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Jon and Sharon,

I received my Martin HD-28, and its perfect! You put any of my concerns about about shipping and buying a guitar online at ease! Your personal service and fast response was the best. I would highly recommend you to anyone looking to buy a guitar online.

Thank You!
Bob Bolin

Dear Jon and Sharon,

Well its been quite a little journey this time around but my beautiful new D-28 Authentic 1937 VTS finally and safely arrived with me on Saturday.

Yet again and after quite a few years gap, I have been blessed with a Martin guitar supplied by My Favorite Guitars that is beyond my expectations and I have no superlatives that could fully describe either the guitar or my delight upon receiving it. Put quite simply, it’s the best guitar than I have ever owned and could only afford, by purchasing through MFG. Perhaps I shouldn’t admit this to you but the saving I made against the best price I could find in the UK was absolutely staggering.

But this is only half the story, this time around I detected a lot of family pride and passion from both of you in ensuring that you are providing the customer (in this case myself) with the best possible purchasing experience. Jon, as an accomplished player in your own right, you were easily able to point me in the right direction in the first place and Sharon, you did an absolutely fantastic job, holding my hand through the shipping process and providing me with the benefit of your recent experiences, since the fairly recent introduction of CITES restrictions for Rosewood movement between countries.

(By the way, if anyone outside the USA is reading this and jittery about the CITES process, you are right to be cautious but rest assured the Garons are definitely on the case and are probably the most up to speed dealer in the whole of the USA. Just remember that they have made it a priority to get this right.

So in conclusion Jon and Sharon, a massive thank you for looking after me with my latest purchase and providing me with an absolutely stunning guitar that will only continue to improve over the next few years. What should I buy off you next, I wonder? You have to be the best guitar dealer in the world. In my opinion, nobody else comes close.

Kindest Regards for the future,
Allan - Scotland

Dear Jon and Sharon,

My new custom Martin GP-18 w/ambertone top arrived safely today. After letting it warm up slowly in the case for a couple of hours, I tuned it up and gave it a test run...I am delighted, even thrilled with it! It looks gorgeous. I've had several custom Martins, and this one is the finest in construction, fit and finish. And best of all the sound is great from the get-go. It bridges the gap between my dreads and 000's beautifully....has the best qualities of both. I look forward to hearing it open up and mature with time playing it.

You guys were great to do business with...friendly, accomodating, patient, good price. I will definitely look to you for future purchases/customs.

Thank you, best regards,

Dear Jon and Sharon,

All I can say is WOW!!! I think I had forgotten in 30 years just what a Custom Shop Martin was about. After owning and playing a dozen “pretty  guitars which left me wanting I guess I forgot the sound the right instrument would yield…MUSIC!

I was blown away by how pretty the guitar was, but I didn’t know what I possessed until I hit some chords and notes up and down the register. My wife noticed a difference and she is not one to notice. The sound of this guitar is exactly what I was looking for.

In spite of the high cost I have decided to keep the guitar. This has become a family heirloom in a instant.

Thank you so much for the great deal, excellent and professional service you both provided. If I ever buy another Martin guitar, I will only buy if from MYFAVORITEGUITARS.

Warm Regards,

Hi Jon and Sharon,

The OM-35 arrived in Brisbane today. What an absolutely beautiful guitar. I am struggling for superlatives with the top and it plays like butter straight out of the case.

Thank you both very much for your excellent and attentive service and please pass my gratitude on to the Custom Shop, if you have the opportunity.

Mark Mitchell

Jon and Sharon,

I just wanted to say that I received my Martin HD35 about a week and half ago and quite simply it's an amazing guitar and as advertised on your website. Thank you for your time, quick email response over the weekend, unbeatable price, and overall ease of ordering, shipping etc. If I am ever in the market for another guitar, I'll certainly reach out to you. I will also let my friends and family know where they need to go for their next guitar purchase!

Thanks again,

Hi Jon,

Just letting you know how happy I am with my new custom Martin 0018 guitar. I have had her now for two days and had the opportunity to get about four hours of playing on her. What an absolutely wonderful little guitar. I think the VTS top really works. I am still very much a novice but it is pretty easy to know when something sounds great. This guitar is very much a keeper. The subtle wood binding (Bubinga) to my eye looks very elegant, blending in nicely with the mahogany and a nice change from the regular dark plastic bindings on standard spec 0018’s. Mostly however, it is just the wonderful tone on a brand new guitar that impresses me so much. It’s lucky I am about to go back to work in my new job with the Royal Flying Doctor Service for two reasons. Firstly, I might spend all day playing my new guitar which would make my banjos jealous! Secondly, I clearly need my income back because as you know, 'so many guitars, so little time'!

Thanks again,
Tony - Australia

Dear Jon and Sharon,

The HD-28v arrived the day before yesterday, and I finally had time to open the box yesterday afternoon. I have to tell you I was awe struck, the guitar is absolutely beautiful. My first descent guitar 46 years ago was a dreadnaught 12 string, and I have two others, one I’ve had for 40 years and the other for 20 years. The quality of this guitar is magnificent in every respect. It plays like a dream, the tone woods are top notch, and the build quality is beyond any dreadnaught I have every played.

I am very proud to own a new Martin dreadnaught in the centenary year of production. I am very grateful to you both for your exemplary customer service. You are my favourite guitars.

yours gratefully,

Dear Jon and Sharon,

Greetings from Welsh Wales on a wet and windy day.

How I love my Martin guitars. For many years I have been a Martin player and collector. While the acoustic market is awash with many fine makes of guitars, I don't think any stand up to the instruments produced by C.F. Martin.

I am now the proud owner of a M.F.G. supplied Sunburst Martin D28 Marquis guitar, and it sounds as good as it looks. This is the sixth guitar I have purchased from M.F.G. and I thank you both for your product information and service.

Best wishes
Raymond Dony

Hello Sharon and Jon,

The OOO-28VS arrived in two days. and it is a beautiful guitar. It is exactly what I hoped it would be. It is responsive, it sounds warm and woody and has a big volume from a small guitar. The wider nut and stringspacing are ideal for playing fingerstyle.

Thank you for your excellent service.
Jan van Ommeren (The Netherlands)

Dear Jon and Sharon,

My custom CEO-7 rosewood arrived yesterday evening and I opened the box this morning. Everything is in fine shape.

When I opened the case I was stunned by the look of the guitar. I knew that I had ordered a natural top with "D-1 sunburst grade" adirondack so I was expecting some streaks and flaws and whatnot - but this guitar actually has a beautiful, even, creamy white Adi top. Honestly, it looks like premium grade stuff. Very happy about that. Overall, the guitar looks fantastic.

On first few strums the sound is rich and resonant (and even louder than the standard CEO-7) but I definitely have to break in those brand new strings a bit before I can really tell.

Anyway, thanks for everything, I wish you both well.
-- Mick

Dear Jon and Sharon,

I'm immensely impressed with the Amber, Adi-topped Martin 000-28 you sent. I ordered it on a Friday and it arrived early morning on Monday. I live in London, England!! How the heck did you do that?

The 000-28 is all I hoped it would be and much more. Simply beautiful and - straight out of the box - possesses that rich, fruity tone that only the best Adi/EIR produce. Many acoustic guitars lose/sacrifice tone and projection when capo'd. Only the finest retain their first position/open tone. I capo'd to the 000-28 right up the 5th fret and it lost nothing. The neck is comfortable and the projection is even across the strings. It's going to be a total tone monster when it opens up and I'll have to remember to play my other guitars .

Btw the videos of Jon demonstrating various models on your website is a great resource for pickers. It was what finally made me decide on the 000-28. And ,for that, I'm truly grateful.

Best Wishes,
-- Don Hurley, London, England

Hi Jon /Sharon,

I wanted to let you know that I received the Little Martin LX1E Ed Sheeran. I am loving the guitar and the other few items I requested.

I must thank you so so much... the way you replied to tons of my queries. And your speed & sincerity. You are just not a guitar dealer, you've got a musician's heart. Really appreciated everything you did!

-- Shamim

Hi Jon,

I want to write a quick note thanking you for helping me decide on the right guitar for me. I think the Custom D18 VTS Adi is a perfect choice.

The sound couldn't be better and adi top is just beautiful. Buying this sight-unseen was a little unnerving but with your professional help and advice we nailed it perfectly. I appreciate your guidance in selecting the specific guitar and getting it to me in perfect condition ready to play. Set up was ideal and I have had to make no changes the past couple of weeks.

I look forward to many years with the new D18, and who knows even something new from the custom shop again in the future.

Thanks again!
-- Sam Perry


I was in your shop last Week and bought a D-18. Been playing a Yamaha 340 for 35 years and finally did something I wish I had done 30 years ago.

I played a lot of guitars there and kept coming back to the D-18. When I got to my motel balcony I tuned it up and it sounded better and better. I got home, snatched the medium strings off and put on Elixer lights and it has sounded better and better every night I have played it.

I wanted to thank you again for your attention last week. I love this guitar.

-- Ralph Alligood

Hi Jon & Sharon,

Got my HD-28V today and just love it… Thank you both for making this happen and operating a business like a business should be ran. You guy are the best. I don’t think I can put this guitar down!

Thanks again,
-- Stephen Hamshaw


A quick note about my new OM-28. I am loving it!! It is exactly what I was looking for in tone and playability (and looks). Truly happy with my purchase and giggling to myself that it will only sound better every day from here.

This is my 3rd purchase from MFG and probably won’t be my last. Seriously considering a custom 00 or 000 all Mahogany to complete the collection.

-- Terry

Jon and Sharon,

I wanted to write and say thank you for your help in purchasing my new Martin CEO-7. This is the first time I have purchased an expensive guitar without playing it first and I was a little nervous, but everyone I spoke with said MFG would treat me right. I am very happy with the guitar and with the pleasant and professional purchasing process. The Martin CEO-7 is beautiful looking and sounding. The customer service was great. The shipping was fast. The pricing was excellent, and the guitar is a winner. What more could a man ask for? You were both joys to deal with and I couldn't be happier with my new favorite guitar! I am also listening to Jon's CD that was included in the case as I write this note. I hope that I will someday sound as good, but I don't think I will every get there!

-- Richard Keitt

Hi Jon,

I love my guitar it looks sounds and plays great!!!!! Did you set it up or did martin set it up? Who ever did they did a great job. Thank you very much!!!

-- Marion


Wanted to let you know the new Martin was received in great shape. It is a real beauty and plays like a dream. I hope you had a chance to see / play it. I always wanted a cedar top and Black walnut body. Great mid-range and fantastic sustain.

Thank you much again for handling this order.

-- Greg

Dear Jon and Sharon,

The guitar has arrived safely and I am very happy. I love everything about the guitar. I am lost for words, I am over the moon with joy. The guitar is perfect for recording and live work. The tone is very focused and detailed. The guitar has a pure sustain and a perfect blend of warmth and sparkle.

I am very grateful to you both for your kindness. A special note of thanks to your guitar tech for loosening the strings for the flight. The guitar tuned up easily, and right from the get go, the guitar resonated with me.

Warm regards and sincere thanks,
-- Edwin


Thank you again, once more. the CEO-7 safely arrived. I test drove the installed K&K through the amp and it sounds very fine. Another good job.

Kind regards,
-- Daniel

Jon & Sharon,

I received the guitar yesterday, made it in one piece and the right color! Wow it's beautiful. Thanks to the two of you I believe I have my lifetime guitars, just took me 55 years to get there! Thanks again and if I'm ever down your way I'll be sure to stop in and say hi!

Take care,
-- Mike Butler

Hi Jon,

That guitar is a monster!!! Still a bit of getting used to the neck, but that'll come. Thanks for a great buying experience(and the shirt)!

-- Jeff


Thanks so much for everything. I received your package and everything went so smoothly. I'm very happy with everything and you can be sure my next guitar would come from you guys. Although I didn't even tried out the guitar, thank god it was up to my expectation as a martin. I wish you all the best and good fortune in your business.

-- Nick

Hi Jon,

I just wanted to let you know that I just got the Guitar and I love it! Really nice playability and great sound.

You´re amazing to do business with and I´m really thankful!

Many thanks and all the best,
-- Daniel from Sweden

Jon and Sharon,

My Martin OM 42 arrived today in perfect condition. It's just a beautiful instrument. I can't tell you how impressed that I am with your service.

Your pricing was so good that, to be honest, I was a little nervous about a sight unseen internet purchase. But this great Martin, perfectly set up for my playing style, showed up at my door exactly on time with absolutely no issues. Going forward any Martin guitar that I purchase will be through you.

Thank you
-- Rick Pelstring

HI Jon and Sharon,

Stephen and I are thankful we have such a wonderful connection to the Martin Guitar Company in you and Jon! We Love his new 000-18E. What a difference this is going to make with his up coming concert Friday Night. Stephen will be playing Beethoven's Fifth IE; the whole first movement in its entirety.

All the best,
-- Tim Madonna

To Jon Garon,

I have now received and tried my Martin 00-28VS #1794065 and it is just excellent with a lovely singing sound, very good playability and flawless workmanship. The parcel was sent from you on Tuesday and came to me on Friday, without any scratches and very well wrapped. Thank you!

-- Dag Johansen, Norway

Dear Jon & Sharon,

I would like to thank you for all your help making my dream guitar a reality. The build was perfect and it looks and sounds amazing.

Take care
-- Christopher Makely


Hello from the other side of Alligator Alley! We just wanted to say "Thank you" again for a great visit to your store. We love our new (to us) Martin guitar! Linda, we really appreciate the time you gave us to play all the different guitars, as well as all the ladder climbing!!!

Hope you have a wonderful day
-- Kathy & Jeff Johnson

Hello Jon,

My guitar arrived safely yesterday. What a beauty!

Just wanted you to know how thoroughly pleased I am with the guitar, it is stunning, exceeds expectations! If you had a chance to play it at all before you shipped it off you know what I'm talking about.

Many, many thanks!
-- Eddie Roberts

Jon, Sharon ,

The guitar arrived yesterday evening. It is wonderful and I am quite pleased with the 1 3/4 neck. It really has a gorgeous sound and the top is extraordinarily uniform which I love, not a two tone which I've seen on many. Definitely top shelf grade Adi.

The strings it has sound much livelier than the ones on my other guitar even though they are new also.

So thanks again for a great guitar and transaction.
-- JCC

Dear Jon,

Just dropping you a line.

Still loving the bar fretted OM18A. Thanks for the great service and sale!

-- Richard McKenzie

Dear Jon,

The Guitar has arrived - fast shipping - well packed - just perfect!!!

The Martin CEO 7 Lefty is a wonderfull guitar. Thank you very much. A dream come true ;-)

It's always a pleasure!

All the best
-- Volker

Jon & Sharon,

I finally got this HD28v today, that's great, pick-up is great, thank you, and you gave me a small gift, too surprised. Looking forward to the 2014 gibson SJ-200 Standard Antique Natural, thank you again, welcome to China tourism!

My best
-- happygita

Jon & Sharon,

I just wanted to say thanks to Jon and Sharon for all that they do. They are so friendly, so easy to work with, and best of all…they are so focused on delivering the very best customer satisfaction possible. They truly go above and beyond for their customers!

That is why I go back to them every time I am in the market for a new guitar. I am looking forward to enjoying my new Martin OM-18 Authentic and all of the future guitars yet to come my way.

You guys are simply the best!
-- Mike Orzechowski

Jon & Sharon,

Just a very quick note to tell you that the HD-28MA arrived in perfect condition and it looks and sounds incredible. I've collected guitars for over 30 years but this was my first "online" buying experience and I admit to being a little skeptical. Reading the many many wonderful testimonial customer experiences with MFG on several well known message boards and a few email exchanges and a quick phone call with Jon put me at ease. I am so very glad I did ... it plays like butter and sings like an angel.

Thank you for making my first online guitar buying experience so perfect!!
-- Bade Millsap

Jon and Sharon,

Thank you so much for helping me get my dream guitar. It was a pleasure doing business with you and I look forward to more business in the future.

-- David Sulkes

Hello Jon & Sharon,

I wanted to let you know that the D-28A 1937 arrived yesterday in perfect condition. It is a beautiful instrument. I want to especially thank you for your flexibility regarding the delivery. That really made my life easier. As always, it's been a great experience.

-- Stephen

Dear Sharon and Jon,

Thank you so much for your great support in selecting and ordering this guitar. I could not be more happy with the way it sounds, plays and looks. It is an absolute dream instrument and you helped me to make this happen!! Thanks so much!!

Your professional and incredibly fast responses to my question and advisory paired with your more than fair (actually pretty amazing) pricing is simply unbelievable. You really care about your customers. I have never experienced such great service before.

Best regards from Warsaw, Poland
-- Robert

Dear MF Guitar Folks,

Thanks for your prompt service and shipping on my recent purchase of the Weber mandola. I'm looking forward to adding it's unique sound to our future performances!

-- Jan Grigsby

Sharon and Jon,

Just wanted to thank you for the incredible service and super-fast ship of my new Martin D42. About five years ago I bought my first Martin and could not justify the price of my “dream guitar” mostly based on my skill level but after loving my d28 for a few years I had the opportunity to spend a bit and decided to go for it and as much as I love the 28 this guitar is in a whole other league, I can’t wait to hear it in a few years. I will recommend the folks at My Favorite Guitars to everyone I know as the greatest!

-- Rob Boulton


I just wanted to let you know that my new Custom D-18 SS guitar was well worth the wait. It plays great and sounds wonderful. The ambertone finish looks great too. The sound is as good or better than my D-45. The short scale is not that much different, but I can tell the fingering and playing on the two guitars are slightly different. I guess the slightly different nut widths makes a little difference. The mahogany is really lighter than the rosewood.

. I am really pleased with the customer service at My Favorite Guitars too. I would like to thank you and Sharon for your help. I might be ready to order another guitar before long, if I can talk Susie into it. I will have to lay low for a while and not push my luck though.

Thanks again,
-- Terry J. Cline


I am absolutely amazed at the sound and quality of this guitar. I received it 18 Feb. and have hardly put it down. The upcharge from sitka to Adi was totally worth every dime. It is almost impossible to overdrive this D-18 and the resonance and single note clarity is beyond excellent.

For Travis style, fingerstyle or flatpicking, it excels. It is superior to the D-21 Special I purchased from you, previously. Never thought I would say that. But it’s good to have a rosewood and a mahogany dread. As the word on this new model D-18 gets out, Martin will need extra shifts to keep up! I know there are more expensive mahogany D’s out there, but this one far exceeds my playing ability. Thanks for a pleasant buying experience and a life time keeper guitar.

Best regards
-- Joe M.

Jon & Sharon,

Just a brief note to say how incredibly happy I am with your Custom 00-28V. In addition to your great service and willingness to work with me to get the deal right, the guitar you sent turns out to be just about the finest new custom Martin I’ve had (and I’ve had a few, as your records along will show). This amazing guitar is head and shoulders above most of the guitars my friends and I have A/Bd against it. You’ve got a real winner here and I consider myself fortunate to now own one.

It's a Keeper!

My best,
-- Jim M.

Jon and Sharon,

Well done again. I got my 000-17M in great time and condition. I am looking forward to many hours of playing. Thank you for everything. I look forward to my next purchase with you.

-- Michael

Good morning,

I wanted to let you know I received my new uke yesterday and it is beautiful. Thank you for your help and it was a pleasure doing business with you.

-- Frank

Jon & Sharon;

Thank you for assisting me in picking out the perfect cut away with performance neck and for great Communication during the process. Guitar arrived VERY quickly and in perfect condition— You guys are the best!!!!

Hi Sharon and Jon,

I just received the Martin OM-35 I ordered last Friday and it plays and looks like a dream. Thanks for your great service!

Best regards
-- Krister from Sweden

Hi Sharon and Jon,

I just like to say thank you, it was my pleasure to work with you. Now is a week how I am playing my Martin M-30 Jorma Kaukonen and I love everything about it, specially a true Martin sound. I have nothing to add to Jorma’s spec, it is perfect for my finger picking.

-- Joseph


The guitar its as I expected soundwise which is darned good, but the setup is even better……low action, no buzzes…….perfect…you guys are fantastic this is the 3rd one ive purchased from you guys and its been three wonderful purchases and guitars.

-- Tim D.

Hi Jon & Sharon,

Just wanted you to know my new 000-17SM arrived Friday afternoon. This is a really nice guitar and I’m impressed with it. I’ve really been enjoying it so far. I think Martin has got a winner with this one, for the money it’s a superb guitar. As always, thanks for the advice and excellent service.

-- Mike F.