that my guitar arrived safely. I’m absolutely delighted with it. It is my dream guitar and it has exceeded my expectations. It plays, looks and sounds absolutely wonderful.

I would like to thank you and your wife for giving me such a great deal and even better customer service. I will buy all my future Martins from My Favorite guitars and will recommend you guys to everyone I know.

Best regards from Japan!

Somara & Rebecca

Jon, I just want you to know how impressed I am in how quickly you respond to my messages that is very cool because I know that you are busy with the day to day MFG operations! Anyhow the real reason I contacted you was to tell you I have friends at work seriously thinking of purchasing guitars, and I have them convinced that MFG is the place for service,price, and just great people in Sharon and yourself to do business with! Everytime people see my beautiful MFG Martins,I just tell them to give Jon Garon a call at MFG because I am sure he will make your guitar purchase as simple and honest as possible. Because I go on to tell them I know, I bought from MFG not once but twice and will buy from MFG again!! I just want you to know Jon in todays business world, you and MFG is a CLASS ACT!!!! Steve Sands

hello sharon,

just wanted to let you know i recieved the guitar today and its amazing. it has to be the best martin i have put my hands on. thanks again for the great service and packaging.

mark hammond


Jon and Sharon,

I recently purchased my 2008 D-18GE from MFG and I must say that you guys really know your guitars…..I asked you to pick me out a real nice guitar and BOY DID YOU EVER…The guitar came in a very insulated box and was delivered when you said it would be.

As you know, I play a 1951 “Monster” D-28 and other Martins and I have had more compliments on the sound quality and appearance of this guitar than any of my other guitars….. It will really turn heads in a few years….

I look forward to playing this at my upcoming appearances at the Florida State Fair and the Florida Strawberry Festival in a few weeks.

Thank you for being such great friends.

Larry Jackson Jr.

Southern Star Bluegrass

Just wanted to say thanks for the fast shipping and express my pleasure with my new guitar. My guitar arrived the day after I placed my order and it is in pristine condition. I was having trouble locating one and was very pleased to find one so close. Pleasure doing business with you.

Happy Holidays

Brian D. Bohn

I have bought two guitars (Martin D28 and D35) from MFG in 2008. They have the best prices around and Jon is one of the nicest guys in the business to deal with.Beautiful ,well set up instruments, and super fast shipping make these people a pleasure to do business with and I would recommend them 100%. If you are looking to buy a nice guitar you cant do better than these folks! Thanks again MFG and you have my business from now on. Sincerely, Philip Wood,; Madison, Georgia

Hi Sharon/ Jon

Just to confirm that I received the guitar this week. Many thanks again for your excellent service. The guitar is a beauty. The finish is flawless, the set up is perfect and it sounds great. At first I was a bit hesitant buying a guitar from another country for obvious reasons, but with your company I now know that I had had nothing to worry about.

This whole buying experience was a pleasure and I will most definitely promote your company on internet forums and amongst my fellow muso’s.

Best regards. Wynand

Jon, I just wanted to say I LOVE the two guitars you sent me. The OM-28 Marquis Madagascar and 000-18GE are just tremendous instruments. Your analysis of the guitars and advice for what might suit me was dead on. And what made this experience especially nice was your collaborative and customer-oriented approach. You provide excellent service and are wonderful to do business with. It’s no surprise, I keep coming back to MFG! My best to you, Dave Thomsen, Washington State

Hi Sharon

Hi Jon,

Thank you !!!! The guitar is simply beautiful, in all details exactly as I wanted :-) easy to play, with an amazing sound, perfectly balanced.

I’ll send you pictures a soon as possible.

Merry Christmas to you and your family and all the best for 2009.


Sharon & Jon:

My Martin D28 arrived today and I was so excited I took half a day vacation to spend time with it. I love it!!! Thanks for the fast delivery and excellent service and great pricing. I’m so glad I found you before spending the additional $500 at local shops here in Atlanta. Hopefully, I can direct some of my friends your way when they decide to buy.


Steve Bolton

Atlanta, GA

Jon and Sharon,

Our most recent transaction reminded me once again why I deal exclusively with MFG whenever the desire for a guitar transaction strikes. Your service is incomparable. I have never experienced a business of any kind that is so prompt and fair in its dealings with customers. Acquiring a new guitar is always a thrill for those of us who are semi-pro musicians with separate careers. The latest transaction was flawless and I can’t say enough about how much I appreciate the consideration and service you provide.

David B. Lockie

Elko, Nevada

Hi Jon and Sharon,

The guitar arrived yesterday in perfect conditon, and i really love it. It is amazing, the sound when pugged in is the best ive heard coming from a guitar.

I wanted to thank you for your great service and communication. I understand why are you so successful you really treat clients how they should be treated.

Thank you very much.


Dear Sharon and Jon

Thank you so much for such a wonderful guitar! I was away for the weekend so I just opened it tonight. It is just stunning! and plays so great. I have owned more than a few Martin guitars – And your transaction was the best service I have ever recieved from any Martin Dealer. And thanks so much for the Great T-shirt- Hey How did you know I am a Xlarge? Well thank you again – This Guitar will be a true treasure now and years to come. Sincerly

Ken Frederick

Thanks Jon and Sharon

The great 000-16SRGT arrived yesterday afternoon and I let it acclimatize to the temperature in the house as we have been experiencing some very early season snow and cold. I did finally get a chance to play a little in the afternoon (between conference calls) and began to discover the magic of the little guitar. I was lucky enough to be invited to a local jam at a good friends’ last evening and meet/jam with a guitar player who was better than I am (I am fairly accomplished) and who visited the Martin factory (work related) a few weeks ago. It was a wonderful evening keeping up with him and also hearing some insightst into the factory. It was a fantastic jam with my great guitar just singing out nicely on all the intricate finger picking sections of the pieces.

I did promise Jon some pictures and of the guitar and a review on the UMGF and I will deliver in the near future. But I wanted to thank you for helping to bring this little guitar to market…I think I have a very special relationship forming with this great instrument. I also know that somewhere in the future, I will be adding a 000-15S to get some good Mahogany sound in my hands too.


Kevin Lougheed

Dear My Favorite Guitars,

I received the Martin! It is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you, Jon, for your assistance. Thank you for packing the guitar with such care; the strings loosened and the case enclosed securely in your shipping box. Your attention to service is exemplarily and appreciated. The tone of this Martin D-18 is magnificent, truly amazing. The guitar is in great shape for being 33 years old. I look forward to playing it and showing to my friends and family. Thank you for being fair and honest. It was a pleasure doing business with you.

Thank you very much,

Robert Converse

Hi Jon,

I just wanted to let you know that the guitar arrived today safe and sound. It is by far and away the prettiest guitar I have ever seen – the amberburst looks so gorgeously vintage – even better than expected. And for the sound, well, it’s perfect. Hard to believe it will continue to improve as it’s so good now. Can’t see it being anything other than a lifetime keeper. Thanks again for all your help!

All the best,


Jon, Sharon and Seth -

Let me say THANK YOU for your professional service. The Larrivee guitar just came to me! it sounds even better than I expect. Best regards from very satisfied customer.


Jon, Sharon and Seth -

I just wanted to say thanks again for the great deal, quick shipping, and the nice setup on my OM21. This is the easist guitar I’ve ever played, and it sounds tremendous. I can’t honestly say it sounds better than my Gallagher, since they’re two very different instruments ( I have a habit of measuring everything against the Gallagher) but it is great in it’s own right. The next time I look for a guitar I’ll look to you first.

Thanks a lot,



I received my Doc Watson guitar last night and I have to say I am more than pleased. I will definitely be doing business with you again. Your communication, shipping and overall product has by far exceeded my greatest expectations.


Gabe Brown

Dear Jon,

I’ve just received my cherry custom M from Martin. Wow! Even though I only requested a modest custom guitar, with not many changes from Martin’s standard SWMGT design, I feel like I got a Cadillac out of this deal, and I want to thank you for that. First, It’s a REALLY good-looking guitar. Unstained cherrywood with a gloss finish – absolutely beautiful. Excellent quality control is evident. The custom shop hit the ball out of the park with this one: they used beautiful, very-well-book-matched cherry for the sides and back, and ditto for the 5/6 Sitka top. The ‘motif’ of the guitar was light-blondish-unstained/untoned wood with red Delmar binding; someone at the custom shop made a bridge of brick-red-colored katalox to go along with this, I think…my point being that these guys really did a good job: great attention to detail, and evident creativity, as well – once they got the ball, they really ran with it (another sports metaphor…). Soundwise, also, this guitar is great. Good tone, sustain, intonation, volume – it’s got everything sonic that the SWMGT needs to have(probably because of the scalloped bracing).

Price-wise, for what I got for my money I feel that this guitar is an absolute steal. Martin could add guitars made out of cherry with similar specs to their standard lineup any time…I believe that they would be very desirable once the word got out. Jon, I also think that you had something to do with how well this guitar turned out, because you brokered the deal. Thank you – as always. If and when I ever am in the market for another new Martin of any type, you-all have got my business.


Jamie Wahl

Dear Jon,

Sharon and Seth included here. Being a multiple buyer at MFG I am still to this day amazed with the professional attitude but “friend” effort put forth by your company. When I buy my 5th guitar from you I would like some business cards included as I am going to spread the word not just through mouth but paper as well. When I called and you told me I would love the HD-16R I was a bit causious and I for some reason thought the 15 & 16′s were the lower end Martins. Man was I wrong, this guitar booms and plays as smooth as the D-40, Larrivee D-60 I purchased from MFG. Not to mention asking and MFG setting it up for low action (btw my wife thanks you as I don’t play as loud with it lower). The wood is beautiful and finish is as fine as any other Martin I have owned. Once again My Favorite Guitars have proven to me (and I am sure 1000′s of others) why they are called My Favorite Guitars. I am a customer for life for sure. Please tell Seth that Lamar and Carmel love the guitar as well. I will send a picture as soon as I lose some weight, no wait not enough time. I will send a picture in soon as I can. Jon and the gang @ MFG I can not thank you enough for the way you make me feel special when I do business with you. Soon as I get my hands on the 1934 D-28 I am making a road trip your way just so I can meet you all face to face. That would top it off for me, to meet the wonderful voices I hear on the phone.

Thank you once again,

Jim Wolfenbarger

Dear Jon,

The om-28 Marquis arrived way down here in Australia yesterday and it has exceeded all my expectations. This is an amazing instrument….it looks so small and sweet but it’s really a monster with a tone to die for! Great sound right out of the box and they say that it gets better after it opens up!!!??? This is the first guitar I have ever bought without playing first and I was obviously a little nervous. I just wanted to thank you, Sharon and Seth for the great service. You came highly recommended by the good folks on the UMGF and I would have no hesitation in ordering another guitar through My Favorite Guitars .”

Kind Regards,

Garry Johnson

[from France]

Hello Jon,

I’ve received the superb Martin D-35 that you sent me. I want to thank you and your wife for this shipment but also for your professionalism and your kindness. You made a very good job and I was lucky to know you. I invite all French potential customers to buy from you. Hoping to do business again with you.

Best regards,

Julien Corompt

Dear My Favorite Guitars

I received the SWOMGT Monday, 21 April and it was absolutely what I wanted. The tortoise bindings and overlays are subdued and not garish. The top is very high quality with lots of silking and well matched Sitka. Plays like a dream (I make less mistakes with the wider fretboard). The sound is suitable for any style from Appalachian to Zydeco. Thanks for another exceptional transaction. I remain one of your most satisfied customers and an active promoter of your web site and business.


Joe McKloski

Hi Garons!

The guitar arrived today! I am extremely pleased with this transaction, you guys are awesome with your communication, service and packaging. But, most of all, the product is 100% as described, in beautiful condition and even better than the photo’s on Ebay!

I’ve had a couple of unfortunate experiences with traders and probably now realise that dealing with professionals who have as much pride in beautiful musical instruments as I do is the only way to go. I will be keeping an eye on your auctions (although I’m mainly electric) and you’ll see me again for sure!

Many thanks!

Kind regards

Richard Bodle

Dear Jon, Sharon and Seth

I’m just writing to let you know that I received my Martin OMC 28M Laurence Juber Lefty (#148) in perfectly pristine condition earlier this week. This has been the first time I’ve been able to put it down and turn to the keyboard – and that’s with seriously calloused fingers!

Even straight out of the box, it’s an absolutely stunning guitar in both the tone and looks department, and I’m sure it’s only going to sound better with age. I’ve never had an instrument with such pure, crystalline trebles, mature midrange and growling bass – so beautifully balanced all over the fretboard. I play a lot in DADGAD and the overtones seriously reverberate like a cathedral! I don’t mind the rich, dry, chocolately smell of the Madagascar rosewood either! The action is suprisingly low and eminently playable (for a Martin factory set-up), and there’s hardly any noticeable buzz, even when I dig in really hard with a flatpick. The only thing I might change is to ream the bridge pin holes – but all in all, I really couldn’t have asked for much more.

I’d just like to say that it’s been an absolute pleasure dealing with you and your family during the whole ordering, purchasing and delivery process. Your professionalism, honest advice, and attention to detail made the usually daunting prospect of ordering unseen from overseas so much more reassuring. You really are a class act. I’ll certainly recommend you to my friends here in Japan and won’t have any reservations about where I should purchase my next guitar if (or when) the time comes. Many thanks once again.

Best regards,


Hello Garons!

Well I missed the UPS driver yesterday afternoon, so I drove out to the processing center to pick up the SC last evening. Couldn’t wait another day!

I just wanted you all to know how truly pleased I am with the Vintage Southerner. It is absolutely stunning, from the beautiful case, to the custom pickguard; the gorgeous burst to the nicely installed strap button. I am totally in love with her. What a beauty to play, to hear and to gaze at. Sharon said I would love it, and that is an understatement.

I know you probably get a ton of notes from buyers in the honeymoon phase who are exceptionally pleased with their new purchase, but I have to honestly say, this is the guitar I have been looking for all my life. I played it into the wee hours of the morning and it is all I could ask for in a songwriting instrument. Simply wonderful.

I wanted to thank you for your exceptional service, and your great communication. It was a true pleasure to make this transaction through your store.

I will be back. Not soon, but sometime in the future :)

Best of luck,



This is Mike Langlais. No I am not buying another guitar because I bought the two best Martins I own from you! The 000-42 Marquis and the OM28 Madagascar Marquis . The Madagascar Marquis is simply a superb instrument, so rich, powerful, articulate, and full of Brazilian qualities. I bet these are selling like hot cakes for you.

Just a quick note to say thank you for picking the 2 best guitars that I will own for the rest of my life and enjoy them as they mature and open up even more, which is hard to believe. Thanks Jon. BTW, I have recommended you to several people asking where I bought my guitars. I hope they buy from you!


Jon and Sharon,

I thought you’d like to know I really like the custom Martin I recently ordered and received (HD-28V with 1/4″ scalloped bracing). It is bright and full and rich and powerful, and I certainly hope the sound develops into the powerhouse my Martin Custom 15 currently is. If any of your customers are looking for something different, an HD-28V with 1/4″ scalloped bracing is sure to please.

Thank You for all your help,

Carl Nelman

La Mirada, CA

Dear MFG,

I purchased a Martin OM-21 Special in December and just want to say thank you for choosing a nice guitar for me. I have been thoroughly enjoying playing it and can hardly wait for the time that the sound really opens up. Once again, thank you.

Rick Blake

Eugene, OR

Jon and Sharon,

I’m writing to let you know that the guitar arrived safely–and it’s a dandy! Set-up is perfect, exactly as I had asked. And I sincerely appreciate the extras you included. Thank you! The OM-28V is actually smaller than I recall a 000/OM body being, no doubt because I had (until now) only dreads and a Taylor GS. But the size makes it all the more comfortable; and the sound is anything but small and doesn’t break up at all under robust strumming. Fingerpicked, it responds like a bell to the slightest touch. The guitar is a masterpiece of versatility. My Favorite Guitars has delivered what has immediately become my favorite guitar. I want to extend special thanks to you and Sharon for your efficiency, friendliness, and wonderful sense of humor: You folks are the model of what any online business–or any business, for that matter–ought to strive for. Rest assured I will contact you for my next guitar. Thanks again! Tom Fowler Dear MFG,

I recently received a Custom Martin 00-18VS from the fine folks at My Favorite Guitars . It exceeds my expectations in every way. Flawless execution of a classic design from Martin . My thanks go out to Jon and crew for actually stocking these one off items. This was my second purchase from MFG and it won’t be my last!

Phil Adair


I got the D-18A today. All I can say it that it’s completely ridiculous! I’ve never played a louder tone monster in my life. Last week I played a 1934 D-18 — the real deal. I don’t think it had much on this new Authentic. I can’t imagine what this new guitar will sound like when it’s broken in. You are a lucky man to have a Martin dealership. These guitars should sell themselves for anyone thinking about a high-end acoustic dreadnought. It made me totally forget the Collings guitars I’ve played recently that I was considering. Lastly, thanks for the T-Shirt. It’s a perfect fit, just like the guitar!

Bob Thompson

Dear Jon, Sharon and Seth:

I wanted to take an opportunity to let you know that I received my new Martin D-42 and I am absolutely thrilled with it. The sound, condition and set-up are outstanding, and I can’t keep my hands off of it! I have never traded a guitar in before; in fact, I was a little bit worried about doing so in fear of shipping across such distance. I was pleasantly surprised how easy our transaction was and furthermore, I was delighted to have the opportunity to speak with the entire My Favorite Guitars crew throughout the entire process. Jon help walk me through the Martin line, Sharon responded to all my emails in an extremely timely fashion, and Seth made sure my guitar arrived on time and was invoiced correctly. The MFG crew has obviously lived up to all its “hype”, and it’s clear to see why you are so respected throughout the guitar community. I look forward to purchasing my next guitar through My Favorite Guitars as well! I think the MFG made one error, however—you sent me the nicest sounding Martin guitar and now my other guitars must suffer. Oh, poor me!

Thanks a million,

Matt G.

Amsterdam, NY

Dear Jon & Co.,

I am very satisfied with my recent purchase of a Gallagher Doc Watson Signature guitar. Now that I’ve gotten over the initial awe of just looking at this fine instrument, I am able to play it and enjoy it. While some guitars may take years to develop their sound, this one is capable of producing great tone right out of the box. I was hoping it would take me musically one step further than a treasured Martin D-18 that I regretably parted with. The Gallagher is a first class guitar whether fingerpicked or flatpicked. The sound that I heard in my head as a songwriter is now at my fingertips. That’s a good feeling! Please extend my warm thanks to your staff for making this a professional transaction that also had the warm glow of personal attention, courtesy, and customer service. I plan to do business with you in the future if the taxman allows it. My eye is on a Martin D-18V or D-18 Golden Era. Believe it or not I would look on them as my road axes compared to the Doc.

Best regards,

Bob Messano

Songwriter and recording artist

Jon, Sharon, Seth,

Just a note to say it was a wonderful pleasure to have done business with you! The OM-42 was exactly as I had imagined it would be, sweet in sound, sweet in appearance. It took me 28 years to allow myself such a beautiful beast, but man it was worth the wait! one classy guitar bought by some classy people for whom I would gladly do business with again, and to my fellow guitar playing friends everywhere, I say MFG is worth considering for your next guitar purchase. Great people, great guitars, great service! Thanks once again Jon and all my friends at MFG, job well done!!!

Steve Sands,


Jon, Sharon and Seth,

After several months of research, pondering, and playing, I decided that the guitars for me were a Martin D-41 Special and a OM-28 Marquis . I emailed several dealers, most gave half-sentence replies. Jon called me immediately from the airport, telling me he had BOTH guitars in stock and could ship them out immediately at a killer price. I received them 4 days later, perfectly packed and in pristine condition – I actually had to stop playing for a bit when the “new guitar” smell became a bit overwhelming! The D-41 looks and sounds unbelieveable, but the OM-28 Marquis has made me second guess ever needing a Dreadnaught at all, as it surpassed my biggest expectations. You can’t go wrong with MyFavoriteGuitars!

Jeff C.,

Omaha Neb.


I purchased a new Martin HD-28 and you sent it to Griffin guitars who installed an awesome Fishman pickup on it for me. They shipped it to me a couple of weeks ago and I have not been able to put it down since. I love the silky smooth sound and I am so glad I found you before I ordered one. You were always so nice to me on the phone during the order and shipping process. I will never forget that and I will be back to order a mahogany guitar one day in the future.


Jimmy Marshall

Hi Jon, Sharon and Seth,

My Martin D-18V in amberburst arrived safely in The Netherlands yesterday. It’s an absolute beauty and I feel privileged to own such a wonderful instrument. I cannot thank you enough for your help in making this as easy a transaction as possible. Like others, I was a bit hesitant about ordering such an instrument sight unseen and from the States no less, but after having played two very nice examples of this guitar I was confident enough about the consistent quality and I ordered. I can only say that your reputation as one of the best dealers in the business is wholly deserved. There’s a good chance that people who play my guitar will want one for themselves. I will recommend MFG to them without hesitation.

All the best & happy pickin’,


Seth and Jon,

The OM-28 Marquis Amberburst showed up today. I expected it to be gorgeous, but I expected the tone to be “tight” and that it’d take 1-2 years to come to fruition. If that’s true, I’m a lucky man. It IS gorgeous! Drop dead. But tonewise, it far exceeds my expectations. It’s fantastic. And I say this from a guy who’s owned Ryans, Albericos, etc. You name it, I’ve owned it, and this guitar is right up there with the best of them. Truly worth the money, and I’m ecstatic with the purchase.

Thanks to you both!


This is my second purchase from Jon at myfavoriteguitars and I couldn’t be happier. Jon is a true gentleman and one of the best merchants I have ever worked with. If anyone has any doubts about buying your Martin sight unseen, you can put those to rest if you buy your instrument from the folks at myfavoriteguitars. Thanks so much, Jon, for everything you have done. Your store is second to none!

Ken Eckerty

Niceville, Florida


Thank you so much for your patience Saturday in explaining the intricacies of the various Martin OM and OOO guitars. Your help made it easier for me to make a decision that I have continued to feel good about since bringing home my new OM-28 Marquis . Before purchasing my next guitar I will check with you first… your service is excellent, your selection is great, and your prices beat everyone else with whom I normally do business.


Bill Current


I just wanted to give you a little feedback from my purchase of a D-35. I purchased on 5-11 and it arrived safe and sound on 5-16. If you remember, I was the one who was picky about the color uniformity of the back as well as the top being free from bear claws. I am stunned at what a beautiful example of a guitar you sent me.

Thanks for paying attention to those details. It’s simply gorgeous, but aside from that, here is the part I did not expect, it sounds sweeter than any other newish D-35 I’ve played to date and I was already impressed with those. I had to go back to those big box stores just to compare. The one you sent has significantly better tone and sustain. I found out about you through a couple of Internet Forums, so I have to go back and spread the word about what a great buying experience this has been. Thanks for picking me out a real winner!

Michael DeMichele

Hi Jon,

Martin OM-28V has arrived in good health and sounds incredible, thank you for your help and honesty and for also making this guitar more affordable for me. I have signed up for your newsletter so hopefully I will hear from you guys soon, regards to Sharon and Seth and thanks again,

John R.,

New Zealand.

Dear Jon, Sharon and Seth,

I gotta tell ya what a great experience it was buying my Martin D-42. I had my doubts at first about buying a expensive guitar over the phone, but when I received my guitar I couldn’t believe the excellent sound, set up and condition it was in. This was the biggest chunk of change I’ve ever laid out for a guitar, and I was concerned. Thanks to your honest way of doing business I got a great guitar and a great deal. I’ll be buying all of my guitar stuff from you because you do business the old way. You care and are honest. You sell you products for a fair price and back up what you sell.

Thanks to All of You Again

May God Bless

Bill Walker

Jon, Sharon & Seth,

Thank you for making this ‘guitar adoption’ the best experience ever! I can’t think of any other sort of purchase I’ve made that’s given me so much satisfaction. This D-18GE will be by my side for a lonnng time, and the Amberburst top is a real beauty. It sounds great now, and it’ll just get better with time. It’s nice to have that to look forward to. Your quick responses to all my questions helped make this transaction the most fun I’ve ever had while standin’ up!


Rick Radcliffe

Way out West in Oregon

Dear Jon, Sharon and Seth,

The Larrivee OM-03R arrived safely today. I am thrilled with it, to say the very least! I wasn’t expecting a bad guitar by any means but not quite expecting it to be quite so nice, either. The action is perfect, the build and sound fantastic and it is so easy to play. I certainly wasn’t expecting such nice silking on a ‘budget’ guitar. I bought it to be my gigging / beater guitar but it is far too nice to be any sort of a beater. I will be back for my Martin herringbone 000 / OM ?? but for now, I am sooooo happy with this Larrivee! Thank you all again for your excellent (as always) service. You are the best.

Best wishes,



Dear Jon, Seth and Sharon,

Again, I want to thank you for assisting me in selecting the finest Martin guitar I have ever played. The Clarence White is the perfect guitar for me. Its extraordinary tone- the red spruce top loves to be played hard and gently- offers endless possibilities for different musical genres. All the rest- the master quality neck, the supersized soundhole and the elegant fretboard makes this guitar a classic. I believe that it’s the best “D” Martin is making in this Second Golden Era. But I wouldn’t have known about the CW without your willingness to introduce me to the it and without your endless patience as I worried over the best guitar for me. You guys are the best! May God bless you with continued success as a top-flight Martin distributor.

All the best,

Paul Goricki

Dear Jon, Sharon and Seth,

I am writing to say (no… sing, shout, proclaim!) that my HD-28 arrived safe and sound a few days ago and this is the first time I have been able to put it down, clear my dizzy head of that rosewood perfume and write to thank you. Coming across your website was a real delight. I knew immediately that I was among genuine enthusiasts. I loved browsing through the picture galleries, sound samples, list of forthcoming gigs and your impeccable inventory. And, having read the recommendations of many of your customers – including those from Europe – I knew I’d found the right place to buy my new Martin ! And, even allowing for shipping costs, at such a great price! I’d like to thank you, Jon and Seth, for your kindness and reassurances over the phone and by e-mail. Needless to say, just as you had promised, my beautiful new guitar arrived bang on time, in perfect condition and properly set up. I can’t get over how rich and complex it sounds compared to my old guitar – it even makes my playing sound half decent! It is a delight which I will treasure for the rest of my playing days. Thanks again to all of you – you are magnificent! I have an eccentric uncle in Boston and the next time I get over there to visit him I will definitely be borrowing his battered old gas-guzzling Oldsmobile with the red plush seats and making the trip down to see you and your brilliant shop. Might even have saved up enough for another guitar by then… Dream on!

Very best regards,

Nick Ham

(Barnet, England)

Jon and Sharon,

Wanted to let you know that my Martin D28 arrived yesterday in perfect condition. It has been hard to put it down since it got here. The sound is fantastic, the setup is perfect, it looks great. I also appreciate your phone conversations and your help in checking the D28 and getting it right for me. This is by far the best experience I’ve had buying a guitar. The Cd you included is also great, that alone is worth a lot. Great hearing Jack Lawrence again on it. Used to go to Doc Watson concerts up in North Carolina before I retired to Georgia. I think I read somewhere that Jack is also from North Carolina. Anyway he sure can pick. I will highly recommend your business to anyone that is looking for a Martin or any other guitar.

Best regards,


Jon and Sharon,

I’ve received my 000-28EC over a week ago and saying it was in perfect conditions is an understatement. The guitar is Fantastic and I’m really glad I have bought it from you. Your Wife and you are probably the most helpful and patient couple I have dealt with. I really thank you for all your help and in case you have French or Italian customers wanting a reference feel free to provide them my Email address. I have already recommended you to all my friends and my guitar teacher (very impressed with the guitar and the service).

You are the best


South of France


Just a quick note to let you know that my Martin D28 arrived today in perfect condition. I also want you to know how much I appreciate your professionalism and the way you handled the entire sales process. Your low key, patient sales approach was very appealing to me. I also enjoyed our phone conversations and your help in determining which Martin was right for me. The greatest news of all is your extremely competitive pricing. This entire experience was extremely positive and I really appreciate all you’ve done. This is by far the best experience I’ve had buying anything on the Internet. Now I need to get busy learning how to make my Martin sing like yours!

Thanks again,



Thank you so much for what was a very enjoyable transaction. The CW is amazing, and I love how the rw smell just pours out of the guitar all over my practice room (wish that never went away!). I’ve played a few CW’s but dont remember them being as loud and powerful as this one. Also, thanks for the extra strings, cd, and tshirt. I think thats what sets you apart from other dealers. I wont hesitate to recommend you to everyone, and look forward to doing business with you in the future.

Thanks again. Best,

Jim Kitterman

Jon and Sharon,

We received the OM-28 Marquis today and it arrived in perfect condition. Thanks so much for the fast shipping and quality service. The guitar sounds spectacular. The top appears bookmatched whereas my 000-28EC is definitely not, but in any event, I have been comparing the sound of the two for several hours now. Both my wife Caroline and I really like the new OM. Chords ring out clear as church bells and it sounds beautiful. Single notes have incredible sustain with harmonics clearly being heard. We are happy. So, both my wife and I thank you guys very much and we would like you to know that you have new customers for life. We shop guitars quite often and we will always check your website in the future.

Thanks again,

Michael and Caroline Knapp

Warwick, Rhode Island






Thank you for all of your assistance with the purchase of my 000-18 GE Amberburst. It arrived just over a week ago and I wanted to play it for awhile and compare the guitar with some of my others before I wrote. Well this guitar is one of my two favorite guitars! Both of which have been purchased from My Favorite Guitars ! WOW! What a sound! Everything about this guitar is nothing less than perfect. It is one of my two favorite – the other being the other guitar that I purchased from you – OM-28 GE. I simply can not fairly relate how satisfied I am. Everything that you told me was exactly correct. The differences between the two instruments is exactly as you described they would be. Again, you did not sell me a guitar, you simply answered my many questions in a fair and balanced way and then let me come back to you and say I would like to purchase. I have played the OM -28 every day that I have been home since it has arrived – I have now done the same for the newest addition – I fully expect to play each of these two guitars each and every day that I am home – they are both that special. Thank you so much for all that you have done – I have two special friends from My Favorite Guitars that are now My Favorite Guitars .



Jon and Sharon,

I recently received a spectacular 000-18GE Amberburst Martin from My Favorite Guitars . These proprietors understand the nature of patient, informative and highly responsive service that should encourage anyone looking for a quality musical instrument to look no further. My Favorite Guitars has found a way to transform the process of shopping through the internet to something more akin to stopping by your neighborhood dealer for a friendly chat regarding what might suit your needs, and at the best prices to be found anywhere.

David Lockie

Elko, Nevada


I just wanted to let you know that the Custom 12 Fret arrived in great condition and as always eveything was perfect. I also wanted to let anyone who comes to this site know that they are in the right place to purchase a Martin guitar. This is my fourth guitar and each one has been a special purchase, because Jon has made it that way. He is extremely knowledgeable and patient and does everything possible to make sure you are satisfied with your purchase. You also will not find a better price anywhere. I know that when people are searching for something as important as an expensive guitar they want to be sure they are dealing with the correct company and individual. So I am leaving this message for Jon to post and to include my e-mail address for anyone who has any questions. After 4 purchases I can attest to the fact that Jon is a terrific business man,and a friend. Have a great Holiday


I wanted to tell you that it has been a pleasure to do business with you. You were very informative and you gave the attention a customer wishes they could receive everywhere. Most “outlet” music stores pick the oldest product on the shelf and send it. Thank you for playing mine and checking it out, looking for my interests. I’m looking forward to doing future business with you. I love the D28 CW. It truly is a bluegrass machine. Thank you. Look for more purchases in the future. Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas!

God Bless,


Kingsport, TN.

I just wanted to let you know I got the MFG Custom 000 yesterday and I am 100% satisfied. It plays like a dream and sounds great. It will be a pleasure to play and open this baby up. Great guitar and great service from you.




Had a wonderful weekend playing this guitar. All the options of the Jack Lawrence guitar make it the equivalent of a high performance race car. What a great package and well kept secret!!



I received my Custom M-18 yesterday. The ordering process was a breeze, and the guitar meets all the specifications, and exceeds my expectations. Thank you for providing excellent service that made the purchase of a Custom Martin such a pleasant and rewarding experience!

David Lockie

Elko, Nevada


I received the Martin D-28 last Thursday! I have never received anything so quick. Only took four days to get shipped overseas…..amazing!!!!! Dealing with you was nothing less than a pleasure! Not only were you one of the nicest people I’ve dealt with over the phone, but your knowledge is undisputable. You know exactly what you are talking about. The guitar is breath-taking! It is definitely the sexiest guitar I have ever laid my eyes on! This guitar sings like an angel. There is no doubt in my mind that I will be doing business with you again! Thank you again for everything!!!!!

Justen Outlaw


I am really happy with my guitar. I’m not really an acoustic player and I’ve never had a good acoustic guitar but I am really impressed with my new Martin . The neck width is exactly what I am looking for, the set-up is really nice and the feel of the guitar in general is great. I am surprised at how light it is. It looks sexy, the neck feels great and the case is fantastic.Thank-you so much for the following:- your help in choosing the right model- the great price for the guitar-your prompt return emails- your incredible level of product knowledge- your friendly, professional and easy to deal with mannerIt has been a pleasure dealing with you. Next time I need a great acoustic, I’m calling you….


Lincoln McKenzie

I received the Martin 000-18GE today and it looks as good as it sounds. The setup, as usual, is perfect. In the last year I have purchased a Martin OM45 Marquis , a D45 Marquis , a D-18GE and my new baby, the 000-18GE from My Favorite Guitars . The price I paid on each instrument was the lowest I could find anywhere but the customer service is why I kept coming back. I know of no other guitar retailer who is so genuinely concerned about the satisfaction of their customers. The only way I can show my appreciation is to keep coming back to MFG when I desire another guitar which is exactly what I intend to do.

Thanks again,



I just wanted to let you know that my new D-18GE arrived today. I must say that I have never been happier in my life with any guitar purchase (and I have made a lot of them)!

This guitar is beautiful, way beyond my expectations. I cannot believe how good right out of the box this guitar sounds. And, it is set up perfectly, the Greven guard is the best color for the Amberburst, and was installed flawlessly. The guitar is a bluegrass machine in the way it’s set up and that’s what I bought it for. Wow! You can bet I will be buying from you again!

Again, many, many thanks.


Bob Thompson


I want to thank you for your help in selecting the D-41 Special. It’s been about a month since I received it, and it took this long to take the time to give you and your company some feedback. I spoke with a lot of different dealers but you where the most assessable and knowledgeable. As a matter of fact, the first time we spoke was by cell phone on a Sunday, and from the background noise, I believe you where in the middle of a jam session. When you add in the fact that your price was by far the best … well it was a very enjoyable experience. On the day of expected arrival I felt like a six year old on Christmas Day … looking out my front window waiting for the UPS truck. Of course they did not arrive until very late in the day, but upon opening the box I couldn’t have been happier. I absolutely love it … the sound, the look, the smell … the total package was everything I hoped for.

Thanks again,



It has been almost a full week since my OM-28 GE arrived and I wanted to take some time before I wrote this. It seemed to me that If I took time to think that the words would be coherent and focused — well it has been a week and I still am speechless!!

First about your operation — the guitar arrived the day you said that it would! It was in perfect condition! The set up was perfect! Upon very close inspection the guitar was exactly as you said it would be — there were no disappointments! There were no suprises. Your assistance in working with me over the phone and answering all my questions and then taking multiple phone calls in the same day as I worked myself through the is really, really appreciated! The help and assurance that you provided is sincerely appreciated. Funny thing, I don’t recall you ever trying to “sell” me this guitar — you let me decide that it was what I wanted to do and then after I decided you facilitated the process.

Now about the Guitar — What an instrument!!! It sounds so special. As I have several very special guitars already this one really stands out for it’s special sound! I have compared it with my others and I am still at a complete loss to explain the difference but to me the sound of this guitar is exactly as you said it would be.

It will be quite some time if ever that I get in the market for another guitar but please be assured that if and when I do you will be the first door that I knock on.

Thank You;

Bob Reddy


Just wanted to drop you a line and say how absolutely thrilled I am with the HD-28 you picked out for me. The work done on the pickup is top notch, the setup is perfect….I’m speechless. It’s a beautiful guitar, I can’t put it down and I really can’t get over how much sweeter this guitar sounds over my previous D-28, All I know is I am so very pleased and I will be sure to talk up your business to everyone I know that’s in the market for a Martin . I hope to take a photo soon and send it to you for your happy customer page….thank you again for the outstanding choice!

Kenny Stole


I received my 00-18V yesterday, right on schedule, and am completely thrilled with it. The tone, appearance, and playability are much better than I even expected. Plus, your customer service was as good as any I’ve ever had in any setting. I won’t hesitate to refer family and friends to you.

Thanks for everything.

Jace Padden

I received my D28 today in pristine condition. I am so excited, I have wanted a D28 forever and finally got to a point in my life that I could afford one. There is no use in me going on about the instrument as every guitar picker knows that is top notch quality, so let me ramble a bit about the sellers. Investing in something so expensive over the Internet is somewhat scary, but after talking to Jon for a few minutes, you realize he is not there to sell you his product but to help you make a comfortable decision. He is so knowledgeable and ready to answer every question and concern. The thing that impressed me the most however is that in the hustle and bustle world we live in where merchants take you for granted, Jon always took the time to say “thank you for your business” whether on the phone or in emails.

I cannot say how much I appreciated those words. Thanks Jon for such a pleasant experience. In the words of the great departed Jerry Clower, “Knock em’ out Jon”

Richard Guidry

Zachary, Louisiana

I have to tell you I was nervous !

I was nervous about buying a new Martin , I was nervous about having it shipped from the USA to the UK with the whole thing arranged on the back of a couple of calls and a browse of your website (which is excellent by the way But that said, You delivered, and boy you delivered !!)

I have received my HD-28 today having taken only 3 days to arrive in the UK from ordering. She is awesome and flawless ! I have been playing guitars for nearly 30 years now and this is the first time in a long while that my fingertips are tingling through playing so much. I cannot put this guitar down, and when I do I can’t stop looking at her ! (some would say I’m sad but I know I’m a very happy man)

Jon thank you for your reassurances on the phone and thank you both for a stress free fantastic trans Atlantic service. I will be singing your praises every time the guitar gets an admiring glance, and I’m certain that will be a frequent occurrence. So hopefully I may even be able to generate a little more business for you in the UK.

Please feel free to publish this email as a testimonial and my contact details if you have any nervous potential buyers in the UK. I’ll be happy to talk them through my experience with “My Favorite Guitars”, all the very best

Keith – Nottingham UK

Jon & Sharon

At last, I’ve got around to writing to thank you both for your assistance, patience, and even hospitality. I was apprehensive about making such a large purchase over the Internet from someone I’d never met. You put me at ease regarding this and you were extremely patient and helpful in answering any questions that I had. You really have a way of making one feel that they’re buying from a friend and Sharon’s attention to detail regarding shipping details was second to none. I was completely at ease letting you choose a D-28 for me and when it arrived was absolutely delighted with it. The only problem I had was that I couldn’t wipe the smile from my face while I was playing it.

I was so impressed that when I decided to purchase a D-28 12 string, there was only one sensible choice as to where to buy it. So after getting your advice, while on holiday in the USA I dragged my family on a four hour drive to visit MFG to collect it in person. Although it was the first time I’d met Sharon and yourself, it was like meeting old friends. Your commitment to quality, attention to detail and customer satisfaction is a credit to you both, especially when you consider that you offer prices that are highly competitive as well. It was refreshing to meet someone who is so knowledgeable and devoted to their products.

My recommendation to anyone looking for a Martin would be to call MFG first. You are a pleasure to deal with and are make me believe that there are still some good people left.

Reading some of the other testimonials, I see that many other people are impressed by your helpfulness and friendliness over the phone. I would add that you are just as pleasant and helpful in the flesh. You are a pleasure to deal with and are just nice people in general.

An example of this is how Jon even took the time to demonstrate his playing and explained the intricacies of the banjo to my son, who talked me into purchasing one for him.

Wishing you every success in the future,

Bob Robinson – Scotland

Hi Jon,

Thought I’d let you know that the Clay Hess model showed up today here in Eastern Oregon all in one piece.

This guitar is just too terrific for words. The combination of sound appeal and eye appeal is extraordinary.The pictures on your website just didn’t do this model justice. I’m so glad I ended up with one of these. Now I feel a little sorry for anyone who wanted one but didn’t go for it. One of the best D-18s I’ve played and definitely a keeper. I was a little worried that it might sound too similar to my CW. Not an issue; it really has its own voice.

Thanks for the great service and a great new guitar.

Stan Mitchell


My new Martin OM-41 Special arrived late last week in Calgary via UPS, on time and as promised. It looks and sounds absolutely gorgeous, and is a perfect finger style guitar. I’m thrilled with it, and I want to thank you and Sharon for your fabulous, efficient service and your incredible pricing. A five minute phone call was all it took to complete the deal, and you shipped the guitar that day. I would recommend My Favorite Guitars to anyone as a great way to buy high end acoustic guitars online. You guys are the best!

Best wishes,

Phil Hoffmann

Calgary, Alberta


I received the new D-28 yesterday…played it in all night. It is a bit different than my 1970 model D-28 but just as nice in it’s own way. The new necks are user friendly…that was the first thing I noticed, perhaps a bit “too friendly” for those of us that broke in on the old thick necks, but that can be overcome and it takes so little effort to play this thing…the resonance needs very little encouragement and I think this may be a plus over the older model which did not sustain as long as this model. I may raise the action a bit as I am used to a higher action, I play a finger-picking blues style, and lots of bottleneck as well…the definition of each note at the upper end is amazing and yet it still has plenty of “juice” in the lower end which a good blues guitar needs…however…I do think that the flatpickers would have a blast with this instrument. Personally, I don’t think that anyone needs to go any higher in quality than the 28 series as this is plenty of guitar and it needs no amplification at all as it can be played into a mic. with no problem; but this is merely my own opinion and everyone has unique requirements. I chose this guitar over many others that I tried out…Taylor, National, Gibson, Guild…the usual stable of other great instruments…seems I always come back to the Martin in the end…your service is excellent and your prices are the best I have seen. I will be back if I wear this one out…Take care and thanks for all of your kind attention to detail…




The Martin Marquis D-28 arrived today: Beautiful!! As you suggested, it is different than my D-42 but in its own way, every bit as remarkable. I can certainly tell the difference in the Adirondack top: Again, not necessarily better, but enticingly different.

As a side note, may I add, again, that over the past year I have purchased 5 different Martin guitars from you: D-42, D-12-28, HD-28 (for my friend), the Marquis and, recently a custom D-12-42 (scheduled for delivery in Decmber?). Each guitar has been fantastic (I brag to others that you have provided the “pick of the litter” each time I have ordered from you) and I look forward to many future purchases with equal satisfaction. You have been kind and accommodating each time we have talked and have been not only friendly but informative and patient as well. I have certainly enjoyed my long-distance shopping experience with you more than perhaps I have had a right to expect from someone I have never met and who does not (at least not initially) know me or my guitar needs/preferences. (GAS is such a deadly thing isn’t it?)

Best always and I look forward to a long association

Ken Bradshaw

Hi Jon and Sharon,

I just want to place on record how much I have enjoyed dealing with you over the purchase of my Martin D45V and its shipping to England. My Favorite Guitars is the way all guitar dealers should be; friendly, efficient and knowledgeable. I will happily recommend you to all my guitar-playing pals.

I have attached a picture of me playing the D45V at a gig with my band called Two’s Company. The guitar is the envy of everyone who sees it and they all know it’s CF Martin at their best without needing to be told. The D45V just looks totally classy and sounds as big as a clap of thunder but as sweet as a songbird at the same time!

Thank you for making this purchase so enjoyable.

Warmest wishes,

David Crozier

England-January 2005


Just a line to let you know that I rec’d the Martin D-41 Custom Brazilian/Adirondack on time at 3:30 on 5-5-05. The only way that I can describe the guitar is — beyond awesome, beyond perfect, & beyond 100%. The resonance & sustain is awesome, & the fingering is as soft as million dollar computer keyboard. It is so perfect that I’m almost afraid to pick it up for fear of putting a smudge on it. But most important of the transaction was you — your deal on a handshake & your insistence to ship it before I even had a chance to mail the check speaks highly of what kind of person that you are, & I certainly appreciate your integrity. I’ll be in the market for a 12-string in the near future, & will certainly be in contact with you. Once again…




I wanted to thank you for the great service you provided to me during the past four months. You gave me a terrific price and I really appreciate the fact that you sent out the guitar on Wednesday–two days before you received final payment from me. This tells me a lot about you as a person and as a business.

The guitar, well, all I can say is that it is everything I wanted. The action (setup) was very nice–much, much better than the last Martin I purchased over 10 years ago. With that guitar, it took me about a year to get it finally playing to my satisfaction. Almost immediately I felt comfortable playing the guitar, though I did take the action down just a tad bit more. I absolutely love the Adi top. Although I did not pay for a higher grade top, I really like the grains that run up and down the top–it has a real nice character to it. It’ll look even prettier as the color changes over the years. As far as sound, I do believe this thing will only get louder and sweeter the older it gets. I finally have my perfect dreadnaught!

My highest praises to you and your company. If my wife ever lets me get another Martin , it will definitely be from you.

God bless you.

Ken Eckerty

Jon and Sharon,

I received my 000-16RGT yesterday afternoon, a mere two days after placing my order. After taking it home from my office and waiting for it to warm up to room temperature, I took it out of the case. What a wonderful instrument. To call it a flawless specimen would be an insult to this beauty.

The guitar is cosmetically perfect, not a mark or fingerprint anywhere on it. The action is amazing, low but clean. The sound is terrific. The perfect balance of bass, midrange and treble. The guitar has more sustain then my Les Paul when played on eleven.(Ok, maybe that is a small exaggeration, but the 000-16RGT really does ring out for days…). came very highly recommended, and I am happy to say that you have exceeded all my expectations. I received a premium instrument, in pristine condition, set up perfectly, at an amazing price, with incredible customer service.

Thank you! I will certainly recommend to my friends and family and look forward to my next purchase.

Thanks again.

Craig J. Helmreich


You did it again! Another superb Martin guitar was delivered today (this one, and OM-28V). Like the other Martin that I ordered from you 6 months ago (an HD-35), the OM arrived in pristine condition. It was set up exactly to my specifications. I teach and use my guitars often in either an educational setting or playing out and typically make at least one purchase a year. As an educator and a performing musician of over 30 years, I appreciate your attention to the details. I’ll be back!


Ron McFarland, Ph.D.

Today I received my 000-28EC that I ordered from you. Dan told me that the sound was terrific when he sent the guitar out. His description was it “sparkled” and he was absolutely right. It is one of the most beautiful sounding guitars I have ever played, and the setup is perfect. This guitar sounds as good or better than the EC Brazilian I played here in Montana. It was a pleasure buying a guitar from you and your price and service are fantastic..

Best regards, Terry Ernst

Lewistown Montana


I received my Martin HD-35 three weeks ago,and the thing just sounds better and better! It is one of the easiest Internet purchases I have done ever, and you are easier to get in contact with than my friend’s and family by email! Here in Norway things tend to be a little expensive, so you saved me $$$$$$ on this guitar!! MFG is the only choice for me when I need a new guitar.

Thank you very much!

Stian Tonnesen.


You have got to be the best person that I have ever bought a guitar from in my life. The commitment you showed to making sure that your customer is happy has got to be the best that I have ever seen. Your prompt attention to issues that arose is second to none, and your friendly manner left us both wishing that there were more people in the world just like you. We are both pleased beyond our wildest dreams, and you alone made that possible. Thanks again for a truly wonderful sale.

Customers for life,

Mike & Monica Brown


I want to thank you for everything you did for me last week regarding the purchase of my new Martin D35 guitar from My Favorite Guitars . The 35 is wonderful. Great tone, (what else would you expect from a Martin ?) and wonderful bear claw markings on the spruce top. You were a joy to deal with both by e mail and transatlantic phone calls. It is very obvious to me how much you love Martin guitars. I would say to anyone viewing the My Favorite Guitars web site for the first time to have NO hesitation in dealing with Jon. He is an honest to God total gentleman. Very rare these days in business. So Jon, when finances prevail I will be calling on your expertise at some point in the future.

Tom Sandison

Aberdeen , SCOTLAND


It has been several weeks since I received the Martin HD28V from you. I cannot believe that I did not buy one earlier. What an absolutely, beautiful guitar. Buying an expensive guitar sight unseen over the phone can be worrisome. My concern about purchasing over the phone was unfounded in dealing with you. You were so helpful and I really appreciate your no-nonsense, very professional style. I did not feel pushed or hurried in my decision. When you mentioned that you would pick the best wood for me because I was a customer “standing” in your store; well, all I can say is that what I quickly received from your store was a guitar that took my breath away. In a word- you delivered!

Thank you,


Hi Jon,

Yesterday evening I received a call from a very happy and excited D42 owner. My son was ecstatic over the new guitar. Many thanks again for being so helpful, flexible, reliable and cooperative. You are one in a million. I have left a very positive feedback on Ebay for you. Feel free to use any of my comments as customer satisfaction input.

Best regards,

Frank Simons

Greetings Jon

I received the guitar yesterday, it arrived safely. I do believe that the HD-28V is the absolute best guitar that Martin makes. Chris loves it. Being of the “old school”, I am used to having to play a Martin in for a couple of years before they start to sound good, but not this one. Martin seems to have put all of the essential elements together on the HD-28V. Thanks so much for another excellent purchase.

Tom Murphy

I was skeptical at first to order such an expensive guitar from someone I didn’t know AND online which prevented me from seeing the guitar, I was mostly convinced by the very professional look of your website, testimonials from other customers and also your perfect eBay rating.I had to trust you on the guitar’s condition, not only regarding the finish and also about the quality of the frets and neck, I was not deceived and would like to acknowledge one more time the incredible customer service you provided, quickly answering all the questions I had. By the way, if you wish to add me to your testimonials section you can certainly do so and future customers can get a hold of me at

Hello Jon.

I recieved the guitar on tuesday but my internet has been down so I haven’t had a chance to mail you.

Thank you for all the strings and stuff, really liked the t-shirt and cap. Most of all I loved the guitar. Finally I have a great guitar that I can play. I want to thank you for your kindness during this purchase. You have always replyed my email fast and there where never any harsh tones. You may find this strange that I give thanks to that but if you buy a guitar here in stockholm the guitar dealers all look down on you like you can’t play the darn thing. Thank you for proving that there are nice folks in the guitar selling industry.

If anyone I know ever needs a guitar I know who I will point them to.

Best Wishes

Jezper Ekman

Hi Jon and thanks.

Well, I am now the proud owner of Applegate #16. I have been steadily leaning this way and I made up my mind today. It is amazing the way this thing sings since I changed the strings. Anyway, I had to make a trip to Elderly today to have a little work done on one of my other guitars and decided to take the Applegate with me, and if my decision was to keep it, I would have them do a set up on it for me. Well, I’ve got to tell you it was the talk of the repair shop today. My tech is a really good and knowledgable guy and he was really really impressed and had to show it around to the other techs. He really gave the guitar a thorough look over and was very complimentary on the quality of craftsmanship. In fact, he said he would choose this guitar over the Olson’s he’s been familiar with. So, that was all the confirmation I needed so I had him set it up for me. Now it plays and sounds like a dream. These guitars have to be the best kept secret in the industry!

Mike McKee

Hi Jon,

I got my new D28 today. The box had some damage, but the guitar and case were fine. Everything is just like we agreed on. It is a beautiful guitar & I am very happy and fortunate. Thank you very much.


Charlie Boyer

I also have to say John, as a guitar dealer you rock !!! You treat people like they are your best friend not just another customer. That is unheard of in todays world, everybody just wants to make a quick buck and do not want to take the time to deal with people as individuals. I can’t tell you how much that means to people like me.

I live for music, and the first guitar I got from you enhanced my life more than I can tell you. If not for your efforts, it would not have been possible for me to have it at that time. If for some reason I am not able to get this guitar, I definitely will be buying a brazilian D-28 in the very near future from you. You have made a lifetime friend and customer with me. You have restored my faith in humanity and shown me that there is at least one honest, careing person left in the retail usic business.

Thanks again,

Mike Carter

I feel fortunate to have such a great shop – resident experts – right here in my backyard. I appreciate how you put the customer first, and I can only echo what your long distance customers have said regarding your honesty and expertise. Thank you, and thank Dan for his great instruction. You know the history – I have been hanging around – enjoying the guitars, jams and technique tips. When that Applegate #15 showed up I considered it a wake up call. (We both know I can’t do justice to these fine guitars, but, what the hell, I’ve got the money and the kids might take up pickin’.) Anyway, your honest and objective advice, with my interests clearly your priority, have made me a customer for good and I insist you give my number / email to anyone wanting a reference. Now, about that Applegate…without even having it home yet, I’m convinced it’s the right one for me. Not only the prettiest one in a room of beauties, with obvious investment potential, it has to my ear a better sound than the other Applegate or those Doc Watson’s, or any Martin I’ve picked up so far. Huge tone, lots of bottom, really snappy and bright, kind of a “snarl” like Dan says. I don’t know if it’s the cedar or cocobolo, or how it’s all put together, but man, it’s scary. In my case, it’s like getting in a Ferrari to go the corner for a soda. Sounds ancient already, ought to be great in 30 or 40 years when I figure out how to work it.

Craig Ramsey


The DC has great potential and I’m looking forward to the evolution of its sound.

So thank you very much again for this great buying experience and a wonderful guitar.

I know you don’t have the need but you can take me for a reference anytime.



Hi Jon,

I received the HD-28 Thursday, and I couldn’t be happier with it!!!! It was a thrill receiving it before Friday. It’s an excellent guitar, and sounds fantastic right out of the box, and there isn’t a flaw on the instrument!!! It was made beautifully!! Gorgeous Guitar!!! Very Nice rosewood, lots of silking on the top! The rosewood smell, MMMMMMMMM!!! As far as I’m concerned it was still a super, great deal for me, and much better than I would have ever gotten from a trade with Sam Ashe, Guitar Center (Gouge Center) or even Mandolin Brothers in Statin Island, I would not have been the least bit surprised if Sam Ashe, or Guitar Center would have wanted to take it in as trade and have me pay major bucks (which I don’t have right now) for the HD-28! Even if I had the money I would never have traded for that type of deal. I am glad you found me!! Hey, after bending your ear for this lengthy email, if you want me to put in a plug for the great service, etc. I got from you on your web site, I will be glad to do so. Just tell me how you do it, I was looking at the comments of others in your satisfied customers section, and you can count me in as a satisfied customer!!

Mike Flanagan


Just a note about the guitar. I also have a Martin D37K that I have had since 1983. I think I like the Gallagher a lot more. Its sound is incredible. Now if I can only learn to play at a level worthy of this instrument. Feel free to use me as a reference.

Gerald McAnulty.

Hi Jon,

I wanted to let you know how thrilled I am with the 1969 D-28. Despite the fact that it arrived on a day of near zero degree temperatures, it appears not to have suffered at all. I must admit to having some trepidation about buying a vintage guitar like this sight unseen, but it was everything you said it would be, and I couldn’t be happier. It is great to be able to make a purchase like this with confidence, and I’m happy to provide others with evidence of your honesty and fair dealing.



Hi Jon,

The guitar arrived this morning. Fantastic, beautifull, superb.

Thank you very mutch Jon, it’s better than in photo, play perfect and the bass are terrific. I’m enjoied of this transaction. Great seller A++++++++.

See you soon in other auction.



Hi Jon:

Just wanted to let you know that I got the guitar over the weekend and it looks great, exactly as advertised.


Tom H.


I receive the guitar this morning. It’s very fast !!!!

Many thanks, the guitar is very beautifull and the sound ……………..

We’ll do business again in the future !!!

Regards from France.


Dear Jon,

I have received the guitar this morning. You said it was mint, but I would call it brand new. I haven’t enough words to tell you how much I am satisfied. From now on you’ll have a new buying partner. Thank you very much. Packing was perfect. I am absolutely happy of the guitar, of the service, and of your courteous and friendly communication. I have just posted a great feedback for you.

Thank you again for everything, and I look forward to making more business with you.


I just received the present. It’s beautiful. Thanks for the quick shipping. I will surely be doing business with you in the future – will also tell my friends about you.

Danny Medina

Thank you Jon for sending the guitar it was everything and more of what you said it was I could not be more pleased. Doing business with you was terrific you sent the guitar on a timely matter you took time to e-mail me with the details and Thank you for explaining what a Englemann Top is. Like I said I could not be more pleased Thanks Again. If nothing ever happens to this guitar then I have bought my last one



The guitar was here, in perfect shape, when I got home. It is beautiful. I’m trying it out, and hoping to make some progress learning. Thanks a lot for the help, and I’ll keep you posted on my progress. Very good choice -.both you and the guitar.

Merry Christmas



I totally endorse your service. You represent your guitars well. In fact, if anything, you might even be accused of understating the quality of your guitars, if all your instruments are as clean and play as well as mine! You work quickly to resolve any questions, and you respond very promptly to requests for assistance. I heartily have referred your site to my pickin friends.

Thanks again,


Hey Jon,

I just want to give you and your folks at My Favorite Martin Guitars some feedback based on my experience dealing with you.

As a first-time buyer I had at least 4 serious concerns about a pontential transaction:

How is the sound of the guitar

Is the guitar in that shape you think it is

Is the guitar in good hands when shipped to the other side of the world

How can my doubts and being a little afraid go to a minimum level

#1 Sound

The most essentiel concern I had – how does this guitar sound? and what on earth should get me to buy a guitar for thousands of $ without even having heard the sound ?

I couldn’t get the answer from you by myself – I just had to trust in you, when you said, this is the best sounding guitar in the shop, and that’s it. I’ve been thinking a lot on this question, because I have never bought a guitar without having played it first!

I think it was all your answers and the fact that you have been turing around yourself that did it – anyway you managed to convince me that you knew what you were talking about;-)

But you were right – it IS a monster, the best sounding Martin I’ve ever heard. I’ve played it every day since I’ve got it and I’m getting more and more surprised what a huge and beautiful sound this guitar has – an even without touching it ;-) )

But I think you should consider to apply sound to your guitars on your web-site! Now where most people is getting more and more speed on their Internet, I don’t see why you should’t use this service. Offcourse I know there are some few practicalities :-) – but especial for your kind of guitars, sound is essential for your customers, and for a guy sitting in Germany, Japan or Denmark I think this is one of the main concerns in the buying proces.

But offcourse implementing this service also has something to do, who your see as your target customers ;-) .

#2 Condition

Would you sent me the guitar I was looking at on the net? Inspite of good pictures, how does it look in real? – Hmmm, again it became a matter of trust. But the guitar was in mint condition as you told me. There was a small lighter area at the front and first I thought it was a dot. Now I only take it for one of the things that makes this guitar even more uniq !

#3 Shipment

One of the things that kept me awaken several nights. But I was overwhelmed at the speed of shipping and the condition of your goods. Shipment could be followed (via net) all the way and was delivered at my place by special post. If I had known that, I would for shure have been sleeping a lot better and been much less concerned! One of the things, I think you should tell potential customers more about, when delivering so far away!

#4 My Doubts

I have been asking a lot a questions – and you have taken the time to answer all of them in a very fast and proper way. In fact these answers was the reason I purchased at your place!

Summary to you:

As a first-timer with lots of concerns an a little scary sending a lot of money to a guy you don’t know, I can only recommend Jon to anyone. Taking care of me as a potential customer answering my many questions honestly, delivering quality accurate to his description and his great service are the mix of elements that has made me trust Jon. I am very glad choosing you for my first Martin internet buy and I’m in no doubt where to turn the next time!

If you need more reference I can be reached at

It has been a great pleasure dealing with you.

A Happy New Year and Best wishes to all of you and your families.

Bent Møllegaard