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Martin MFG Custom Laurence Juber OMC-21 #1987109/2072589



EXCLUSIVELY from My Favorite Guitars - Limited Edition Laurence Juber OMC-21  


I hand picked the wood sets with Dick Boak at the factory... Watch Laurence play it here: http://acousticguitar.com/laurence-juber-winter-namm-2016/ Edition numbers 10 and 14...

OUR Price: $5799.00
Listen to audio samples here

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Old School Meets Modern In A Limited “Dealer” Edition Signature Model. Fingerstyle guitarist Laurence Juber has chosen a style 21 for the latest interpretation of his signature OM specification, as crafted by the Martin Custom Shop. The result is a fusion of vintage C.F. Martin tone and appointments with a dynamic, modern, high-performance Orchestra Model 6-string. The edition of up to 21 special instruments is being offered as a collaboration between Laurence Juber and My Favorite Guitars in Oxford, FL (www.myfavoriteguitars.com). Each guitar will bear an internal label personally signed by Laurence Juber and sequentially numbered with its place in the edition. Quietly appreciated by Martin aficionados as the unsung link between styles 18 and 28, the style 21 is traditionally a rosewood instrument and this OM model features Guatemalan rosewood for the back and sides. A refined Central American tonewood, Dalbergia tucurensis, it is a close sonic relative of the coveted, but endangered, Brazilian rosewood, Dalbergia nigra. The Madagascar rosewood binding and headstock overlay subtly accentuate the richness of the body's wood grain, warmly outlining the untinted, close-grained, High Alpine Swiss spruce top, cut on the waning moon in the centuries-old tradition of European luthiers. All-hide glue construction, thin nitrocellulose lacquer finish, tapered headstock and forward-shifted, scalloped X braces are consistent with Martin's old-school methods, while the 2 1/4" string spacing at the bridge/12th fret, elegant Venetian cutaway and shallow V neck profile, reflect a 21st century performance sensibility. The guitar comes equipped with Juber's signature Retro Monel strings. Its smoothly balanced tone features a defined bass, clear mid-range and articulate treble that are suited to modern and classic fingerstyle genres. The 000-sized body, coupled with a 25.4" scale are ideal for standard and dropped tunings. Played with a flatpick, the vibrant spruce top readily adapts to a broad stylistic range that encompasses gypsy, swing, blues, rock and beyond. The OMC-21 Laurence Juber model is a versatile, high-value guitar that reflects the signature sound and philosophy of its namesake musician.


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DEPOSIT - $500
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