Singing with Claire Lynch

Monday, December 19, 2011 @ 10:12 AM
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December 11, 2011

I had the honor of singing on stage with Claire Lynch and Matt Wingate last Sunday – December 11th, as part of Eddie and Martha Adcock’s annual Homeless Christmas Benefit Concert.

Originally when Claire mentioned the idea, I thought for sure she must have been drinking too much egg nog, but in fact, her offer was sincere.  She asked me what I wanted to sing, and I decided I better choose something that I can do in my sleep, frontwards and backwards, because more than likely my nerves would be going a little crazy at The Station Inn!  So…I decided on Red Clay Hal0 (which everyone in Naples has heard me sing 8 million times).  She said that was fine, but needed to check with Valerie Smith, because Red Clay Halo is one of her signature songs and Valerie would be singing that night.  Well, of course Valerie was going to sing it.  Valerie said it would be ok for me to sing it too, but I thought that might be a little strange.  Sooo…I needed to pick another one I knew well.  “How about Green Pastures?”  Claire liked the idea, and we settled on that.

Rehearsal was scheduled for Saturday – the night before the show.  We started singing it in “A,” which is always where I sing Green Pastures, and Claire said “You’re singing the harmony!  That’s not the melody!”  I was completely in shock and disbelief.  “But I learned this song by watching Emmylou Harris sing it.  That’s how she does it.”  “Well – Emmylou sings the harmony part, and we need the melody.”  Wow.  In retrospect, I was really glad Claire set things straight, because I now sing the “correct” version of the song.  However, I did have to basically re-learn the song that night and the next day before the performance!

Everything went really well on stage.  And everyone assured me I did NOT in fact look like a deer in the headlights, which is encouraging.  We did arrange the song so that I sang the harmony part on the chorus, which turned out to create a really nice blend.  I loved singing with Claire and Matt.  What an honor.

It was the best Christmas present of the year – to have this amazing opportunity, and to be a part of a benefit show for the Homeless in Nashville.

I hope your Holidays are bright, and filled with music!

- Robyn

P.S.  Note to self:  practice singing daily so that when your heroes ask you to sing on stage with them you do not opt to leave the country.

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