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Jon and Sharon of My Favorite Guitars

My Favorite Guitars is a 100% family owned business – owned and operated by Jon and Sharon Garon

We are proud to be a Premier Marquis Authorized C.F. Martin & Co. guitar dealer.  We specialize in Martin Custom Shop guitars and we love helping people build the guitars of their dreams through Martin's Custom Shop!

Jon spent many years as a performer and guitar player, touring with a number of nationally known traditional, folk and bluegrass artists. He now does workshops and concerts with his friends Clay Hess, Jack Lawrence, John Wheat, Cory and Jarrod Walker, Mark Kreitzer, Richard Smith and many  other artists.

Sharon has over 30 years of small business experience and provides indispensable customer support and financial expertise. 


A Word from Jon & Sharon

We personally inspect every instrument we sell and make sure each one is set up properly before it ships. We guarantee your COMPLETE satisfaction. Please feel free to call me personally for more information or a price quote.

Thanks to people like you we sell a lot of guitars. We list the complete inventory of Martin guitars and do our best to have as many in stock as possible, but it’s always a moving target.

Our "Recent Arrivals" section shows what has just come in, so that's a reliable resource, but it doesn’t cover the wide spectrum of our inventory which you can access by clicking on the categories tabs on the left side of the homepage. In spite of the fact that we have a large stocking inventory, we can never have absolutely everything, and Martin does not always have all guitars available, so if we don't have a guitar in stock it will show a red banner saying "Coming Soon" and have no serial number or photos.  if it's in inventory it will show a green banner says "In Stock and shows the Serial Number and the photos of that SPECIFIC guitar.

Feel free to to call or email us if you have any questions, just to make sure.

Thanks for being our customers and please don’t hesitate to contact us for whatever you need!

Best Regards,
Jon & Sharon

Thanks Again for Choosing MFG

We hope we can earn your trust and your friendship. Feel free to call us with questions anytime – we’re here to help you.